Joker VS Sweet Tooth (DC VS Twisted Metal) | DEATH BATTLE!
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Joker VS Sweet Tooth (DC VS Twisted Metal) | DEATH BATTLE!

August 18, 2019

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  1. Cheer you up For me its allways Probaly Gonna Kill you Also Bring a Clown to my Birthday and The knife Gonna by red and not from cherry Cake

  2. sweet tooth I have the most kill counts as a clown

    joker I murdered millions of people, killed the whole justice league, outsmarted a god and is still alive even in death!!

  3. Sweet tooth could have won if he finished joker off with his robot instead of being a complete idiot and getting out of it to confront him

  4. In that scene whee sweet tooth and the joker where in the car. Joker had the chance to kill sweet tooth

  5. You might think that this is a hollow victory for the Joker, with those seemingly crippling if not fatal injuries, but I assure you, he's fully recovered from far, FAR worse.

  6. Remember the original twisted Metal in which Needles looked like the Joker, and had a much more insane personality than his Twisted Metal 2012 self?

  7. My only complaint is that compared to the twisted metal games, ONE pistol shot would definitely not flatten sweet tooth's tire when a 2 ton explosion does nothing to it.

  8. 3:16 Joker Mobile? Pah-lease! I would’ve gone for the Jo-kar, Joke Car, even the Notoriorider. To add a bit of Batman pizazz, I’d also call it the Laugh Mobile.

  9. I dont agree to the joker being able to manipulate blood lust. I think sweet tooth would have just stabbed him. Plain and simple. Sweet tooth would have out gunned him car wise no matter how u look at it and sweet tooth has no reason to "manipulate". Thats like trying to verbally manipulate a feral animal. Also i guess we r also gunna leave out all of TM4 (i think thats the one) where sweettooth was the wish granter instead of calypso? W/e. Stop favoring dc.

  10. I actually remember having toys from the Batman animated series show and I had a joker car. It shot rockets and looked like an old roadster.

  11. when i heard about the flying robot ice cream truck, i was scared i was rooting for the wrong clown. JOKER FOREVER!

  12. طیبفببسდდრრფφφΕΡΣુુુબૂאכככררכאुुुबबっていうかですುುುುುಪಪಹивфចថាㅌㄹㄹㅎㅎفگപരരോൊुुििििबरфыроолоम्ರभ्च्थ्थ्न्ਨਨੁੁੁੂੀੀਿсаФФп飞过后者啊ාාොොොෙටඒඍඔෆඨffௐுுుుుััั〇〇چچتفfEذفিিুপгтါ့ံgtFGHygjහට

  13. SweetTooth has a army of Clowns especially The Bosses like The Carnival of Carnage (Tower Tooth and Dark Tooth and Gold Tooth)

  14. 12:00 oooh so many buttons eeny meeny…..all of them laughs hysterically also 14:06 ok……..*points at sweetbot* thats funny

  15. 1:20 can anyone place which series that laugh is from, I sound really creepy and I really want to watch it.
    also 0:50 that looks good too

  16. Technically, the Joker has no name. It's definitely not Jack. In fact, there happens to be an Adult Film star named, "Jack Napier" Which is what was used in Tim Burton's 1980's classic Batman film. Also in Batman Arkham Asylum game, Joker had an alias named, "Jack White." Even the new Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie has his own name, "Arthur Fleck." So technically we may never know what the Joker's real name.

  17. The Joker isn’t 6’5”. He is 5’10”. Look it up in the internet and Google even says his height…. Great job on the death battle though!

  18. When joker started laughing, for some reason I started to laugh……

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