Juneau Helicopter Tour and Guided Icefield Walk
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Juneau Helicopter Tour and Guided Icefield Walk

October 15, 2019

(Upbeat instrumental) – Today we are getting
up close and personal with a glacier on a guided
ice walk and on our way there, we’re going to see the beauty
of the snowcap mountains that surround Juneau, on a helicopter. (whimsical piano music) Yeah – People are just amazed at the splendor of the mountains here,
as you can see behind me, it’s just amazing and beautiful. Walk around for about 20 minutes, get to see some of the sites. We’ve got a moulin’s, which are holes in the ice that
the water goes through. Many people are tasting the water, glacier fresh water, not
even bottled at the source unless you put it in the bottle. – Bottoms up, yeah baby
that is cold and refreshing. I wish I brought four of these. – It was amazing, we had
the whole family with us, my father in law who’s 82
down to my daughter who’s ten and it was doable for all of them – I feel like I saw glaciers
from every angle today. First by the air and then landing on them and exploring those
beautiful ice formations with our guide, this was an
experience I will never forget. That was amazing. (whimsical piano music)

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