JETPACKS In Fortnite: Battle Royale
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JETPACKS In Fortnite: Battle Royale

August 15, 2019

What’s happening, everybody. My name is Sxvxn and welcome to a brand new Fortnite video. now in today’s video myself
and Storm are gonna be jumping into duos we’re gonna be doing a really cool
game I won’t spoil it for you but the reason being which took us so long took
is about four hours to get the game that we wanted to place in the background
simply because we wanted a an actual zone associated to the topic we’re
talking about now in today’s video we’re talking about the jetpack as you can
tell by the title and then the thumbnail and this is why we want a dusty divot
because if the hop rocks now that does feature in the gameplay so do stick to
the end it is greatly appreciated if you do that of course leave me a comment as
well whether you call them hop rocks moon rocks space rocks what do you call
them those crazy rocks that make you fly like Superman everyone has different
terms for them find out in the comments below and leave a like on the video if
you enjoy it now in today’s video we’re gonna be talking about the data mined
files that have been looked at now it’s been discovered by Fortnite Battle Royal
leaks like in week 5 there is a featured new challenge which says use a jetpack
in return for five battle stars now this basically means either in week 5 the
jetpack will definitely be in the game or it’s going to come out this coming
week and that means that it will actually get to play with it a little
bit and then impacts future weeks now because we have seen the leaks for the
next week set of challenges so it probably isn’t gonna be these next set
ones but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bring in the LTM which is now being
discussed and discovered as well on the game files there’s an upcoming LTM
labeled shotguns in the game files and it also contains additional information
in regards to close encounters in the limited time game-mode and describes close
quarters combat with shotguns and jet packs if you find a jet pack DoubleTap
the jump burn to take off keep the button held down to apply thrust and
make sure that you land before you run out of fuel now this is all being data
mined and it is in the game files so this is definitely gonna be a limit
saying game mode that is most likely going to be close quarters with the use
of like shotguns for example and jet packs so everyone’s gonna be flying and
using these jet packs which is very very similar to what I was talking about
where myself and my friend mustard a little while ago
spoke about making like a superhero crazy game mode this is probably the
elaboration on that which is the use of the jet packs bringing them into the
gameplay see how they use because the reason they were taken out
originally was simply because of the fact that when they’d like to test run it and
they didn’t put it in the game but they done it off offline and it wasn’t in the
actual mutiplayer they discovered there was a lot of issues with them so they
they actually have now been fixed and there is a chance of an LTM landing
either next week or the week after I reckon it’s probably coming sooner than
we actually think so in either the start of week 4 which is coming soon or at the
start of week 5 the jet pack will actually be in the game absolutely crazy
and we haven’t spoke anything about the jet pack in weeks and weeks and weeks so
if you guys want to stick around watch the gameplay that would be awesome let
me know your thoughts and feelings about jet packs do you like the idea of this
limited time game-mode with shotguns and close quarter combat with the use of the
jet pack it sounds like it’s gonna be pretty manic and I really don’t know how
this is gonna function in the game but I’m excited to trial it out I love all
the things that epic add in and they seem to make everything reasonably
balanced so I’m gonna enjoy it most like what loot do they have to have a blue
pump to grab that take that bad boy
there’s a green AR if you want it why were they sitting in there that was
a random place to be sat no out
Storm: Thank you, I don’t know completely out of meds now this is gonna
be a issue now were going to get more meds
Storm: Where’s the supply drop by the way? How are you seeing double that’s
crazy Storm: It’s the clouds
Sxvxn: Where?, We are going to need some health like it’s going to be a problem Storm: Hope we find some like- An abandoned house to the right well yeah we could go this way yeah Storm: I hate going up this mountain of stuck everytime
Sxvxn: Oh I failed that one my bad I used impulses Storm: Oh lucky you
Sxvxn: I know
Storm: I am coming back
Sxvxn: Here’s a chest okay let’s see what we have bandages and a bolt
Storm: Yes!, perfect!
Sxvxn: Oh grab that, that was a good chest man I see people
Storm: In which- In which direction
Sxvxn: Clipped one, there by the factory but you see that piece of wood on the
pier right there
Storm: Oh yeah!
Sxvxn: Okay, okay, okay
Storm: Let’s just push them should be all get the pics even even
though we’re a disadvantage in the water we should be able to get them realistically
Storm: How much resources you got by the way not a lot okay he just got a nice snipe I don’t know how that snipe clip him yeah there’s two, oh there’s a pair pushing them oh no way
Storm: I tagged him
Sxvxn: Push, this is dangerous
