KEEP FAILING AND YOU WILL SUCCEED – Best Motivational Video for Success, Students, and Entrepreneurs
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KEEP FAILING AND YOU WILL SUCCEED – Best Motivational Video for Success, Students, and Entrepreneurs

September 2, 2019

You’re here right now at this moment because
tomorrow you want to be somebody greater than the person you are today. You see yourself succeeding, you have a vision,
you have a dream. Congratulations you’re already ten steps ahead
of ninety-five percent of the world. Imagine if Michael Jordan was scared of missing. He would have never taken a shot. Imagine if Steve Jobs was afraid of people
not liking his product. There would be no iphone. So ask yourself this do you want to be a person
who fears failure or do you want to be a person who loves success? Which one? Because you’re gonna have to pick today and
I’ll tell you one thing one is a failure and one is a success and if you love success there
is nothing that can stop you all those negative things people say will mean nothing. They’re going to talk about how only 1% make
it to the top. Big deal. Want to know something else only 1% stick
with that fitness program long enough to see results only 1% of nerds stick with that video
game long enough to get good at it only 1% of relationships stick it out to the end that
doesn’t mean you have a one-percent chance it just means you can’t behave like the ninety-nine
percent you’ll have to do something better than giving up a month from now those are
just numbers. You want to talk about numbers take a look
around you and take a good look around you. Are you like ninety-nine percent of the people
around you? If you are then you’re in the wrong video
my friend you have to love success just as much because that’s going to allow you to
get up and go for it. Being scared to fail won’t do anything in
fact when you love success and you start going for it guess what happens? You’re gonna fail you’re going to fail ten
times a hundred times maybe even a thousand times but that’s okay. Failure isn’t permanent falling isn’t permanent
you get right back up and keep going and this time you’re going to be stronger, wiser and
you’ll be more driven than ever and for every ten failures you’ll land one success. You have to love success so much that you’re
willing to fail ten times before you can succeed once. That’s how a winner does it. I want to explain the biggest myth that most
people think leads them to success and here’s the myth you might believe if you’re scared
to fail you won’t fail. Lies. Biggest myth ever and I believed it you see
I always thought that being scared to fail in life would literally keep me from failing. I would look at the losers around me and I
would say sheesh I never want to turn out like him. I really believe this train of thought would
help me succeed until one day I was walking down the street and I saw an old man had a
hat, suspenders and a cane was about 80 years old this old man was barely walking he could
walk but the cane helped a lot he was struggling so anyway he was walking across the street
and he ended up falling so I went over to go help him and he gets up says thank you
and we introduced ourselves had a little conversation told me his name and I told him mine, his
name was Robert by the way and right as he walked away I told him this is what I said
Robert you should stay inside where it’s safe my friend and Robert turns around and says
to me I love walking and I love walking way more than I’m afraid of falling so I asked
him well what about your safety don’t you want to live and he told me this these are
the exact words he said he said this Solo, living means doing what you love to do and
if I had to fall here and there to do what I want to do in life then so be it and he
just walked away never saw him again that was it but that statement really had me thinking
and it had me thinking hard because I learned something that day. That’s when I realized the true key to success. You see I always thought if I could just fear
the act of failing and if I fear it like crazy I will succeed because i thought the fear
would magically motivate me to get out there and start taking action but after that day
uh-uh I realized something I realized it’s the love for success that will lead me to
succeeding. So just imagine if Robert feared falling would
he even start walking? Of course not he wouldn’t even do what he
loved to do he would sit at home and take no type of action but he loved walking wasn’t
even scared to fall. It gave him life that’s what allowed him to
get up and do it he loved walking so much he was willing to fall 10 times a day just
to do it and you have to be the same so the next time someone tells you you’re going to
fail you know what you tell them tell them they’re right but you’re not afraid to fail
you’re not afraid to take action you’re not afraid to jump you’re gonna fail 10 times
but you know what it’s cool because on the 11th time you’ll succeed oh you’ll succeed
all right and it’ll feel good and while you’re over here living the life of your dreams in
complete happiness guess where they’re going to be that’s right they’ll be failures the
real failures over there where it’s safe scared to fail.

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  1. This video taught me how to live life happily by loving our work and being not afraid of failing. Thank u so much for such an enthusiastic video and teaching me the art of living actually!

