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Jetpack Joyride (Board Game) – Playthrough – slickerdrips

August 17, 2019

hi everyone I’m Tom today I’m going to be playing jetpack joyride which is a new game on Kickstarter right now the link is in the description so you can check out the campaign page this is a real-time tile laying games boy we’ve got these lovely noisy class area polyominoes and we will be placing them to kind of symbolize Barry’s jetpack joyride through the lab hoping to avoid all of the rockets and lasers and collect as many coins as he can so there’s going to be three rounds in this game and in each one we draw three mission cards and all this I should say as well is based on the average jetpack joyride that’s been out for quite a few years now you should get it it’s really good and it’s free but also click turn on Klingon subtitles if I’ve made mistakes hopefully they’ll be noted up there so we get these three missions that will be different every time and later in the game we will start getting gadgets as well and there is I haven’t got a prototype for this but there is a mini expansion planned that will add vehicles that are another important part of the mobile game but here we have don’t touch the roof or floor in a completed sector we have four different sects as we’ll be trying to go through come back to a sexy already left and high five three scientists which you will do by going along the floor across three sizes you couldn’t do that because you can’t go through the floor but imagine this for example you know going before him and through him and after him there he isn’t getting set on fire by a jet pack and you’re high-fiving so we will be grabbing from this display this is about half of the tiles than normally in the game because it’s to play game and we will be trying to guide Barrack through the lab so your first tile has to start off the board at least once based off the board and every tile afterwards has to join on to the one you already placed so where would be a good one that would be okay so going through the lasers isn’t allowed because that kills him you can’t join off diagonally like this you have to kind of follow on and make a big path through there ideally you want to get coins ideally you want to fulfill as many missions as you can and the round ends when one of us manages to get Barry out by putting taar1 square out of the left and then we have to stop and we will count up our scores and do this three times this is a real time game so we have help in the form of Rachel say hi Rachel and so I think we’re ready to get started are we r h that might be all you hear from Rach so let’s go so I’m just gonna grab this that I did in the example I’m gonna yeah I got a bit of a head start I should start lower down there shouldn’t I so I get these coins and then I can high-five this scientist although I have just ruined don’t touch the floor could we use this to get over that rocket and how we can’t we could use this to or what if we use this to no we can’t do that I don’t think this is the piece we need at all what piece do we need then we need one that’s smaller we write this piece no this doesn’t work either this one could be perfect so I could do this line that is there anyway I think I can get out of this sector and back into it again I don’t think so let’s just carry on and try and get a path through here maybe we can come back ourselves to the other one because you know ideally we want to get as much this stuff as possible and that kind of gets me another one here and the tails are really really now here get this last long one I’ll try and keep going through there I want to try and get these coins now I don’t think that’s happening there so is this okay we’re running it really running out of tiles to be able to do anything here oh I can do this and maybe I’ll be able to come back on myself now although with the tiles that are left there these zigzag ones yeah you can fit a can very easily and of getting yourself stuck I don’t think oh I have to high five three signs this stuff just ignored these guys so I’ve messed that up completely so yeah this doesn’t count as a high five coming down tough for him like this but say yeah it’s the best I could do sorry mr. scientist this is a terrible placement isn’t it I don’t know if I would be stuck with that so Rach is rates just calling it she has given up so I can kind of come back on myself here I think I’m stuck though oh no I can put that here because this is the path I go down and open across and I can get out like that so yeah it wasn’t a very good thing I don’t think I achieved any of the objectives Rachel cheered Rach did not start off the board so yeah we’ll have to dock lots of points for this so now we can work out our scores for this first round so we look at how many coins we got so it’s the Queen’s that you flew through I got one two three four five six seven not very many really and four stars well I touched the floor here hoping to high-five this scientist come back to a sex you already left I didn’t do that and I only high-fived one scientist so I did terribly on the Stars so I’ve just got seven points for the first round Rach how many coins have you got ten ten coins in races path so you didn’t touch the floor or the roof did you so you get four you didn’t come back to when you’re ready left you didn’t high five so you get four just so you know for the rules players lose three points for tracks they don’t place properly but I think we’ll just taking all that for this playthrough will ignore that okay it brings it close to me so we need now to in a game with more players you would rotate the tracks around the table and so you would get I just see other people’s things but in a two-player game you can just flip the cards over and you get yourself a different course and the track tiles available in a soup again as I said you get rid of half of them so there will be probably a different selection of things share these kind of straight ones here ran out very very quickly so scoring is complete we reveal a number of gadgets equal to the number of players and starting with the person who has the lowest score you draft these gadgets so I could have a err berries that would give me two points or two stars for every time I jump off the floor so every time I run the floor and then come off it or the gravity belts the exact same for the opposite thing dropping off the roof so I think I’ll have the air berries I think I’ve got more floor space in a lot of these I’m gonna try for the air berries which means free jets the gravity belt so be doing different things here the missions for this second round reach sector four it’s an easier mission near-miss all obstacles in a sector now that means that you have to you know come into contact you would be just in front of the rockets and be right next to the laser beams so very very tricky thing to pull off there and collect no coins in a completed sector ok there’s those are our missions I think that one actually we played at the Expo a little bit as well throughout all of our games I’d say that’s probably the hardest one to pull off so are you ready Rach so let’s go reach sector four okay and I want to get on the floor don’t I so I’m going to start on the floor and jump up like that and where can I go from there I kinda I can go like this we’ve