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Jetpack Joyride iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 14, 2019

There were two particularly interesting results
that came of Brisbane-based developer Halfbrick studios release of Monster Dash (a fun, but
basic endless runner) last year. Firstly it was the introduction of Barry Steakfries – a
rebel without a cause and all-around monster slaying badass. Secondly, a temporary power-up
allowed you to soar through the sky on the wings of a gatling-gun jetpack – if that doesn’t
evoke a Tim the “Toolman” Taylor style series of grunts, I don’t know what will. And so now we come to the second in Halfbrick’s
series of Steakfries-inspired endless runners, but this time it’s all-jetpack, all-the-time.
The single-touch controls allow you to control Barry’s height, spewing forth bullets, flames,
lasers or even rainbows depending on the jetpack you’ve chosen from the unlockable selection
in the store. Coins scattered around the screen provide the cash necessary to buy these boons
(along with aesthetic changes and temporary power-ups), giving you incentive to come back
for more. Unfortunately, things would get predictably
tiresome if you were simply grinding out cash for the sake of it. Thankfully a mission system
provides objectives such as high-fiving scientists, grinding your head on the floor or surviving
a trip in the teleporter vehicle for a set distance. Stars are awarded for completion
of these tasks, upgrading your ‘level’ and providing cash bonuses, giving you a constant
sense of progression. All of this tightly integrated gameplay would
be for naught if the presentation wasn’t also up to scratch. Fans of games like Metal Slug
will appreciate the fine cartoonish detail that has gone in to the underground science-lab
world of Jetpack Joyride, with scientists bumbling around while lasers, explosions and
rockets fly around like a never-ending visual smorgasbord. Of particular note is the background
music which is so catchy you’ll find yourself humming it between sessions – if nothing else
the game is worth it for this aural pleasure. As with all endless titles repetitive play
can wear down the joy of Jetpack Joyride, but unless you’re playing it almost non-stop
the amount of unlockables, bonus features such as coins for a ‘slot-machine’ finish
to each run and the mission system will keep you coming back for more. The new king of
runners is here and it’s called Jetpack Joyride.

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  1. I love this game. Got it at midnight in my country and i have 2h40m on it and loving every bit ^^ my highscore till the moment is 4.024m and level 13 xP

  2. @appleiphone4kid Same here. I wanted this game so much, though, and thought they really put their hearts into it, so I decided to buy it this time. Also, I wanted to fucking try the Grav Guy suit! IT'S SO AWESOME!!!

  3. iOS needs a storyline game something withe psonality something memorable like sonic was like zelda was. iOS needs more than just a generic arcade game!

  4. In my honest opinion, I don't get what's all the hype about. Like every other endless runner (jetpack rider?) game, it's addictive for a while, but slowly gets repetitive afterwards. And note that I don't exactly play this all the time, but still, I don't see much incentive to get back to the game.

    Good game, but I won't say it's great.

  5. HAHAHA you dont know what that is. its a coin magnet for vehicles you buy it under vehicle upgrades or something like that

  6. I am in level 193 in jetpack joyride. if you don't believe it come to my channel and see that. subscribe and like if you would like. thanks.

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