  2. The predominant culture is competition. From cradle to grave we are in competition, no matter what. Our species broke out of the food chain, only to drag along competition for reasons dumber than survival. And its still just as conveniently natural as darwinian theory is. However, its retard logic with leeroy jenkins level dedication. Both the us and china know collaboration fosters economic growth, but a trade war we have. Even safe space environments offer no refuge from competition. after american public education began to decline, professionals decided "fuck learning, we'll grade them off the one who scores highest". If only they weren't waging superficial competitions, maybe then they would have the time to actually understand and learn, and not relegate themselves to curved grading. to be in competition. Competition is stronger than any economic theory, religion or creed. It is what we are, but accepting it is a practice in boldly going nowhere fast. And still perpetuating all problems. So success and failure. They are the results. The worst thing is to attach feelings to these 2 impostors, instead recognize them as one and the same. The only person any of us should be in competition in is with the self and only if your current self has a chance of outperforming. Then we would at least manage to ascend above the current limiations of our species. Competition is stagnation. Collaboration, cooperation(2 way) and consolidation always does better.
    I said before my biggest fear is that beyond the universe, there is only 1 entity. That is lonely. To be god and powerless to have parents or peers and totally without competition. I suppose god wants to be the only one who doesn't even need to compete.


  4. I have failed so many times. It's painful, very painful. Especially when you've got so much expectation around you from others. My own close friends and family are beginning to doubt, even I sometimes think maybe I'm not good enough. But by the grace of God I'm learning, growing with each failure. I try as much to be positive, though it's not easy. I won't give up, I know when I finally click that button, there will be no looking back. I will recover all…the money lost, energy, time x10 fold. Thanks for the video.

  5. This is the VIDEO I have been looking for that just made me CLICK. I got so inspired and from now on, I won't take anything for granted and be the best person I can be everyday and be a better person tomorrow.

  6. In every set back
    there is always come back
    In every failure
    there is always success
    So, don’t stop, don’t ever give up
    but just take a deep breath
    And also take some rest
    You can cry and give it a try
    Just look up at the sky
    Have faith and pray to God
    And you will see in just a
    blink of an eye
    Everything will be just fine

    💕Jeremiah 29:11🙏🏻

  7. Today my 9th grade result came out it was so bad I only got 72%
    I cried for a whole day
    I disappointed my family my teachers I even disappointed my self their are lots of people who got higher grade than me it was not that I didn't work hard I studied really hard but now I dont think that there was any meaning to that hard work girls who didn't studied that much got good grades and me I got nothing

  8. Maybe I’m not built for success! Shit is so false everyone can’t have success. Sorry for clicking on your video.

  9. The fact that I love my career so much but I'm not succeeding my parents paid alot of money, Supported me in my decision ….. and all I'm doing is disappoint…. them but all I know is that I fucking love this regardless man😢

  10. I failed my neet pre medical exam by few marks I knw it hurts but I wont give up , people say it's easy to crack but what people dnt see the struggle to get there I wont give up I wanna be a doctor 😃😃😃😊😊😊

  11. I failed in one quiz, and I was depressed to see the results. But I will still fight on. I have dreams, goals, and passions; I am not willing to give it all away with one failed quiz. I cannot blame the teacher, I just blame myself for not doing better. And that's what I learned, which is to do better.

    Do not throw away everything you've planned, we need accept the fact that we must feel pain, frustration, and failure to succeed. Good luck guys! Keep believing!

  12. Thank you so much ❣️
    This video actually helped me get over failure and motivated me.and I finally got success in 3rd attempt 😊"In order to get success in life , your desire of success should be greater than your fear of failure"🙏

  13. I failed my exam today. The exam I've been studying for weeks. Thank you for this. I'll cry now but I'll keep moving tomorrow.

  14. Humans naturally take the easy way out.
    The odds aren’t in most people’s court including mine.

    I swam a bit shallow in the gene pool and this has impacted by capabilities as a person.
    Being a failure is predetermined. Some are greater than other.
    You don’t hire the worst engineer. You want the best but so heavy weighs the crown

  15. Bullied through school, i was a playful child teachers used to beat me, my parents beated me, for not liking school, in a 3rd world country. Moved to western world as a child, my dad left my mom gave up in life. Starved through high school and my early 20's. Because my mom would just go to sleep. Girls didnt want me because I was a mangina. my bestfriend fked the only girl i loved. fired over 40 times, had over 50 jobs, my first job was at a moving company at age 14. I am blessed to go through it. All those upbrings made me grow and who I am today. Now I am working on my youtube channel, and I am now planning to build the next facebook. and I speak front of ppl part-time (as I am doing it as a rookie) Soon… I will speak around the world and touch many people's lives. Because now I know God was building me to be an example for many kids who wana kill themselves, many people who are maybe lost in the world, many babies who are raised in a family who have no idea how to raise a child and etc.. etc.. Feel free to checkout my channel.

  16. I failed a very important exam yesterday. I thought I had it. But I missed the passing score by just 10 points.

    Our greatest glory is in never failing, but in rising back up every time we fail.

    Thank you for this video.

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