Jetpack Goat FTW | Goat Simulator | Part 1
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Jetpack Goat FTW | Goat Simulator | Part 1

September 8, 2019

Kyleeeee OOOOp heree!! And welcome to goat simulator. Oh my gosh
I cannot tell you how excited I am! I have been wanting to play this game forever, now before I start I think I should say. I know that this game has been around
forever! And I am sure that everyone and their mother has played this game.
I know there’s a million videos out there on it. That’s okay I don’t care cuz
I don’t play this game because everyone else does it. I play it because I have not
frickin played it yet! And I want to try it. It looks freaking awesome one of
my favorite things about games is ragdoll physics. I love when games impa?
implement that. And uh this one apparently does it really well so yeah
I’m sure you’re gonna be like Kyle if you just do it this way it’ll be so much
better Kyle if you do it like this if you use this trick and this and this
tactic then you could be like super ultra mega mega mega man and you’re
probably right it’ll probably be even better but I’m just gonna try it
and play it generic as it is I want to play the mods of this game, I know
there’s tons of different things you can do different Maps different mods different things yeah de
yada yada, and I want to do all that so if you guys liked it comment and let me know if
you want me to try a different version of it or a different mod I will totally
do it but I figured what a better way to start the channel off than playing a
frickin crazy wacky game like goat simulator okay so without further ado
let’s get into it oh I have not played this yet but like
literally not played I haven’t even click play
holy fudge oh there’s different tons of different Maps, there is tons of different maps!!! And different mutators, MMO? There is MMO Rogue whaaaaat!? Okayy! This just took on a whole new fricken level! Alright. Let’s just do I just want to try it and just
see how it is basic so we’re gonna do goatville just that and, ohhhh man but it’s so
tempting! Okay shhhh we’re just doing jet pack just just one just cuz that sounds
like frickin awesome! Okay so we are clicking play. So what do we do uh Q is ragdoll, E is lick. Holy fudge woo! Dat mouse speed doh! Options! mouise sense, oh that’s cool mouse sense oops.
Did I not click apply? I didn’t click apply. Mouse Sense, apply!! There we go that
looks good oh my goodness I feel like I’m carrying two barrels of water on my
back oh my gosh another goat! what’s up man, so what are we?…….. I just tapped him! Oh he is……. What is this voodoo!? You were dead n now you are alive! How is that possible!? Wait I can rez you… In the name of all that is holy, you shall live!!!! I am a miracle worker! Call me miracle goat! Woo! Yeah!! High five. I kill you! But don’t worry I bring you back to life?….. I said bring you back to life! yes!!! took him a second he is a lazy one! Here we go! oh yea! Wo Trampoline! I like trampolines, boing boing boing Can I backflip?
how do I? eh! eh! whoa hey no what are you doing
I didn’t tell you – Oh Q’s ragdoll oh oh oh that hit on the thingy though that
didn’t work sorry buddy I’m trying to get a hold of your uh okay, we good. What else can I do? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Car!!!! Sorry! It scared me. alright buddy. Oh my gosh sorry man. Why you so
scared of a goat? My goodness how do I use my thrusters again I have a jetpack
I don’t even know how to do it whoa that’s cool I need to figure out how to
thrust Woah there it is. There it is, okay how do I control it? How do I control it? no! How do I don’t do tongue again E? you yeah grab you Let’s go for a ride! Whooo!!! I don’t know where I am taking you, but we are going somewhere. Wo I can’t see.
okay turn off rocket pack. oh shoot I’m lost!
is it this way travel. this game is so confusing. Holy crap,
I like the jumping around I think that’s awesome.
hey man, oh girl hey you how’s it going baby! Hey you haven’t seen a
goat with some rocket packs before? Want to go for a ride? Woah what is that
helicopter doing? What the fudge!? baby okay sorry I got distracted hey you want to
take trip to the moon with me? yeah? Alright Let’s go! I am sorry babe, I am still learning how to fly it. Ahh fudge, I am not making a good first impression. No! No come on! oh I see I can I could just take off and
take off again nope that’s not working. There has got to be a way to control it. Whaat? You have never seen a goat lickin a girl before? No pun intended. I’m prancing and dancing and singing achoo!!
hey Thank You Man you know I’ve been working out like
biceps hitting the gym a bit, you know I got I’m using this as training you know
I got these two rocket boosters on my back I’m training for the UFC the
Ultimate Faun Championship so. man what you got you guys want to run together
all right cool come around these parts often? my name is
my name is my name is Kyle come back come back
oh is this this is an off trail thing I like running off on the mountains
you know it’s a good workout I get scenic scenic route – oh I am so sorry I
don’t know my own strength, baby I’m sorry I didn’t mean it. Where she go? magician I tell you! Man
where’d your girl go? It’s mister steal yo girl! whoa what are you doing? Sorry man I
didn’t mean to I don’t know how to control this thing. I’m sorry girl, oh that’s so much fun how
do i how do i charge and stuff can I do that to a car? Why does stuff just randomly fall
over? Wait what are you guys doing? You guys are durpin out. There’s nothing
over here. Oh what the, geez now this brings ragdoll physics to a whole new
level! car I need a car to test out on. Okay
sneak up on him, he is never gonna know we’re here. Get in the pool buddy! Joke is on you!………eh buddy?….. I can’t swim!
Sorry man. Uh no one saw
anything! yeah i’ll take a uh, I will take a footlong on rye. toasted please. Woman!? I said toasted! I got her through the wall! What the, what is happening? What is this? I can’t tell! Oh get back in there. this is turning into a whole new little game, alright! NPC: “That goat’s killin it” (In British Accent) Darn right I am killin it! (British Accent) (British Accent) What we in the UK all of a sudden? Right Oh! Cheerio! I just want to get in here. Oh you’re so lucky. I hate Spenny? Who is Spenny? Spennay! Wo I just keep getting points, oh woah, woah, he went flying. That’s what I am talking about. I want that. Gosh dang it not this stupid jet pack. This is the most retarded jet pack. There are trampolines everywhere I love this. Whoever put trampolines everywhere
you you are da best! You deserve a raise my good friend. Boom! There we go. all right. Can I get in this thing? Woah, Woah, Wait I want on it, I want on it! I’m on a boat! I’m on a boat! Look at me I’m on a – Wahhh come back!!! Nooooo, Noooo! I was on it for a second. Then it kicked me off. Oh can I go for a ride?

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