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Jetpack Carousel

August 29, 2019

JetPack Carousel takes any standard WordPress
gallery that is embedded in a post and displays a carousel of those images when any one of
the images is clicked. But a word of caution, if the theme you’re
using has custom gallery functionality then the theme itself can effect the way images
are displayed on your site but if the theme does not have custom gallery functionalities
the carousel should operate as expected. If not check with the theme developer and ask
about how galleries are handled by the theme. JetPack Carousel works with images only but
they can be various sizes. The images shown here are from 105 KB to 2.29 MB and some are
portrait and some are landscape. Carousel adjusts the image to fit the screen automatically. Clicking on the carousel images or on the
direction arrows advances to the next image. The name at the lower left is the name that
was assigned to the image and can be changed by editing the image. At the bottom of each image is metadata or
Exif which stands for Exchangeable image file format and an option to view full screen which
opens the image in a separate browser. To close the carousel click the small x in
the upper left corner. Carousel gives your site visitors a nice experience
when viewing images.

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