JetPack Pilot School – Classes begin 2018
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JetPack Pilot School – Classes begin 2018

August 8, 2019

as the company’s first ever jetpack
pilot one of the questions I’m asked most often is what does really feel
like to fly a jet back and I can tell you it is amazing. hey everyone
David Mayman, test pilot and co-founder of jetpack aviation. I still remember
very very clearly the first ever public jetpack flight that I made. it was in New
York, it was an incredibly clear blue sky autumn morning, it was early in the
morning and I stood on the back of a large harbor barge and the Statue of
Liberty was was there and we had a whole bunch of people, we had a probably a
couple of hundred guests, and my heart was pounding and I stood on the back
ready to go. I fired up our our customized turbine engines open up the throttle and
then I just literally left the deck it’s kind of like floating but
there’s an enormous amount of power as well and it sounds just like a giant
jet fighter it’s like punch that power I just flew off
the deck and I picked up an enormous amount of speed very very quickly
and I was just sailing along. it was just me, the air the Hudson River the
Statue of Liberty I could look out I could see the Staten Island Ferry I
could see all the guys on our boat. it was complete freedom so flying a
jet pack is unlike flying any other type of aircraft I mean it is an adventurer
and a thrill that cannot be compared to anything and I’m very very happy to
announce that we’re actually opening the world’s first jet pack training school
and we’ll be doing that before the end of this year. this is an opportunity for
somebody to actually learn to fly the world’s only jetpack. this is
something portable that you can put on your back and it is literally like
flying a jet fighter. it’s gonna be fairly costly, we’re gonna need five days
of your dedicated focused time, it’s not necessarily going to be easy and it
won’t be for everybody for the right people that have the right
stuff this is going to be an incredible adventure. so if you’re interested at all
I encourage you to get in touch with us. the instructions are below. send a
message to us if you’d like to be involved. I look forward to seeing you

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  1. How many untethered minutes/hours/flights will somebody make in this class? I have a friend who flew F16's, F5's, T38's for the US Air Force who might be your next student.

  2. Considering that you have a working prototype, I was looking forward to many more flying videos of the jet pack..! Will this ever be mass produced?

  3. how much are classes? $$$ ive been looking for something like this. also have yall considered combining the Pack with an exoskeletal support frame? I imagine the landings can be forceful?

  4. its not the worlds only jet pack, please….chemical jet packs have been around for decades but only recently have we had turbine jetpacks and richard brownings is a total different design than this one but hardly not "the worlds only" jetpack..

  5. You better start thinking about more than one school. You need to certify people who can open schools to train the consumers who buy them. Make it an activity people can rent if they don't want buy one.

    Make sure gas stations carry the fuel and we have a way to refuel while out.

    Make sure people have an option to "park" or lock them up when they go out and about.

    Try to have a storage compartment on there, and a horn, and maybe an emergency beacon.

    If I think of other things I will post them here.

  6. Brilliant this is what we want to see from American innovating minds n skills not war machines God bless you all n keep the good work going

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