Kerbal Weapons Program #7 – Aircraft Carrier & VTOL Fighter
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Kerbal Weapons Program #7 – Aircraft Carrier & VTOL Fighter

September 28, 2019

ramadhir playing more Kerbal space program we’re gonna try making an aircraft carrier again there was a really wicked modern of it on the forums oh baby oh baby it’s a triple Oh oh yes USS Enterprise cv and 65 make it fly ha ha okay I like this this is look or taste like little propellers is actually spinning dude how we gonna get in the water ah can we put wheels on it oh no oh yes I mean that’s grating up in a 90s good at the toy that’s a tough spot boy do we gonna work hahaha fuck friction that’s unreal that’s leaving a real physics that’s not even real we are the friction haha right now how do they run away exploded asphalt the USS ginger watch the ocean no kidding I’m the water God I don’t love because it hurts with my heart is you know we’re just about there the lungs they hurt I don’t know I think I’ve been moving too much lately walking around not moving as in in moving house yet but actually moving my body around shit’s exhausting you know f-35 is that a single seat it is a single seat yeah how does it fly vertically that plane though does it have two Indians or is it did one Indian just turning down we’re gonna have an ejection seat as well we can be here for a while you know how it is what holy shit yes that’s safety that’s safety right there speed speed fly away from danger the f-35 and even work orbit I know America spent so much money on this trash plane and it’s still slower and everything else turned worse I mean what fuck what are you thinking why spend money on trash because that’s what it is trash found out I mean they’ve have an Indian in here huh ah genius fucking genius oh yeah this thing is never gonna fly did you see the lost thing we built did you see the lost thing we built that shit slide look at that huh Robert the fucking smoke man so smart cig bro are you ready for the final test of the ejaculation speeds Shh oh my god what uh no no stop it stop it yes yes it’s fucking fun oh I forgot that we don’t have a seat anymore ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha stupid did anyone think did anyone forget about the seat yes there’s me someone else I can’t be that fucking stupid this is your shoe this is your fault champ should have warned me about this oh no no no no no no back back back ass baby yes we have takeoff vertical takeoff it’s a little front have nose-heavy but we do have it can we do our flying stock oh let me do vertebrae one but then gravity came like a bitch and fuck you up even though we had health care safety ejaculation seats your life could not be saved and now you’re trash just like everyone else before you you have become a once again you piece of shit oh yeah and chef Chad this is your post Jack it’s your fault he died fuck you a yak ha ha ha ha ha ha there’s not what the agency is supposed to do it suppose the same lives don’t jump out of it until it comes to a complete stop all right and you the wing is al reenter actually supposed to be in the wing about you know we can’t have everything ruined ruin what I’m saving I’m saving you see me fucking saving the oh shit I should make a backup this is not a fucking Bob Ross painting we can save it receive it make a model in blender an importer like a normal person but know about that that would be the hardest way of doing this what some of you is losing your patience this is exactly what it this is what a game is all about engineering shit you fuckers okay this this is this is the problem solving this is the fun part it’s not the shitty part you fucks oh yes on whoops add some luck Oh No are you fucked no ha ha ha come back here it works it works but it is known in it ha ha ha ha it’s isn’t it big oh god it’s dipping oh no oh no aah it became sentient why why No why are you doing that you absolute garbage play are we drifting now we’re not fucking drifting whoa we did it we did a little loop-de-loop okay dude so cool it’s so cool to resent the heck I’ll carry you now oh yes I on same problem thing listen we did it looped loop just because we could we don’t have a fucking tail hook there’s no way we can land this thing up can you just slow down a lot oh no why is it for thing No dude I’m hahaha it’s fucking and then hit the water which is forward push forward get some weight some wing the wing ah pour it back on you fucker these are not working at all oh no this is no flew all right get out of that just let it go just let it go it’s worthless to us it’s trash it’s garbage we don’t need that fucking plane everything is working guys we’re doing it finally the ultimate landing oh no is it too close it will still go there lets you sort of landing the carrier wantedly there we go fuck it we got stopped diving in the VTOL mode here we go fuck fuck the free world not literally it’s the mmmmmm in element element and anyway not anime and did wrappers my professor he said it in his movie what was it called I can’t fucking pronounce his name yes that guy don’t touch clips that don’t clip that I have feelings he’s fucking doing it though we’re doing it I mean took quickly I don’t give a fuck we’re gonna learn we’re learning whoo did it we fucking did it five hours 45 minute for that first landing it’s the satisfaction we’re feeling right now let’s work it throttle go Wow Wow that’s the coolest shit I know yeah haha follow if you weapons not about something don’t you try to do that today we’ve robbed our fucking ass on the area of the carrier oh oh it’s all bad Oh beep s the aircraft very good very well nice and favourite this shit land on an aircraft carrier today [Music] [Music] you

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  1. Found another video hiding behind the washing machine, More Ksp! Another Carrier and VTOL attempt. 🙂

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