JETPACK SKYBASE in Fortnite Battle Royale
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JETPACK SKYBASE in Fortnite Battle Royale

August 14, 2019

so apparently this jetpack they just updated their game and apparently this jetpack is harder to find Than the famas from last episode you remember how difficult that was it took me forever To find a famas so what we’re gonna do let’s go ahead let’s hop into some solo matches let’s see if we could find this dang the jetpack good lord and also dudes again while we’re loading into this game listen i know my hair looks weird but ignore that hit the like button instead my begging gets weirder and weirder doesn’t it but ya dudes if you enjoy this video show me some love hit the like button down below and Yeah let’s get to what fifteen sixteen thousand likes also one more thing russell you know what to do here hit dad little whale let’s do this yeah first game of the day we’re looking for this jet pack we’re going tilt the towers let’s do this i Do not expect this game to last more than 5 seconds but we’re going tilton oh good gosh i hate tilted so much i read It it’s fun if you want to get good at the game but let’s do this we will find this i guess i usually like landing on the l Towers in the back left you see how it looks like two l’s those two buildings but then there’s trump tower right here okay wait is that a shotgun okay let me get the shotgun in that jump pad whoo shotgun somebody’s in here break down before they get that chest that chest is gonna have food jetpack okay somebody’s in here three three eighty-one damage come on sir sir you have no health give me your jet pack zero wait up no i okay okay that guy a kind means nothing that guy is nothing He has no guns i don’t need to be fighting, him i need to find a jet pack okay second chest and tilted Okay we’re good work over it’s only two only two you need to calm down need to calm down oh, i hear another chest wait i thought that was the guy i thought that was the guy that i said earlier cuz the same skin why your chest okay that chest is gonna have a jetpack it’s guaranteed my algorithm is algorithm in chest number three i saw a legendary and it wasn’t it okay let’s keep looking can you guys please stop fighting out there hey hey stop it stop it Okay somebody else is down there oh? No, i’m gonna go out there i’m gonna See if i can take her out she’s definitely got a jetpack she just hasn’t equipped it yet well your jetpack miss No, dang sergeyeva jetpack sir do you have a jetpack? Sir i need to know if you have a jetpack i’ll miss do you have a jetpack? eight damage i love it i love it Ah! Okay, okay did you have a jetpack bunny bunny rabbit did you have a jetpack please have a jetpack please i think don’t be here? All day like i was last time leave it sit back It as far though it’s pretty neat okay russell what i want you to do as Soon as, my omega skin does this action here put an allowed girl scream very excited ready we’ve got four chests down in tilted towers let’s go okay we tried tilted pleasant part try a close-up fart okay just down here chest number one in pleasant park Jess in the doghouse there’s always a jetpack in the doghouse jake, hey lowell was the guy right there i’m gonna stab you in the head ready ready for this this guy wait did this guy die british boy didn’t know the answer is he didn’t okay, okay he’s down he’s down hold on hold on okay i’m just like this guy now yeah reload reload Okay, okay you got to go you got to go hey where did you go okay got hurt got her okay there was one far over there i need a good i need a good her shotgun Okay, so what he’s just going there he’s he’s gonna fall he’s gonna fall i’m gonna it’s gonna be like shooting fish in a barrel okay, okay any jet packs any jet packs how many chests the day check So it’s guaranteed anywhere you drop if you kill a person that equals four chests so i’ve checked four eight twelve fourteen chests with it do i hear another chest okay this is my 15th chest and pleasant part um what do i get rid of yeah happy let’s get rid of i don’t know i Think i just got sniped at but i don’t know from where oh there you are hello Hello sir sir do you do you want to lose a head this could be fun that was fun for you well done okay put a wall down right before you think he’s gonna shoot Okay just shot now it’s my time my time okay sir did you have a jet pack or Ammo i need i need one of both or maybe both i don’t know how generous are you do you have? The answer is no Why are you guys, so angry calm down okay okay where did he go hello sir Hello sir no, sir hello i said hello say hello back through person Okay okay well you want to shoot me that’s not very nice now is it listen