Jetpack Gamplay #1
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Jetpack Gamplay #1

August 23, 2019

In gaming here and today, I’m with with weird reactions And please give a shout-out to him. We’re also with Well well so with my cousin here, so Okay, so I’m gonna go first and then it’s and then weird reaction is gonna go and then my cousins Let’s make this video quick Lola, oh, whoa whoa no get this get this no. I played this game before No wonder you’re playing it right now Yeah He’s actually pretty good this guy Cuz I played this game before what do you do to make the boat go away or whatever? You just thought you have to Yeah, but I don’t want to because it’s better Yeah, you already know my god. Oh In our last gaming video we made on my channel. I got 100% in mr.. Jump. Yeah Go check out that video, please and like it Like my dude Whoa Dude you so good at this game cuz I played it well my turn okay, and I am going to not use Let’s quit Play again my turn Dude sit down anime We need three tokens let’s kill this guy here This game have like a version where they go to hell and then like what hell is like You should be ahead, I’m gonna start making videos again, bro, yeah Yeah, I’m gonna do gaming one many different games of you if you want me to play a Game that I have no idea about then you can just flow just write the game down and by the way my cousin played my cousin here, um yeah, normally um Yeah in the next video um we’re gonna make a part 2 of this video And you’re gonna play in the part 2 because I want to make this no okay To make it serious Quickly just Gonna token then it’s all good This guy’s gonna go to hell Also, I’m gonna make a series on my god No, don’t do it for free so I guess that’s it for this video alright. Yeah We’re gonna do a part two the one we’re gonna do a part two

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