JETPACK KIDS Adventure in Cancun Mexico!
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JETPACK KIDS Adventure in Cancun Mexico!

August 10, 2019

what’s up awesome ninjas! come join us on
an epic jetpack adventure! Ok guys, not only are we going on a real
board and it’s like a wakeboard that you put your feet in and these boots and you can
like fly until under the water always use helmets for safety boy he’s doing awesome you guys should come here I dove like a dolphin of a fly board. it was so awesome these are water powered and amazing now I am going for a ride in a killer Whale. excited I hear it goes really fast did you see this was so fun I just I was just barely
flying it felt like so high but when you’re looking at it it doesn’t look as high as it feels join super right and then I push the
down Tom’s going really fast down and then I pulled up as hard as I can and
then it started hitting up the ground and then yeah I gotta back up yeah it feels so cool to fly in the
water I’m like higher higher higher and I’m like on my back you’re good in bed now I’m gonna go do
that Jetta Bader flying chair thing so let’s try this out I hate to admit it but he’s doing better
wait a minute action right now is going on the
jetovator it looks like a flying chair it’s great how’d you was awesome we’re here I feel like I’m in a giant talk joke oh so bad you so cool close the top and
I’m starting like going under a little bit and then we jump way I was so cool
man that was awesome that was that was like as good as flying
dollars awesome so cool thanks to workout for the rider I’m here so guys I am a that Seabreacher this
one’s designed like an orca the waters here out there thank you so much for this amazing
opportunity and you did school awesome it’s so great hey guys thanks for
joining us on this awesome cancun adventure we got to try all kinds of new
stuff that I’ve been wanting to try for a long time and I don’t know about you
guys did you want to try or did you even know about some of the stuff you did
today like a real life jetpack that’s insane
so the jetpack was awesome I’ve been wanting to do that for a few years in
the Seabreacher ever since I saw those on YouTube I’m like I’ve gotta try that
I actually wanted to buy one but I think Wow, good enough for now and then
that flying chair I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one of those before but that
was more fun than I thought it was gonna be so I enjoyed it immensely the only
thing I haven’t tried yet that they have out here is the it’s like a snowboard kind of thing so it’s like that jet snowboard kind of thing that
goes up in the air like the other things they said it’s the hardest one but I’m
going to get around that next time unfortunately
the Sun has set on today’s adventure but join us for the next one because the fun
ain’t over yet guys, get ready for more

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