listen you stole my kill you little turd Okay did he have a jetpack no it didn’t look like it but i want to think he did So i can feel happy about my life okay where was that guy at where was that guy that stole my kill was right there he’s building up right now Okay, okay got him got him oh There’s a lot of action going on right now and no jet packs any checks out here no jet packs No, okay okay nothing let’s hide all that loot So nobody else can get it it’s my loot it was the guy right there i think he was sniping at me do you want to lose a head sir oh i want to lose a head apparently okay okay hold on shot, him in the foot will shot, him in the foot hold on hold on Okay miss you don’t have a jet pack you don’t have a jet pack but maybe you’ll find one before i kill you maybe oh? i want a leader okay hold on hold on i got this i mean i’m just gonna chase her i’m gonna chase her it’s a wonder woman wannabe okay somebody jump down from there she’s right here well i’ll get dodge okay hold on i got grenades i Have grenades miss not afraid to use them should i just push her oh nice walls that’s gonna hit her though right there a little bit higher a little bit higher it’ll arc down and hit her okay i got a push i got a push i got a push i don’t know what to do with my life what do i Do with my life gonna jump, huh baker i’m trying, to do a snipe vatel i’m trying, to get better at sniped usually use the scope they are okay jump shoot and then watch this that’s gonna hit her right there in the head right there let’s get a hitter in the head guaranteed hit in the head All right fine you want to fight let’s fight why did you give me the high ground for miss what did you oh, no i’m stuck not this again oh my wife i know what you’re doing Okay fine let’s do this lady somebody else here okay, okay she’s down oh There’s somebody over oh please don’t shoot me all my gosh you little cheater hey listen miss i’m not very nice give it back please Tell me you have a jet pack? give it you’re packed Achieve a jet pack anybody have a jet pack i need a jet pack somebody give me a jet pack nobody has a jet pack alright so we dropped tilted towers and pleasant park i guess next is retail rope the three most popular spots on the map we will find this jet pack i mean we could go dusty divot but did dusty divot in 2018 wall yeah i think our chest is in here people are fighting okay the retail chest one okay this is fine this is fine this is fine i’m fine with this there’s chest up here okay hold on there’s gonna be one in here retail chest number two oh somebody in that firehouse over there sir Sir i couldn’t tell if you had a jet pack or not do you have a jet pack do you have a jet pack do you have a The answer is no chest number so that four five six seven so you guys remember the rule if you kill somebody inside of an area that equals four chest so i killed that guy that’s four chest just go with it please accept it chest number eight and reach out row just, number nine just number nine in the back of the pickup truck i Don’t know i don’t know what to do with my hands i don’t know what to do with my hands all right double digit chest and retail row number ten i hate that shotgun – i do not like the heavy pump assuming please don’t just don’t sue me but sue me chest number eleven Why are you why do you exist dang it there’s a chest on top of the water tower this is algorithmic this is it right here you were stupid chest 13 and retail rule please Sorry i make weird noise just when i get angry so i have a theory as to why this jetpack is impossible to find like that like the philosopher how hard that was to find The reason why the jetpack is harder one it’s only legendary and two if somebody uses it too much it breaks so nobody else can find it this could be a long day russell let’s strap in Okay, so i have a theory the jetpack says it’s a jet is like a rocket which means it’s over here by the rocket let’s do this alright rocket do you have a jetpack let’s just fault let’s just fall straight down fall straight down listen for i ever actually never alluded here Don’t even know what to do oh here chest ok? Ok ok chest number one and rocket ok, so far my theory is not correct but that was only one chest let’s keep looking here another chest down here chest in the chest number two in rocket please So i think my theory is wrong there is no jetpack at the rocket but there might be down there in the rich people’s houses they probably have a jetpack give me their jetpack Here’s your shit back oh wait, no way yes i’m talking It the rich people have a jetpack if you want to find a jetpack go snobby shores it is always here please don’t please don’t quote me please don’t quote me for that Russell