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Jetpack Notifications

August 25, 2019

With notifications activated you can view
and manage comments from the admin toolbar. Activating notifications adds a bubble icon
to the admin toolbar. Clicking this icon activates a drop-down with the latest comments. This
lists the commenter, the first part of the comment and how long it’s been since the comment.
The small arrow indicates comments to which you’ve replied. You can click on any of the comments to view
the entire comment and to manage the comment. From here you can reply, trash it, mark it
as spam, or unapprove the comment. You also have access to all comments by clicking
the View Archive link in the drop-down. This activates a page pulled for the WordPress
cloud listing all your comments and it gives you additional options to manage comments
like listing all your Follows or listing all the likes you received. In addition, when this feature is activated,
any of your site users can manage their comments with notifications. In order to take advantage
of it they will need to connect to the WordPress cloud by clicking the JetPack admin link and
clicking the Link Account with button and either creating a new
account or logging into their existing account. Users will not be able to activate or deactivate
this feature since there is no activate or deactivate button for a user. Only someone
with administrative privileges can make this change. Notifications makes it a little easier for
you and your users to keep up with and manage comments.

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