Kajol Speaks Marathi on Casting Couch with Amey & Nipun – Helicopter Eela | #CCWAN3 #bhadipa
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Kajol Speaks Marathi on Casting Couch with Amey & Nipun – Helicopter Eela | #CCWAN3 #bhadipa

November 17, 2019

Hey Adya why are you shooting me? I am done with Casting Couch I am here for my payment. Don’t shoot me. Aren’t we here to get our payments? Yes Then why have you set things up here? When do I ever set things up? I don’t know what is happening. I came here to get my payments I am always insulted more than you on this show I am the director and you make me do item numbers Seriously I don’t want to do this myself Just give me my money We always get insulted by smaller people I don’t want this You think I set things up? Me? You think I would get a white couch? I will merge into it I had the same problem with the black couch I do black comedy and it hides with the black couch I also used to hide The point is that we should leave Transfer the money to us Paula Why are you shooting this? Don’t shoot me Don’t shoot me I said Please Hey Dharmadhikari Is that her? Kaali kaali aankhein tichi tu ru ru Is that mere khabon me jo aaye? She is the one who makes my heart ole ole (wet) I love you k..k..k..kiran? That’s not her. That is Juhi. Juhi? When you say Shahrukh you think of Kajol Don’t behave like a fool in front of her. If her husband loses it then he will beat you up with a naan chaku It’s not naan chaku its nunchuku And he is Ajay Dev-gun What is a nunchuku? With two sticks and a chain in the middle You are talking about lejhim Let it be. How do we care? Hold on. Why? Hey boys. Hey Yes Hi. Sorry sorry Just hold on for 30 minutes 30? We’ll just wrap up the shoot And I’ll come back What is going on? Casting Couch with Abhay and Alok Abhay and Alok? Yeah but they are running late They are always late I miss you guys I miss working with you You are going to do it Casting Couch Shivaay (without) us? No no we can’t talk about Shivaay Only Helicopter Eela We’ll talk about Eela. No problem Call them and tell them that we are doing it Unko chutiya banana (fool them) I have already told them Hello Hi I’ll sit here Here take this Hi Let me introduce myself You might have seen us a lot In Marathi films We are quite popular We have a big fan following I am Kothrud’s Theon Grey joy And he is Aundh’s white walker Do you watch Game of Thrones? No No? No No problem I haven’t seen any of your works as well No? No So you are mostly in Foreign countries If you were living in Maharashtra We are quite famous here Let’s start? It’s all quite casual And I am purposely sitting in the middle Acting as a filter between the two of you You can say what you want. He anyways blabbers So usually On this show Casting Couch We absolutely don’t promote Isn’t this couch too small? It has a great value in society This is the costliest couch at the moment So we absolutely don’t promote films Like YZ or Baapjanma You might not know these films at all Or even Bucketlist Didn’t promote it Nothing at all No? I am inquisitive just curious Why is it called Helicopter Eela? Umm Helicopter So if there is a sequel for this? Then what will it be called? Boeing 787 Sheela? or MIG 21 Leela? Or Rafaele Dheal-a? Hold on hold on hold on First let me address your question about the title You asked her a question right? Let her speak That’s what So Helicopter Eela comes from a social media hashtag Helicopter moms Ya ya ya She is that kind of a mother Who is too involved Keeps a tab on what her children are doing Where they are going She checks her kid’s phones checks pockets Keeps calling and asking where are you What are you upto? Where are you going? Who are you with? Eela is that kind of a mom And she is also a little more than that She is a little exagerrated Everything that she does is basically from love So you forgive her also okay You don’t say that Why is she doing this? It is like what he does with me Only that there is no love in it He is always behind me What film are you working on? Where are you going? A lot of women are behind me as well They keep saying cast me in your film Okay okay So the point is What we are discussing is these mothers who follow their children around out of love who keeps irritating them pissing them off as we say Does your mother do this to you as well? my mother? My mother is not at all like this My mother was very liberal It’s obvious She still is she’s amazing anyway Tell us does this ever happen to you it happens to us many times That mothers don’t understand what we want to say No it never happens to me no? no My mother always knew what I was about to say What I am thinking My mother knew everything She’s God I was gymming recently and dieting I used to tell my mother that I need protein Less carbs And when I came from the gym my mother used to give me phodnichi poli (leftover rotis) and phodinicha bhaat (leftover rice) She never understood that her son is gymming and what he needs. Does this happen with you? No it doesn’t happen to me It’s different for her her mother was also an actress How would she know what is phodnichi poli? Her mother was also Maharashtrian Why not? She is also human But you might not know phodnichi poli? Is phodnichi poli like puran poli? (sweet roti) No it’s the opposite So you don’t know what it is No You might not be coming home at night If rotis are left over It’s what you get the next day leftover rotis, leftover rice, leftover bread I have had leftover rice But I haven’t had leftover rotis I have had puran polis We get it only if we are lucky Or we eat curd and sugar for dessert it’s available during Nagpanchami festival too Does this happen with you? As we are talking about mothers This happens to me a lot now with my wife as well When I come home, its like the buzz of a mosquito over our heads mothers keeping hovering like that When you have oily hair
