Joguinho de Meninas nos Arcades?
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Joguinho de Meninas nos Arcades?

August 11, 2019

This video is an offering of Wondershare Video Converter ultimate. You can converter your videos to several format easily, Download video from youtube and use the media server to watch any video from PC in your smart TV. Link in description! What’s up! I’m Velberan and I am here to do a match on Aikatsu’s game machine over there behind us Last time I made a video talking about Dragon Ball and had some people asking to me to make a video about the the side machine Let’s try to do it then. This Aikatsu is based on anime of Idols very popular here in Japan It’s kind of Japonese version of My Little Poney Why? Because it is an anime to girls but who really watch this is a lot of bearded men It’s the same logic! So, let’s go try the game. There is the machine game so colorful and pink huh… this one. Let’s put the coin then. (Japonese Language) Let’s go see how to play. It’s asking to me the mode of game I want… I guess is that one. There a lot of mode to play… Let’s try this one! I don’t have the card… it’s asking about the password card and I don’t have it Let’s go to do a live audition here. Which level will I choose? I don’t know its like a same thing, let’s choose this one. Above is showing the scenario. Let’s put “futsu” the normal difficulty. “Hai!” Cool! Let’s choose our Idol Below who is? We have “Hola”. This one is “Hola”. “Mohiro”, “Ako”, “Riri”, “Yuzu”, “Yozora”, “Tsubasa” and “Hime”. Let’s choose “Hola”. This one! Cool. Just in when time finished. Cool. What a lucky. There here the down and up panel. This I won to wear (a boot) my girl. Cool, and this is like… we keep playing and winning cards… with our Idol’s clothes to give them super power Since I still don’t have an account and cards yet, so I don’t have clothes to put on her. So, we going like that. Like who is dressed to go to the bakery! Poor girl. Right? That’s it. Go girl! It’s a quite beautiful how the game looks. Let’s see how to play now. Hum.. she isn’t got super power because I don’t have cards with nice clothes to her, but the idea is good. Here is a rhythm game, It give me the arrows and I have to push the buttons on the joystick. Who watches this thing, huh? I know there some people who watch it. She felt with his mouth on the floor, I should have to tried out press something above there. Let’s go. I hope this song does’t give “flag” in this video. Oh! These girls are good at dancing, looks like a crazy “Samba”. Oh, I should have to hold on this one. Ops, chance to do what? Oh, I don’t know what I have to do here. Ah, I had to throw the crystal to her. Yeah. Super powers were activated. Dude, there in my side some boys playing Dragon Ball, they are laughing a lot at my face. But it’s fine. It’s life. Well, I’m doing good at the easy difficulty… I mean in the medium difficulty. Ops, chance about… whatever. Let’s go… that’s it I threw the crystal to her. Yeah, it shone there. I’m not understading anything about the game to be honest. It’s just an easy rhythm. I don’t know how it is in the higher difficulty. But what I saw the people playing here seems like not a big deal even in the higher difficulty. It’s like to you take the things and make up your Idol like you really want. That’s it! Impressing a lot here. What’s happened? What’s happened? She’s not enjoying the results. Oh, I failed on that. I danced with the other three girls and I made less point than the girl in the right. I have lost! So, did I win anything? Did I win anything then? Let’s see if I get something here at the end. Here we go. It’s to choose one clothes I guess. This one that I opened. Ah, yes. It’s show how its fit on her. So bitch. Like a gothic bitch with the bats flying there. This “look” here its how I want. “Ritsui”, it’s ok. This one that I want. Cool, I won a new boot. So in the next time I play this again I’ll have a boots to use. It’s making my card right now. The machine makes it on the time. Its like a photographic card. Right, I’ll want the boots. Oh yeah, its done! So, it’s here. My card from Aikatsu. “Kawaiiii”(It’s means beautiful). So is that. Our card from the match. Now I have a gothic bitch card, dude. Cool! So cool. I realized my children wish. It’s here my gothic bitch Idol. I’m finishing here at home. Really guys, it’s so awkward I recording and commenting Aikatsu there in Arcade. Everyone looking at me. So weird, don’t you think? But I did this because you guys asked me. So, hey, give me a like in this video then, ok? And comment what you guys thought about the game, if you guys liked it (Aikatsu). I’ll be honest and I liked it. I thought its so cool mostly the cards, So cute. It’s so cute, dude. Look! So detailed. So cute, have a lot of little bats. Little bats, dude. So cool! I think I’ll collect this, huh? Honey, can I do it?
-Haha I don’t know if we’ll play more but… that’s it. I hope you guys have liked the video and thumbs up, to comment, give me a feedback… and if you’re new in this channel then subscribe to see the news. I finish here. See you next video. CYA!!!!

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  1. 'Rola.Essa aqui é a Rola…Vamo de Rola"
    E eu achando que tava ouvindo mal kkkkkkkkkk

    Desafio concluído com um prêmio legalzinho

  2. Me lembrei daquele anime peculiar "Love Life", esses olhos brilhantes, enormes e cheios de cores..Bom, existe público para tudo verdade? Japoneses e suas bizarrices.

  3. Vamos de rola kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, se tivesse no Brasil, seria só menina que jogaria certeza, aqui nos shoppings de SP, tem máquina do jogo do trsnformers, tem uma cabine bem bacana.

  4. hahahahahahahaha Acho que pediram pra você gravar só pra pagar mico hahahahaha Mesmo assim gostei do vídeo e do jogo tbm, dá até vontade de jogar hahahahaha

  5. blz velberan. gosto muito dos seus vídeos e já deve ser a decima vez que peço tem como vc fazer um vídeo sobre cardo games no Japão. O que é tendência , como andam o magic e o Yugioh entre outros

  6. O vídeo ficou "cut-cut", rsrs… mas falando sério, o que me irrita na língua japonesa é esse excesso de "né" ou parecido a cada fim de frase, enche o saco véi! Valeu Velb…

  7. Putz, não basta ter se tornado o "Tio do Dragon Ball" pros moleques, agora vai virar o "Tio do Aikatsu" pras menininhas? "TIO DO AIKATSU"?

  8. velberan pq os jogos 2D ou mesmo os antigos iam da esquerda para direita e não da direita para a esquerda?

  9. Não sei se ainda tem aí no Japão, mas seria possível um gameplay do Rockman.EXE Battlechip Stadium??? Existem pouquíssimos vídeos desse game disponíveis no Youtube…

  10. mancada não dar like depois da vergonha que passou sauhasuhsahusa
    Eu teria mo vergonha só de jogar essa parada, imagina ainda gravando uhasuhashuahau

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