Jul 1645
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Jul 1645

August 10, 2019

What are you doing? Ehh… I’m just doing a selfie. What.. what the hell are you doing here? I’m here to replace you. Oh.. Yeah.. heh… How is it going with… ..this. Not very well. I’m loosing my sight. I thought I would do it as long as I still can. Yes, well I’m also getting there. Really? You too? One should have glasses right? Not even the Queen Krille can afford that! No… But you.. you! On the other hand she can afford to bring in a big tree in the great hall of the castle! Have you seen it? No I can’t see anything. Anyhow, they decorate it with funny candles and stuff. No.. To what use?! It’s probably a Danish invention! What? No! You… Would you like me to help you with your selfie? Would you do that? Get the fingers… Look! What the hell?! The Danes.. THE DANES!!! I will not let the Danes come here and destroy my country! Do you want them to come here with their H.C. Andersen.. ..their pølse.. ..Legoland.. ..Kierkegaard.. ..Jon Dahl Tomasson.. ..Aragorn. Oh no! I’ve heard that one gets a reward from Queen Krille if one slays a Dane. A type of gift. She’s calling it a Christmas gift. I don’t know what it is but it sounds really superb! Shit! DANISH BASTARDS! Oh.. Look at that! Now you! Yes!! Danish bastards! Yeah! Queen Krille… Brofist. She’ll hear about this..

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