how the mosquitos come buzzing and the noise they make She is rich. She might not know the concept of mosquitos And her hair is never oily it’s very luscious Don’t talk about her beauty. Ajay dada will beat you up. Sorry Ajay dada (big brother) nunchuku Big brother Ajay will come here I wanted to understand about Ajay dada.. He was asking this Did he come on two horses during your wedding? I wish! Nothing of this sort happened We came very normally in a car And he got out of one car And we went up 7 floors and got married on a terrace we were very very normal And I wanted to say that brother Ajay and Amey Sir have lots of things in common yes? I saw an interview of yours where you said that my husband is tall, dark, handsome and silent you had said this I am just like that Tall, dark, handsome and extremely talented Just one more addition I don’t know about silent Tall – forget it dark yes handsome? talented? okay. We think quite alike That’s all I want to say I wanted to ask you what did you see in brother Ajay? In brother Ajay? brother Ajay I am going to go home and call him Ajay dada (brother) Brother Ajay please come here Ajay dada! So he is quite active on twitter I follow him quite a bit Call him brother Ajay on twitter We got your number from him Did you change your number? We couldn’t get through Anyways we are not going to promote anything Your film is releasing called Helicopter Eela it is a good trailer but I am not going to talk about it not even mention it When is this show releasing? because the film releases on 12th October You nicely slid that in I am just asking It’s just a question We can release it any time you say If you wish we can go Facebook live We are your fans since childhood Childhood? Since Ajay dada’s time Yes since then Let me tell you this your first film was Bekhudi right? yes So what happened is That film didn’t do well But the songs were a big hit The song from DDLJ Mere khwabon me jo aaye you danced using a turkish towel I really liked that We bought that turkish towel in Mumbai That was Mumbai’s towel We went to search for it in Tulsi baug in Pune Turkish towel was expensive And we use napkins for towels as Maharashtrians We tried doing that dance Using a napkin? Yes with a napkin It remained transparent throughout You should have worn that to this show Why don’t you show us that video? A couple of times he danced using a footmat as well But it was prickly Then that was also a hit kali kali aankhein tujhi tu ru ru but everything was wrong in it your eyes as I see them now are not black they are of a nice colour And your cheeks are not white but they are good they are adequate but not fair I feel there is an obsession with colour Now this can be called white Fair and lovely True What cream do you use? Do you feel that people like you and me who are of dusky complexion good looking but dusky Why does the industry always want fair people like him? What do you think is the problem? I feel that in our industry our industry. We are also a part of it Ours Ours. Our people Our land and our people Correct And our people mess up all the time The soil is the same for you and for me Our land and our people She is good. Very friendly Nature is friendly Do you feel today’s generation is more accepting of skin colour? Millenials like us We are more accepting She is also a millenial She would 30-32 years at the most No no. That’s it. I thought you would come down to at least 26 Do you think anything has changed for skin colour There is no obsession now I think according to the camera the colour dusky photographs more It photographs better And it doesn’t need make up Absolutely And what else can I say And all the big superstars all of them it’s never made a difference whether you are dusky skinned or not absolutely I definitely think that there is nothing like that in our film industry. Right I’ll try my luck in Hollywood I have someone for make-up Hollywood also wants dusky now There is nothing for you Tom Cruise is also dusky And they have too many clouds. They don’t want you For your information ma’am I say this very openly today here On live web on an international platform BhaDiPa I am a big supporter of Nepotism I feel that it should be there in our industry And it is your family business I have a list here Our research team has given us So associated with your family Rani, Tanisha, Ayan, you Your cousin Mohnish your husband, your father-in-law your mother, aunt, father, grandmother great grandmother, great great grandmother Ajay’s brother – in-law’s brother your children your cousin’s first wife’s third husband your watchman your milkman everyone is part of the film industry he has a transport industry and
