Jetpack Alternatives: Get Jetpack Functionality Via Other Plugins
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Jetpack Alternatives: Get Jetpack Functionality Via Other Plugins

August 8, 2019

From spam filtering to email marketing, you
can replace pretty much all of Jetpack’s features with other reputable plugins. We don’t have an alternative to all 40+
Jetpack tools in this video, but a quick search in the WordPress plugins directory will find
you an alternative to almost everything. The daily automatic backups are only offered
through a paid Jetpack package, so you’re better off opting for UpdraftPlus. Not only does it have an easier interface
for your backups, but it lets you back up to places like Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP,
and OneDrive. Google Analytics is by far the best tool for
collecting site data about visitors. Unfortunately, Jetpack requires a Premium
plan to show your Google Analytics information on the WordPress dashboard. Orbit Fox, on the other hand, does the same
thing for free. It offers real-time stats with a quick integration. Orbit Fox is also known for having a wide
range of other features like social sharing, menu icons, a template library, and content
blocks, more on these in a second! The SEO preview tools are some of the weakest
parts of Jetpack. If you’re looking to supercharge your search
engine optimization efforts, the only logical choice is Yoast SEO. Yoast is known for its comprehensive post
and page planning module, where it tracks keyword density and provides tips for improving
optimization. Jetpack has automatic security and malware
scanning. The only problem is that a Premium subscription
is required to get any of these security measures. Wordfence Security, on the other hand, offers
everything from brute force attack protection to malware scanning, all without the price
tag. Social media posting is done for free on Jetpack. However, the scheduling tools are premium. I prefer WP to Buffer since it has a full
scheduling module and support for every strange social network you can think of. For a more flexible solution, Revive Old Post
is also a good option. Orbit Fox is one of the more intuitive share
button plugins for adding multiple social network share buttons to your blog posts and
pages. It’s free, supports all major networks,
and is easy to use. If you mainly care about your images, the
Jetpack Photon CDN works just fine. But the Jetpack Photon CDN doesn’t speed
up your other files, which is why Cloudflare makes a better alternative. This isn’t a plugin, but you integrate it
with your site to serve content through the large delivery network – ultimately speeding
up your website. Infinite scrolling is such a basic feature
that you don’t need a mega-plugin to implement it on your site. Ajax Load More gives you a more flexible solution
for implementing infinite scroll on your site. Jetpack doesn’t charge for its forms, but
other plugins often give you more flexibility. A good beginner-friendly option is the Pirate
Forms plugin, which is shortcode-ready, fully customizable, and comes with SMTP. An insane number of related post plugins exist
online. So, you can complete your own search to find
out which one works for you. I’ve always liked the Related Posts Thumbnails
plugin since it looks simple and seems to deliver results that are actually relevant. Jetpack provides some watered down email marketing
and list building tools, but nothing compares to Sendinblue. It offers a WordPress integration, with transactional
messaging, marketing campaigns, and beautiful templates. Once again, Orbit Fox is able to replace a
Jetpack feature at no charge. The uptime monitoring is as simple as possible,
where you type in your email address and get notifications whenever your website goes down. This is by no means a complete list, but it’s
a great start for those who aren’t interested in controlling a significant portion of their
website through one plugin like Jetpack. If you have any other great Jetpack alternatives,
let us know about them in the comments. Thanks for watching!

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