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JetPack Jump: FLY TO HIGH SCORE! – Gameplay Android

August 8, 2019

hey everyone I’m gameplayvids 24/7
welcome to my jetpack jump gameplay video so everyone jetpack jump has been
making the rounds on the Android Marketplace for new android games 2019 and I thought I have to give it
a try I do hope that you guys do enjoy the video now if you want to see more
please remember to hit that like and subscribe and I really would appreciate
it and is it a perfect jump game but is it another perfect jump or didn’t do a
perfect jump there though now press to boost the jetpack okay so
apparently can get a jetpack here easy look at this nice oh man they look like
it hurt all right we’ve got 160 meters and our first jump ladies and gentlemen
what coming upgrade here let’s upgrade our jump sure I mean why not right let’s
go ready yes I am come on they love this too type of games man
oh these type of games are awesome dude we got the perfect jump in jetpack jump and the perfect jump again nice
still flying still flying or you make my best though mm close close close okay
then I grab my jet pack now as well I’m assuming you just have to keep on
upgrading your inventory if that makes sense so let’s see how this goes perfect
okay perfect nice this should surely beat my best come on game yeah that’s
right he’s just broken every bone in his body
but that’s okay looks like we just hit a chest and got our first hat alright we
unlock the Hat ladies and gentlemen there it is a backwards hat cool the
what is he doing right now you just see that pose he just did of blind earnings
upgrade okay sure thing game let’s go now I’ve got a red hat so that means I
move faster right isn’t it how it goes everyone alright three perfect sinner
Rory excellent now do I hold off from using my jetpack
straight away it or should I use it instantly that’s so I’m not too sure
about I’m just wondering would it be better not to spend the jetpack straight
away guys if that makes sense hmm choices perfect jump okay jump and
perfect using my jetpack straight away there again hopefully can get a little
bit further maybe just got to the end yes just beat my best 189 meters there I
almost have 500 gold coins that means I can actually purchase another upgrade in
a second perfect perfect I’m quite curious to see
how far you can actually go on this game by the way
got another noobest there very nice I can now upgrade my hmm let’s upgrade
my jumps again I think I mean you’d probably upgrade your jump as much you
can surely if you’re doing oh by the way everyone I’m posting videos on my
channel every single day now at least two videos a day so if you enjoy what
I’m doing right now be sure to check out my channel you know II subscribe to be
notified look at that bounce nice now 206 meters
excellent off we go here we go all perfect jump perfect again can we
make it three perfect yes we can wonderful I’m gonna save my jetpack you
might have got me a little bit further possibly no did not all I was hoping if
I saved my jetpack to last I could have been able to use it but it doesn’t
really make a difference I just like very my jetpack then anyway got okay
that’s bad perfect perfect nice let’s see how much of a difference
the jetpack upgrade actually makes here I didn’t get a perfect jump on the first
jump but I managed to beat my new best so there you go there’s my best everyone
done the goal is to try and hit perfect every time alright let’s see if we can
do it great oh really only got great then to perfect in a row though either
way big bounce well okay that was a big bounce I like that one honey
here we go jump perfect perfect yes yes got it alright three perfect in
a row come on surely we’ll beat our best now I just got three perfect in a row
how do not beat it dude how long I’ll just beat my best what just happened
there I just did better than my last run technically alright that is very odd
well I just got perfect again three perfect in a row if I don’t be this I’ll
be amazed broke surely our Big Bounce that should push me over the edge
yes just just push me over that line there nearly I’m so close just upgrade
my jump again here everyone here we go perfect
perfect nice I’m actually wondering can we jump directly into the sandpit at the
end of the track cuz I’ll be hilarious dude buddy get involved in the sand
straightaway either way there’s my new best guys good stuff looks like we get
quite a bit of coins after completing each jump here which is quite nice
oh and I’ve grabbed my jet pack here two levels before everyone this should be
pretty solid hopefully here we go come on game big jump gonna go great then
great again oh this is not good three great to know Roy I don’t think I want
to make it that far then again I’ve grabbed my jet pack
could have helped us out quite a bit looks like we’re pushing down and yes
just barely got a new record there but I feel like I can do better so let’s try
again here everyone okay get ready can we get three perfect one perfect –
perfect three perfect excellent alright this is
surely gonna be my best come on game big bounce slide yes just got it 240 meters
there good stuff getting massive distance here with the jetpack
all-in-all guys I mean thanks to the jetpack we are making a distance
look at that 256 meters just there and that’s awesome dude looks like you get
