JETPACK Location & Mutations To Use With It In Fallout 76
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JETPACK Location & Mutations To Use With It In Fallout 76

August 15, 2019

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  1. It seems a lot of YouTubers are confused by the Speed Demon mutation, it doesn't make you reload faster. The "+" sign that is in the description for +Reload Speed means it's adding time to the reload animation. So that's the negative effect, increased speed but slower reloading which makes this a mutation that's meant for Melee builds.



  3. At what locations do you get a lot of pure violet flux because me and my friends tried a lot of time nuking diferent areas but nothing.

  4. Unfortunately my game glitched and took my JETPACK mod and now am thinking the mod won’t ever appear again since the game must thing I already have it

  5. Bets place to farm mutations is Blackwater Mine. There’s both a huge radiation pit and a decontamination arch on-site. Less running around you’d have to do 🙂

  6. So you can't get PLANS for the Jetpack, you have to get a mod item? Could you just build 100 torsos and scrap them for the mods?

  7. Lol in a four man group with marsupial, bird bones and strange in numbers and a jet pack. Launch a nuke on fissure prime, the game lags and lets you literally fly to the sky box or to be on the same level as a scorched beast with a melee weapon. Its hilarious.


  9. not only is server hopping messed up but all the stupid people farming cap stashes and all the stupid people farming exp glitched missons have ruined a lot for everybody cause Bethesda has messed up the timing and server hopping and reset times for cap stahes, missons, vendors caps and items respwaning i can't make any money now plus no point selling anything cause no caps on vnedors now this really sucks hardcore whats to point in playing the game anymore gonna run out of ammo and stimpaks very soon not evryone has or wants melee build

  10. It’s dying while receiving the mutation that causes it to bug. Fastest way to farm mutations is at the pylon with a base nearby and having a rad shower. Not easily attainable but def fastest way. Don’t let the radiation kill you though..

  11. I found another bug when using the pylon. Where I got healing factor and I had the -chems but no regen. Apparently it happens when you get a mutation after dieing

  12. this is a little odd thing i find. if you jump off where you pushed the button you will fall to your knees, but a few seconds letter you will get back up on your own. not sure if its a bug or not but its a cool little thing

  13. no mention of gun runnner? if your looking for even more speed just switch to a side arm (pistol) i understand it requires you to keep a certaain weapon out but if your just wanting to move around then it's great

  14. I’ve found that having really high Luck, (boosted to 30+ using armor, chems, and perk cards), greatly increases the number and quality of rare items found at vendors (including legendary stuff).

  15. Lol I'm on my 100th try, actually kept track. So this thing has less then a 1% chance to spawn. Not giving up though. 👍

  16. Plans for non-x01 armor can be bought in Watoga. Still lots of server hopping. Right now I only have the plans for the T-51.

  17. Wish I could cure empath and herd mentality without losing everything else…btw a lot of other great perks too like one to make fusion cores burn slower and I think it was the eagle eyes mutation to increase agility by like 4 great with class freak too and strange in numbers

  18. I’m new at this game, so I apologize if I’m off here, but don’t you need the starched genes perk to keep the mutation after you take the rad rinse at the bunker?

  19. lol whats with the flapping detail when using a jet pack. This game so fucking cheaply done and built around older platforms.

  20. If I already have a mutation but low on Hp due to rad does the golden shower at enclave or pylon V 13 by getting shocked u refer to get rid of rad but not mutation? If all that makes sense

  21. 92 times I server hopped . Along the way I picked up all the mods including the jetpack . Took me 4 hours but I did it …

  22. I'm sure somebody else has pointed this out but if you go down to the dining area in The enclave bunker they have toxic water which every set gives you like 30 RADS bottle that sip in droves and drink it way faster easily controllable.

  23. I tried too sever hop, and found out that I have to wait 24 hrs. ( real time ) in order go for another mutation.

  24. Now I have been server hopping to get that X01 jetpack for over 4 hours straight now I did it about like 100+ times and then my friend did it too and he got it by just doing it 5 times….. I gues that's fallout 76 works :/

  25. I got mine from a vendor, could not make it as I needed the violet and co-bolt flux,, nuck material…. how do you farm flux … Included all steps, .. its easy want a jetpac, buy it.. thumbs down on this one..

  26. Can someone please explain so lets say i want marsupial, eagle eye, speed demon etc… but i get eagle eye first then a mutation i dont like how do i get rid of one without taking away eagle eye?

  27. No joke found a player vent or selling t 45 jet pack for 750 along with all 3 mutations for 800. What a bargain considering the character I was on was on is level 64

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