Storm: I thought there was another person there Come on we got this, we got this , ah i feel I feel
Storm: There’s a med kit over there as well, and they got a Port-A-Fort. Great. Just what I wanted Going to put a mini on one sec
Storm: Going to throw a boogie bomb over Why isn’t it editing, get me out Storm: I killed the other one but I just got
shot from the mountain
Sxvxn: yeah, there’s a sniper up there I think, med kits galore here my dude
Storm: I am right here, at the bottom
Sxvxn: Oh your down? oh
Storm: Yeah I am down Storm: I got sniped
Sxvxn: The mountain guy is pushing I can see him, he’s pushing to us right now he’s going to the left side of us he’s like pushing towards the factory, oh no
Storm: No no no! Storm: Yes thats one Sxvxn: I got him, oh you got him, nice well played
Storm: I am going to take this med kit, I think there’s a chug-jug at the back Sxvxn: Oh is there actually, nice
Storm: Yeah, back here at the pier
Sxvxn: Here?
Storm: Where you revived me I got med kit’s if you want a med kit like
Storm: I am going to use a med kit myself right now Storm: We have to go back to dusty just to let you know
Sxvxn: We kind of need a launch pad in this situation right now that would be
really helpful what’s sorry? Storm: Have you got a launchpad? cause i haven’t
Sxvxn: Wait, I don’t think I do no I don’t just have a campfire and 2 med kits, 2 med kits will be helpful let’s take the grenade launcher as
well, oh you got it
Storm: I got it on me here dropped it
Sxvxn: Got bandages, how many bandages you got?
Storm: I got 12 okay well I’ll drop them and then you can
take the extras have you got any spare rockets?
Storm: Here’s the rockets, there you go we need to start running
Sxvxn: Took a shot at them thanks see them across the way, clip them
Storm: Did I just- was that you? I was gonna say
Sxvxn: Yeah that was me we are going to have to the island
Storm: I am just editing up
Sxvxn: You just destroyed it, you just edited up to destroy it
Storm: I didn’t mean to do that, my bad I am gonna edit like when you edit floor it destroys it
Storm: I thought I only edited one side but it hut the two alright at least someone built us a little bridge on this side so we are a little bit set Did you get two med kits did you say?
Sxvxn: Yeah I do
Storm: That’s cool I might just take these spare set of bandages Sxvxn: Take anything you can med wise I mean we’re
not too far we are getting sniped at damn, abandon building is it or- Storm: Yeah the abandon building
Sxvxn: No no, dude dude your running towards the Port-A-Fort
Shane: Yeah that’s mine I threw it
Sxvxn: Oh You scared the life out of me with that, dude I thought why are you running towards a Port-A-Fort what’s going on here Storm: Imagine if people was in here I’d be screwed
Sxvxn: Well there are close dude they are on top of this hill here I nearly clipped him
I’ll fire grenades Storm: I think they got it as well, yeah they got it as well, come on I am almost there
Sxvxn: Keep moving Storm: They still in here Sxvxn: Just keep upsetting them as much as I can
Storm: They run out now
Sxvxn: Are they going to be pushing us or what are they doing
Storm: I don’t know what they are doing I think they are healing Sxvxn: Yeah I them I’m just gonna put med kits I’m on 29 HP yeah Storm: Yeah she’s down here in the slip down there Storm: Nice well played, I am going to loot the other body, scar here if you want it
Sxvxn: Could do yeah I don’t mind I’m gonna put this 50 on, is there any mini’s anywhere? Storm: yeah I’ve got 10 mini’s on me
Sxvxn: I am glad you said yes really quickly there cause I was popping a 50 okay where’s the mini
Storm: I’ll drop them there’s 4, I’ll get you the scar as well
Sxvxn: Thank you, is there a bolt grab that bolt Sxvxn: Take the bolt take the bolt Sxvxn: I am going to drop the-I’m going to take the 50 you need a medkit here take that as well
Storm: Thank you dude Sxvxn: Pretty much sorted, there’s a med kit up there as well you know what actually depending on how many bandages there are oh there’s only one Storm: Let’s have a look
Sxvxn: I got max wood as well Storm: built a metal base I can see nice shot! I am going to finish him off I missed him apparently Sxvxn: Pushing for the other
Storm: Did that really just take damage wow, yeah he’s on the left side
Sxvxn: Did you finish him off
Storm: No There’s his team Sxvxn: RPG! RPG!
Storm: Incoming! Sxvxn: I think you just shot my ramp
Storm: Yeah just by mistake Storm: He’s here with me, he’s a good builder as well Sxvxn: Golden Scar, dude my AR shot is actually better than my shotgun shot generally can’t shoot shotgun shots
today Sxvxn they have to be hiding somewhere then
Storm: They must be inside that base in dusty wanna blow it up? they could be hiding it that’s the only
place the only place they can be hiding right in there
Storm: They won’t be in tree’s now That’s gonna go inside the building
yeah they are that building there in there just put a AR rounds towards the
building we are just putting RPG rounds are they both siting there? Storm: yeah they are both in there ones pushing
Sxvxn: Bless them I am legit finishing them with an RPG
I am going to keep panning RPG’s them Sxvxn: Easy bait like
Storm: I got 9 traps if you want
Sxvxn: Nah I’ll just RPG them it’s fine Easy peasy lemon squeezy he’s going to run out eventually oh I just shot myself Sxvxn: I just clipped him with the sniper I just killed him
Storm: Nice well played

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