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Jetpack Comments

August 17, 2019

JetPack Comments allows visitors making a
comment on your site to use one of their social networking accounts to post a comment instead
of going through the hassle of creating an entire new account to post a comment. When JetPack comments is activated it replaces
the theme comment form with one that allows a visitor to sign-in from one of their other
accounts. Comments can still be turned off for each
individual post and they’re still controlled by the global settings on the Discussion screen
under the Settings admin menu. So if you have comments turned off then the JetPack comments
feature will not be available. JetPack also adds settings options to the
Discussion screen. You can change the greeting text for the comment and you can change the
color scheme of the comment box to match your theme. Comments can also be affected by how your
theme handles comments. If JetPack Comments is activated but is not working properly try
switching to the default theme. If JetPack comments works with the switch them you may
have a theme that is not coded for the newer version of WordPress comments. For that you’ll
need to contact the theme developer. With comments activated, when a visitor clicks
in the comment box this activates a drop-down where they can choose to fill out their details
or they can choose one of their social network log-ins. Making it easy and convenient for
visitors to become involved and interact with your site.

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