don’t get all of these things I am near missing things kind of by accidents but I don’t think we’re gonna keep doing that I’m gonna grab this one here because I’m hopefully going to jump off the floor again and could we go up here I want to come crashing back down to the floor again I’m not getting a coin unfortunately should we jump straight back up I think straight back up these ELLs are perfect for me if they stay at all this one isn’t actually because yeah I’m not gonna be able to jump down to the floor just yet so let’s go along could we could we maybe reach these coins somehow we can get one and I can nearly I can get to the floor here and then hopefully I can jump up again well this is jumping up yeah I’m getting a couple of coins in it can I get right back down again although I do want to reach sector four don’t I if I can go down like that and then jump off the floor again and that’s pieces gonna do me no good this piece is okay I don’t think I’m getting onto the floor again though recha stuck again oh no I think I might be stuck yeah going off this going off this end piece I think I’m stuck on a rocket as well although actually I can use this narrow piece like this and come straight back up and there are all these pieces are too big aren’t they so yeah I think with the pieces that we’ve got left I am stuck as well and so everyone would say pass and that’s the other way that the round can end also if all of the pieces are taken the round can end as well maybe if everyone is doing crazy loop-de-loops and things sir round two coins I got one two three four five six seven eight nine so a little bit better Rach coins for you you went for just jumping off the roof okay we found a piece of that range could have used it wasn’t completely hopeless yeah but you can you can slot it like this like right underneath the path that you’re on like that so you would go like straight down I don’t know if you still could have gone any further there well so you have that okay raise you to being a stickler so missions are sector four definitely didn’t near-miss all obstacles did I collect I didn’t collect no coins so I reach sector four and I jumped off the floor one two three four five times so that’s 13 stars Rach you didn’t reach sector four quite you didn’t near-miss all the obstacles in a sector did you but you did collect no coins in a completed sector so that that is five stars oh so that’s four okay so that is 22 for me that round and nine for H and so now maybe I’m supposed to keep a running total here now we draft two more abilities so the freezomatic frees opponents and place one tile in your lap this is you can shout free then everyone has to stop and you get ten seconds to pick you go through the tiles until you found one that you want and then everyone’s allowed to go again the instant wall before each run gravataí land place it in your lap after the run ends so Rach which would you like risk going for the instable so I have the freezomatic and we need to get rid of the mission cards reset all of this and flip the obstacles back over and three do missions for a last round one two three so rub your head on the roof for ten blocks that’s gonna be good for Rach escape the lab so just get to the end don’t harm any scientists so the way they can harm them is by hovering above them with your jetpack okay then so let’s get started go just start like this that gets me coin can I get I’m gonna jump right back up I think off the floor not harming the scientist Aurra try and get right back to the floor as well there’s another coin I’m on the floor what I want to do I want to rub my head on the roof for ten blocks I think that’s impossible with my configuration it’s not ten consecutive blocks so I’ve gone up there can I get down again I can go like this it’s on the floor I haven’t heard the scientist because I’m not going just in the one above him which means I’ll have to jump up in this one so I don’t hurt him tiles a little left what’s left yeah this one I think that’s going to really limit my options that might be necessarily want to take there is this one though put it back on the floor that would hurt the scientist unless or if I did that it would hurt the scientist as well is there a different tile available that wouldn’t know that the scientist or if we did this there we go with we’re high enough above the scientist that he is safe it’s I think it’s too late to do the the hit the hit the roof for enough times so I’ll go there is there any way of going along the floor here I think no we’re gonna have to go up here and try and weave my way through this here which I don’t think is possible I think I’ve got myself stuck for a really narrow gap here to overcome you have to get one our tube I suppose you could just draft another tile they go I think I’m stuck anyway I could yeah I could have gotten one more coin I think but I never use my fries yeah okay in that in a normal game you would probably remember that you had abilities and those this tiles is he right next to me what was this from could I have carried I’m with that and I think I could have I think I could have done no I could have done that i could have carried on it would have been great but I didn’t do it because I didn’t know that’s how I was there so if there was one Queen there I think I threw it back but I just threw it back there but I forgot it was there myself so so coins I got one two three four five six seven never many coins I remember getting far more coins before Rach what if he got eight coins so stars I didn’t do that I didn’t even ask eight the lab I don’t think I harmed any scientist though all my scientists are safe so I’ve got four how many times did I jump off the floor one two three four five so fourteen stars for me there and all of them so ten blocks escape the lab and didn’t how many scientists and how many times did you jump off the roof three three times so that’s six points there 11 14 18 points just on the stars there so totals so for that round it was 26 to 21 so what’s it going to be all together Rach come back for the startling conclusion it is ridiculously close but maybe for missing that tile in the second round that could have let her carry on it’s ended up 49 to 50 yeah that is true she did cheats in the first round a blatant cheats aboard with me so yeah there are a few more missions and there are plenty of other gadgets you would obviously see more in a game with more players but there are things you know coin magnets you know if you just go one space away from coins you still collect them or before the run starts you get to place two in your lap get points for near missing missiles flash just gives you points flying pig gives you extra for coins all sorts of different things and as I said there’s a mini expansion planned for vehicles which is good because they were a big part of the video game but I think that is it again it’s very quick game but it’s real time so it’s bound to be isn’t it that is jetpack joyride again it’s on Kickstarter you can click the link in the description for the campaign page and see all of the stuff that’s on there and if you’d like to know what I think at the game you can click the little box over here and hear all of that thank you very much for watching everyone and I’ll see you for the next game bye [Music]

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