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  1. how do we add people in dantheman HOW btw it's ny fav halfbrick game i play with friends and it would be nice to do something like an INSANE! difficulty but it's co-op (u can choose to play alone) i know about multiplayer!loving ur content tho keep up the good work?

  2. I miss this game. I had all of the jetpacks, outfits (except for S.A.M. specific ones,) the gadgets, bought every single add on, I even had the power ups completely maxed out. But I have a corrupted backup, so I can’t get the game’s data back. Sure my purchases will be restored but my scores and progress won’t. Even signing into Facebook with the account I used for my primary Jetpack Joyride profile doesn’t work. My progress has vanished and I can’t do anything about it.

  3. People: oh look a pirate skins i want dat
    Me: holy shiet a pirate S.A.M and the new badass theme i need complete the event now

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