Jetpacks for sale – finally!
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Jetpacks for sale – finally!

August 11, 2019

If you’ve got a spare 100,000 pounds lying
around- here’s the perfect way to spend it. Yes, you could get your hands on the world’s
first commercial jetpack. Thirty years of research have finally been
realised – and the Martin Jetpack flies at more than
1000 metres above the ground – at up to 74 miles per hour. The newest version runs on a petrol engine
that drives two ducted fans and can carry about 265 kilograms. “We have safety built into the actual structure
itself. Very similar to a Formula One racing car, and finally what we actually have is a new
ballistic parachute that is the basis of recognising the way that
we can be as safe as we possibly can. It opens at very low altitude and actually
saves both the aircraft and the pilot in an emergency.” And while it could make the ultimate party
trick, it’s acutally aimed at emergency and relief operators trying to
reach remote areas. The vertical take-off and landings mean it’s a practical alternative to planes. The chairman of the Chinese aerospace group has provided 40 million
dollars of funding – and says he’s keen to take
it for a spin. “For sure, I would fly it by myself and I
will even buy one for myself. It’s one of the finest machines I’ve ever
seen in the world and people will love it.” While it’s not currently available – the first
jetpacks are planned for late 2016 – and it’s likely sales will soar.

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  1. It has just got to appear in an action movie, definitely worthy of a being a James Bond gadget, fitted with more armaments than you can shake a stick at naturally.

  2. it would be great if you lived on a 50+ acre ranch –
    or….. if a cop was trying to pull you over…see ya!…lol

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