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August 18, 2019

Publicize connects to social network sites
like Facebook and Twitter and shares new posts from your site. This feature does not publish
older posts, post drafts or pages from your site. When Publicize is activated it adds a Sharing
link to the Settings Admin Menu. The settings on this screen need to be configured for this
feature to be functional. Click on the Publicize Configure link on the
JetPack screen or click on the sharing link under the Settings admin menu. This activates the Sharing Settings screen. To connect to any of the sites you’ll need
to approve the connection. Clicking on any of the Add New Connections links will direct
you to that social network site where you can enter information to start the connection
process. The process is a little different for each site. Clicking on the Facebook link takes you to
the Facebook login screen or if you are already logged into Facebook then a pop-up will activate
asking you to Okay the connection. Clicking the Okay button will activate a series
of pop-ups asking you to give permission for various functions. You can skip the question
or click the Okay button to accept. When complete you can then Make this connection
available to users of the site, this includes Administrators, editors and authors. Publicize
will not be available to contributors or subscribers since they do not have permissions to publish
a post. Click the OK button to complete the connection. Follow this process for any connection you
want to make. Click the Twitter link and authorize app,
make available to others or not and click the OK button Click linkedin to Allow Access, make available
to others or not and click the OK button. Click tumblr to Allow, select the page to
publicize to, in this case there’s only the About me page, make available to others or
not, and click the OK button. Click Path to Allow, make available to others
or not, and click the OK button. Making connections available to other users
will not allow them to make changes to any of the settings on any of the social networks,
unless you give them that username and password, of course If you want to stop publishing on any of the
sites, click the “X” next to the user profile and confirm the disconnect. You can
reconnect again by clicking the connection link again. To completely remove a connection you may
need to go to the individual social networking site and remove the application. Clicking on any of the user profile names
will direct you to that social network site. This feature also adds a Publicize section
to the Publish module when adding a new post or editing an existing post. It has links
to edit the setting for each individual post. You can choose to publish each individual
post to all the connected social networks or you can choose to select only those where
you want the post to publish. You can also add a custom message to each post. The settings link activates the Sharing Settings
page to manage the social network settings. Publicize makes it easy for you and your users
to publish to other social network sites.

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