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Julius Styles – The International iPhone Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com

August 30, 2019

One might be forgiven for thinking that upon
starting up Julius Styles, that they’re playing a licensed game for an off-the-radar Wesley
Snipes movie. Well it turns out that this happens to be an adventure game that features
Mr. Snipes voicing the main character in short introductory cut-scenes before each playable
chapter. Julius Styles works for The Assembly, a covert group of elite members who undertake
missions of hacking, blackmail, and assassination in order to guide and change the world economy. The game presents itself isometrically. Styles
is controlled by touching the screen to walk around, and by touching objects to interact
with them. Upon coming across locked doors or computer terminals, little mini-game puzzles
will appear and have to be solved to progress with the storyline. These puzzles are fairly
easy, but are made more cumbersome thanks to inadequate explanation of how the puzzle
works, and some lack of response in the touch controls. Other puzzles require combining
inventory and using said items on objects, something that should be second nature to
anyone who’s ever played an adventure game before. The game also touts a moral choice system
that can influence the outcome of the story. These choices range from how you treat characters
when conversing with them to whether your gun is loaded with tranq darts or real bullets. The game’s look and animation is adequate.
There’s nothing special on offer here but you should never be confused about what can
be interacted with and who’s who. The sound is decent, and Wesley Snipes’ voice-over do
add some personality to the title character. It’s just a shame that there’s only voice-over
during the cut-scenes. Julius Styles is the first episode in a larger
tale. While the story isn’t bad, it’s nothing gamers haven’t seen before. Sadly the less
than stellar control scheme, especially when it comes to most of the puzzles really hurt
what would otherwise be a fine adventure game starring a notable actor.

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  1. That isn't Wesley Snipes doing the voice despite what the press release says.

    He is still in Prison. They got a sound-alike.

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