he doesn’t have so many people in it. And he lives in a joint family but how can the milkman be a part of this? yes how is my milkman in this? and watchman? She is open about this How is this possible? Does everyone get a lot of work? so watchman launched his son? how is this possible? My watchman launched his son? We are not so old also that we have had a bungalow for so long But what do you think of this? you have grown up in an atmosphere of nepotism what do you think of all this? what can I say? you have the list a list of all my relatives who are on billboards they are famous people I agree with this right now Exactly like he said. We support it. We were just wondering If you need anyone from this couch Just a general thought okay But you seem open about this I have a production company I give a chance to a lot of new people I love to work with new directors and things like that I think it’s great You , Me aur Hum? So do you have a script for the both of us? I have 4 scripts in my car right now If you like I can get it here I can whatsapp them to you And if you want we can give you
an acting Wagh (tiger) from Marathi As a co-actor you will have to audition. His surname is Wagh Oh? Your surname is Wagh? Okay I am sorry If you are okay with this we can do it I can be Dharma’s adhikari (maker of fate) but it has nothing to do with this but aren’t we doing a show we are doing a show right you are going to ask me some questions and I am going to answer you are right but I feel a lot of times don’t play mother roles in Marathi We can be hero – heroine I take the responsibility of launching you in Marathi Or you can play my younger sister I don’t mind Younger sister’s role Gladly Come let’s go. Right now Basically I want to say you are beautiful and if you want to be launched in Marathi then thanks so much so sweet So how did you take this step? of playing a mother to a teenager? I loved the script I felt its very very funny it’s very cool. It’s very relevant it’s a film of today And Pradeep dada has directed this And his work is really good And he has a good sense of humour And that boy is a national award winner I was sitting right behind him during the awards During the national awards? I got one We just wanted to say Amey Nipun just like this there is another superhit pair who have been part of all superhits That pair is Shahrukh and yourself Okay So in short you might be best friends just like us So All I want to say is Can we get his number? You can’t get his number Why? We will just call him on the couch and do a season finale You can get his manager’s number from somewhere We have prayed to God that we should get his number from you then God will give it to you why do you need me? now in front of us you are the God That’s sweet. No Okay. So it’s all casual If we feel like asking a question while chatting we will do you want to ask them something else? no? it’s over? Just casually we want to ask you if you feel like giving us his number or if you want to give us brother Ajay’s number Brother Ajay! What I am saying is Or you feel like inviting us home for dinner anything of this sort for puran poli? is it possible? or like I said earlier I like nepotism I think its the best – Nepotism So what I am saying is can we do this? for both of our well being that you and brother Ajay adopt me? As a son. Are you mad? I have kids. I don’t need more Didn’t you just say that I should play your younger sister? And now you are making me your mother? Our research team has said that
your daughter is not interested in acting So if you want to continue the lineage And family business should continue Stop forget it. You can’t ask me these questions I refuse to answer them we can do a contract of a 100 films Oh ma’am Please please Don’t leave Paula what is this nonsense? Who are these people anyway? mom, mom please wait Shut Up Mom please wait Mom, mom I will learn stretching Mom please don’t leave Mom please. Why are you shutting the door It is the door to our career You are part of our team, no? She left. Paula what is this? You got it na? Okay all right It was good. Nicely screwed up guys Here you go Cut. Everybody cut. Pack up What happened? Did you get it? Did you again? Did they fool us? Will we atleast get paid for this? This is all that is left of our career I will make a dessert out of this now

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  7. According to me, casting couch episode’s theme is lil bit similar to the show ‘The Office’ from Netflix. I mean not theme per se but the things like talking to camera during scene, trying to be candid, looking at camera and making faces, etc. are similar to The Office. Correct me if I’m wrong. Bydway I love these casting couch episodes. They are hilarious. 😊👌🏻

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