Jetpack Joyride Rundown
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Jetpack Joyride Rundown

August 9, 2019

hey everybody today rahdo runs down jetpack joyride which is a race game where 1 to 4 players are trying to escape from an evil lab as fast as possible and the way it works is each player is given a lab comprised of four different tiles these are randomly generated labs because a whole bunch of these cards and they’re all two-sided and at the beginning of every race there are gonna be three public objectives in this one we got a mission to reach sector 4 not necessary to make it all the way out but at least get that far don’t harm any scientists that’s worth 4 points and collect no coins in a completed sector for 5 points and that’s not great because normally you want to collect all these coins along the way because they’re worth a point of peace but these are the goals I’ve got and once everybody’s figured them out everybody’s taking a good look at their own personal map that they’re trying to escape from we have a collection of these Tetris style translucent pieces each one has 5 squares on it and they’re all different sizes and shapes and we’re ready to go somebody says 3 2 1 go and we’re off so this is a real time game where players are trying to lay down a trail of of these tiles that figure that demonstrates the path that they are gonna jetpack out of here starting from the far left and going to the far right now there’s no time for me to sit around and jibber jabber like this I got to go as fast as possible so I put this first one in which starts off the edge and hey I picked up a coin and then I say go like this but don’t know if I do that I’m gonna smash right into that scientist which means I’d fail the mission of not harming scientists so let’s say I actually go no let’s say I go like oh I don’t know like this there’s no time oh that put me a dead end how about um oh this will do this will do okay so I go like this and then hey I picked up another coin and I’ve avoided these missiles I’ve avoid this little laser wall but now I’m kind of in a little dead in no problem because I’ll grab one of these and then oh no but that would smash me right into a rocket now for every one of these obstacles you will hit you will lose three points so are there any better options for me not really I’m gonna slime in so if you don’t like what you put down you can always backtrack and pull them off of the table and try to go a different way like actually yeah maybe this makes more sense I’ll grab one of these and I’ll go over the missile instead of under yeah that’s fine and I didn’t get stuck down here in this dead-end or this this near dead end and then let’s see I want to hit these coins I don’t want and plus I’m heading right towards a missile so if I grab one of oh and of course you know everybody’s going as fast if I’ll scan yeah this will work oh this works beautifully look at this this little stair step down I grab these two coins I came all the way down here and now I’m moving on into the second sector where there’s a coin over there now when you put a new tile down it its end one of its end pieces must US the final space of your previous so I wouldn’t be able to put it like this because then you can see it’s not relaxing but this is perfectly legal and now I want to come over here and let’s say oh I don’t know will this work yeah this is beautiful because the end of this one you know the starting tile this is touching the end of that and so I came down I’m coming back up here I’ve grabbed that coin I’m heading north I haven’t harmed any scientist yet but um no I’m spending way too much time talking to you folks let’s just go on ahead and burst forward like this oh I missed both of those coins alright but I can now come back around like this let’s say and boom Oh beautiful threaded the needle right there and then let’s say I grab this piece and oh no no yeah no that’s good I’m just avoiding that I am and then what I want to do and again everybody’s trying to go as fast as humanly possible might go for this and then boom let’s say I spent so much time trying to figure all this out that somebody else has made it all the way to the end and is actually gotten off the edge of the board now as soon as somebody does that or if we run out of pieces which could happen in a really far-out circumstance or if everybody decides to pass they’ve they’ve gotten themselves stuck in they don’t want to unravel those are the three things that’ll end the race and then everybody tallies up how well they did so if somebody else made it out I didn’t even make it to the fourth sector here so I don’t get these three points but on the other hand I did not smash in any scientists so I did get those four points and this he did I come I collect no coins in the completed sector nope I’m focused on getting a lot of coins if I’d been smart I back maybe if I was trying to go in here this was been the one I would have up high and then come down here and tried to avoid all the coins in there so I could have gotten those five points so as it is now I got four points for that 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 points that’s not that great um but hey I was spending too much time talking you guys rather than actually trying to race because you just go as quickly as you can now everybody tallies their points they make note and whoever came in last in that round which this case was me gets first dibs on an upgrade card you draw cards equal number player so if we’re playing a two-player game we look at them and hey we’ve got flash the Robo dog who he doesn’t give you a special power he’s just worth 4 points or airbrakes 2 points for every jump off the floor so since I did the worst I get first dibs on these hey this this 4 points should make up for my poor performance but I could get a lot of points off of err berries jumping off the floor means that you have to your path has to come all the way down to the floor and then move back up so if you do that two or three times in a given lab you could score four six eight points you could get a lot of points off this so I would choose this for myself and then somebody else would end up getting flash and then after it’s over everybody gets a new maze that we’re gonna race through and we race through a second time but now people have cool little bonuses like the air berries or the disapp inator where you can completely fly through the walls and not worry about it or coin magnets if you just fly next to a coin you’ll pick it up instead of you know if I had a coin maggot I would have gotten one two three four I would have gotten four additional points with a coin magnet that could be super-powerful turbo boosts you get to place two tiles before anybody else gets to do anything that can put you in a big lis the gravity belt and so on so there’s all these cool little things and when we go to the next maze we get three new objectives missions place five tiles in one sector escape the lab or and a near-miss all obstacles five points if in a given sector you can fly next to but not actually touch all obstacles like this case I did that here I flew next to this I flew next to that to that that no I didn’t because the diagonals don’t count so I didn’t fly there but so there can be a lot of points for the missions but there’s also lots of points for just picking up coins and getting as far as you can although getting out isn’t worth points unless there’s a mission that says make it all the way out anyway the game is gonna play through three lab races every time you get a new lab and when you’re doing and at the end of every one you get another bonus so hey the first time I got air Berry’s the second time I might start with this turbo boost so I’m super powerful going into the third and final race then then you tally up the points for all the races you’ve done and whoever score the most points wins and that folks is the run down on Jetpack Joyride which is very appropriately titled this is a fun little fast-paced Joyride it’s a blast of course a big part of the tension is seeing how far your opponents are and also knowing the perfect piece I know exactly what I need and I go to grab it but boom somebody else grabs and it was the last one of what I needed so then trying to figure out oh crap well if that’s not available what do I do instead it’s a simple fast very family-friendly gateway style game you could teach just about anybody to play this game right out of the gate and if you enjoy real-time tests of skill there’s a lot of fun here now for me and Jen I think this was a little bit too much on the light side but interestingly there are a couple of expansions that add a bunch of extra stuff like cool special vehicle versions of these Tetris pieces and you know a dye that randomizes things and whatnot so I’ve just shown you the base game but there’s plenty of room to grow in jetpack joyride and that’s the rundown folks thanks very much for watching have a very very nice day talk to you later so long bye bye

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  1. How does it play with 2? I imagine it would be tighter and better with more. But the app version wss one of my favorite games to play, so i am extremely tempted with this version.

  2. It looks like a bit of fun, but Vince needs to add in the soundtrack somehow, I've been asking him for ages 🙂

  3. seems fun but with low replayablility and depth and cards seem unbalanced. something i'd play with my niblings when they are old enough.

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