the amount of coins that you do for the medium that you jump okay so keep that
in mind the further you go the more coins you actually achieve which is
pretty cool running getting to be greats in a row there and I missed it
completely and completely stacked it right well that’s not fun let’s try that
again without falling over ourselves shall we here we go let’s try and line
up a perfect perfect yes yes and yes now I have no so there’s no music in this
game at all for whatever reason I don’t know why these games don’t have music in
it it’s a bit interesting to me so I put my own music on the top of it as simple
as that everyone we go ready go jump jump and perfect
it’s just gliding now to his death there we go quite a big fall but yes we were
not able to achieve our max there sadly another run up okay jump that’s not good
enough perfect good
I’m wondering if I can get perfect in the last two jumps does that mean that I
recovered my run or not Dhoni seemed to go around 236 and meters there which is
not really that much nice nice can we triple it yes we can
beautiful this has to be the best beat and come on game surely now that’s a
weak bounce some bounces are better than the other I swear man just so great my
jetpack again here we go clean round a level 5 jetpack now late and gentlemen
oh no ok ok good perfect perfect nice big drop I think it all
depends on the angle that your character actually lands on the ground as well for
the bounce start again here we go big jump nice nice
come on yes great this should be it this has to be the best beat and common game
weak bounce there and just over the line not past the fence just yet though I
didn’t see there’s some offline progression as well why you have to look
into that because I think you get gold while you’re away which is quite good at
least so come back maybe in the next couple of days or so and have a look at
how much progression I got offline that all depends it of course if you guys
enjoy this video or not if you didn’t enjoy it I won’t post any more of course
but if you want to see more than I’ll post more simple as that there’s some
VIP membership there I’m not gonna worry about though there we go
jump perfect perfect yes come on yes I love it love it everyone so it seems
all the game pretty much is when you start off is just grinding for the gold
like heavily grinding you’ll always try to beat your best record look 281 meters
right there that has allowed me to unlock another jump if I want to which I
will do just unlock with another jump here everyone here we go let’s see how
that’s gonna go down perfect perfect yes come on Oh bleeding in the sandpit
almost I’m wondering if I land in the sandpit does it screw up my jump or not
I’m worried now big bounce very big bounce nice slide we’re on the road
everyone we’ve made it to the rose awesome here we go nice nice
come on excellent I can see a nice ferris true
on the background they’re a whole bunch of suburban Hinds imagine if they’re
seeing this guy coming down the road I would run like a madman dude if you see
this thing come when you run everyone okay some little kid with a hat on with
a jet pack equipped as well seriously he’s jumping like 500 feet in
the air as well which is ridiculous gotta love it though maybe 500 feet was
a bit of an exaggeration but you know what I mean
oh nice bounce come on can we beat the best come on come on come on come on no
we cannot oh so close oh so close let me just some great miles flying progression
there there we go might as well do it was sitting there just bugging me
everyone good are great at least once perfect jump perfect can we triple it
yes we can wonderful we’re gonna go headfirst into the concrete right now
but we’re not able to be the best that is fustrating so close looks like if
you’re watching and in this game you actually can triple your gold but I
don’t like watching ads in mobile games so I couldn’t care less there’s a weak
effort there guys we didn’t make the distance again definitely upgrade my
jetpack next I think it could even be my jump that I need an upgrade as well I
think when it comes down to it you need our great bow for them honestly
nice perfect they’re wonderful then trying to hit the deck hard here every
one of the best boom big bounce but still couldn’t not make the distance how
did I make that record last time then just upgrade my jetpack let’s see if we
can beat my record again I would love to hear how far you guys all got in this
game by the way legit I would love to hear him here we go now we’re flying all
nearly told in the building list we actually got higher than the building
they’re very big bounce thinks that jetpack boost and we’re over our record
for the first time 309 meters there you go great stuff run we’ll look I’ll wrap
it up here either way I do hope you ought to enjoy the video thank you very
much for watching if you want to see more or if you enjoy my content please
remember hit that like to subscribe button cheers again for watching
everyone I do post daily so we’ll see you tomorrow
catch around everyone see you later

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  1. I think u should more videos of this game cause it looks like it was the best fun u had in a while!!­čĹŹ­čĹŹ Nice video Btw!

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