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Jetpack Joyride (Updated) | Mobile Game Review

August 15, 2019

Hi guys. It’s me again, Bunny time again. In this video I’ll introduce a game. This game is nothing new to you. It’s called Jetpack… Let me turn the Ipad a bit. This game is horizontal, not vertical. Let’s wait for it to load. Ok. This is our character and the game’s main menu. The design has this vintage feel, like the design of those we played with NES when we were younger. You’ll play a character using a jetpack to overcome the obstacles. You can see these obstacles are pains in the ass. I don’t even know what they are. If you touch them, it’ll result in your brutal death. F***. Why is this jetpack f***ing slow? I missed that thing. This jetpack is fairly slow. If you want your character to float you can keep tapping constantly like this. If you want him to fly higher, tap and hold longer. When you see this exclamation mark, be careful. It means a missile is coming to your direction. Why is this turn so boring? My previous tries are… Oh oh. Be aware of these laser machine, they’re cruel. When you hit that colorful button, your vehicle will change. For example, I’m sitting on Santa’s sleigh drawn by two reindeers. Actually, this game is quite silly because you turn into Kakarot but using Santa’s sleigh. That’s silly. I’ve destroyed the sleight in a crash. I only have this one life, if I hit the obstacle again, I’ll die for sure. And I’ll have to start over again. Now I’m surfing. I don’t know where the hell water comes from. How to bring my character to surf on the water surface? Ah, the more you tap, the higher you float. If you hold long, it’ll sink. This one is f***ing weird. The lower you are under the water, the higher you jump when you let go. Yeah, I destroyed my vehicle again. I’m back with the jetpack. You see? You have to keep the character floating when dealing with the laser machine by tapping constantly. OMG :O How the f*** to escape? You can see how brutal those lasers can be, I don’t know how to deal with them. You can play with this lotto machine after you’re game over if you’re able to obtain 3 coins during your game. This needs lots of luck, but I don’t seem to be lucky enough. It’s game over. Apart from what you’ve been watching me play, the character and vehicle systems in the game are diverse and regularly updated. I’ll show you right now. After this loading screen, of course. Here, we have the wardrobe (clothing), jetpacks, vehicle upgrades where you can upgrade your vehicles, and gadgets. I’ll show you the available characters. For example, you can choose lots of character like Santa Claus, you can wear a hula skirt, or even play a doctor, or a character in a movie. For example, I have an item called Kingly Crown. You have to buy both upper and lower parts. You can use a variety of vehicles. Last time, I pick this one, bad choice. This time, I’ll choose Golden Piggy Pack, not sure what it is though. Look like it’s a golden pig flying with its butt. We have gadget here. You can equip lots of things for your character. But with the condition that you have enough money which can be obtained or purchased. Normally, the more you purchase the more you can enjoy the game. I’ve bought the coin magnet which can automatically suck coins for me. I’ll equip everything for my character and play again. It’ll be my last time playing this because I’m tired of it. I’m flying with a golden pig and unlike other jetpacks, this pig puffs out money instead of fire. F***. This game is dumb. You can see how f ***ing slowly this pig flies. Why? Every time I fly, lots of money comes out from the pig. I’ve upgraded to flying car. F***ing cool. F***ing awesome! I’ve just flied with effing godlike speed. So beyond imagination. I’ve destroyed my flying car again. I’ll continue to make it rain with the pig. Remember to avoid the missiles. F***. Now I’ve understood how these lasers work. Just avoid it. There’s no other way. This game is quite brutal. I’ve lost my pig again. I’ll try my luck then. I’ve won some money. One more time. F***. Looks like I can only win once. This game is more fun when updated. Apart from what I’ve shown you, lots of surprises are waiting for you in those colorful blocks. Whenever you hit it, you can change into a different vehicle. You should give this game a try. I think it’s fun. The design is nice. I’ll keep playing it but I’ll stop the video for now. See you next time. Bye.

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