do like a fine text so what is this jetpack actually do i read a few you can like hold on i’m trying to use it like you can fly alright i’m jumping why isn’t it working guys just hold jump i thought it would be like the crystals in dusty divot i just, figured it out you, double jump watch this you jump once and then you press it again and watch the jetpack But if you look in the bottom right it has a green bar once that goes down then i believe it breaks oh this is sick okay i’m gonna hang on to this oh this is good this is good and you guys know how we do on this channel After this game i’m gonna i’m gonna go into slow motion i’m gonna go into the replay system and watch this, ah this rock or the the jetpack in slow motion i wanna see what this thing sounds like actually you know what i have an idea We have a jetpack right which means i don’t know if we can take fall damage skye paste the new meta hold on let me get a bunch of oil let me get a bunch of materials while we’re here we ate a bunch of stone a bunch of wood dude this might work Okay let’s test this right now i got to run that way and i don’t want to waste all the materia so if i jump off okay okay okay this is gonna be sick now what does real quick i want to test this once there’s a jump rock do with this nothing special okay negate that ignore that russell russell get that out you, can if you want no don’t please don’t please We’re at at that i don’t care what you do russell well so you’re you’re an old you’re an independent woman you don’t need no man There’s somebody over there what if i hit the shot, i’m going, to sleep if i hit this shot, i’m going, to sleep blood I’m going, to sleep goodnight So now i’m gonna have to start building up let me get a little bit more materials i want as much material as i can grab before i start building up i wouldn’t fill the sky vase and i cannot take all damage what did you got over there hold on to thank this guy out real quick i Tried to do the wanted curve bullets effect is he trying to build a sky base – sir you don’t have a jetpack i do It’s not a good idea for you okay so i’m gonna have to build in that direction See if she’s over there because she’s not over there anymore He’s, over there okay if i hit the shot go to sleep good night gonna sleep again i definitely have the high ground over everyone okay new zone oh perfect okay i’m in the zone right here there’s a guy right there there’s a guy right there okay i don’t want to tell him i’m here yet i don’t want to snipe at him yet i don’t want to staff out of me i don’t want him to shoot my thing down just yet If i hit the shot, i’m going to sleep hold on if he stops he dies if he stops he dies well please don’t please don’t shoot down my thingy this is my thingy i want to stay up here let it stay up here okay okay let’s retreat let’s play this smart there’s four people left all they have to kill and that’s fine whatever oh this guy there – oh i thought i hit him Okay guy there guy there no, i just need to find the last one wait what are you doing miss don’t shoot up my building please don’t shoot out my floors please stop it stop i will rebuild it oh well i won’t repair it all oh no he’s shooting rockets that be okay three players left Are you really gonna shoot down my base dude so there’s one who right there right there right there right there are they fighting each other they’re fighting each other i Have the high ground look at this oh somebody’s floating somebody it’s 1v1 oh my gosh this is so beautiful How do we reinforce all of this i still have materials this is fine one of them’s right down there Who build sky bases oh just like that me i did not like that where is he all right down there hello miss i would not have taken fun there that’s all right well we got to kill we got the lid dang it i shouldn’t have snapped i should have memed her a little bit but dudes but now i’m gonna end this here if you guys have enjoyed drop the video i like let’s get the 15,000 likes also hit the subscribe button if you’re new to this channel i upload daily videos and also hit that little bell let’s go to actually oh let’s go check out the jetpack yeah this is where i snapped her maybe Yeah, that’s where i snapped her okay then i jump off that i used to jetpack i want to listen to it at a tenth Of, the speed okay so we jump off, i’m just me men right now hold on okay temp of speed i want to see what this sounds like oh that is sick i had a sprint it sounds like a furnace i was like it just i don’t know good good job good good job omega you you are a you are a beautiful human being i I like you russell cut in cut in the scene where he dances and screams

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