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KATAMARI Amore iPhone Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com

August 21, 2019

Games within the KATAMARI series by Namco
Bandai very rarely need an introduction as the setup is quite usually always the same:
The King of All Cosmos has his eyes set upon collecting various interesting and wonderful
objects from planet Earth and the poor 5cm tall Prince must roll it up in his ‘Katamari’
to satisfy the King’s desire. What makes Amore so exciting is that it’s not the first Katamari
game to hit the App Store, so expectations are high when you consider how much more raw
power is at the developer’s tips for this release. Alas what we get is more or less a rehash
of what has come before. Initially players are given only one mode
in one of the levels to whet their appetite, but the rest of the content (six levels with
four modes each and a bonus PAC-MAN stage) will require an In App Purchase. Two other
packs are teased in this manner. After waiting almost three years for the sequel,
players are treated to a variety of gameplay ‘advances’ such as the addition of single
and twin-stick controls in addition to the already available tilt controls. While the
accelerometer sounds handy for a game involving rolling a ball, in practice it can be much
harder as you struggle to calibrate the controls to a comfortable position. The twin-stick
controls feel much like those used in the console version, while the single-stick remains
the only intuitive control scheme for newer players or those who’d prefer not to use up
the limited screen space with two thumbs. Your task as the Prince is to simply roll
up as many objects as possible to increase the size and mass of the magic Katamari ball
you’re pushing, eventually rolling up the object required to satisfy the King. Alternate
modes provide Time Attack, ‘Exact Size’ and Eternal challenges, allowing you to revisit
each stage with different goals, adding some chance for replay value. Where KATAMARI Amore really hits things out
of the park is in its presentation, providing a slick and charmingly cute rendered-down
version of the already abstract KATAMARI Damacy universe along with all the odd appeal that
comes from its bleeping and blooping soundtrack and sound effects. Fans of the series will
get a kick out of this pint-sized mobile version of the game they love, but it’s hard not to
feel a little short-changed given the circumstances.

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  1. tatatatari… any better names for this title? game looks weird (like what is that thing in the right down corner? and what is that ball rolling made of? and why you have to roll things off and for what reason?) but overall it's funny. lol

  2. Games like this make me wish Apple would release a gaming iPhone with physical buttons (mainly two analog sticks as the touch screen works fairly well for everything else).

  3. @takumeep

    Oh sorry, misread your comment I think. Yes, the PS Vita is a great alternative to ah iPhone. However if a gaming iPhone were released, I'd get it and the Vita.

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