KFC Made a Drone? (KFO)
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KFC Made a Drone? (KFO)

October 10, 2019

Whiskey guys Keaton here, so I got something really cool to show you basically I don’t think I was gonna be able to get my hands on this because this is an Indian exclusive So let me he has a backstory Basically kFC released a drone in India. I know that sounds crazy. I thought it was crazy too so my buddy IGyaan actually hooked me up a lethally down below to his video this would be happening if it wasn’t for him So thank you so much man basically KFC made a drone and the only way you could get a drone is you had to order Their smoky grilled wings sound pretty good, huh? Nope, we actually have these in the US We actually head over to a KFC to see if they have them But they only made 50 of these drones And the only way to get them is you had to order the smoky grilled wings And I am so amped roppa like in this video if you guys have heard of the kfo That’s what KFC is calling it the kentucky fried object kinda works So let’s just open this up wow this box is so nice pretty solid box kind of like an Apple box That’s not bad the most fly meal ever oh, that’s that’s good. That’s a good one. What else is a whole Wow KFC it’s finger-licking good Limited edition smoky grilled wings yeah door to the wings to qualify for a chance to get the drone Do this is I’m so pumped to check this out alright so on the box here We have this kind of wing which looks a little bit like What a bird, it’s it looks like a bird put a bird on it So let’s go ahead and just open this thing up here Wow wing feels pretty nice dude. This is really reminding me of the KFC phone if you guys missed that video I’ll leave a link right up there the crispy chicken masters. They made a smart phone. I happen to get it I got it. No more. They made a smart phone now. They got a drone so since I got actually set this up I just have what’s left and that’s totally all good. We’re gonna assemble. This get this thing flying so we got a manual I’m guessing this is just how to set it up. You guys know. I have problems setting up drones I’m straight trash in it let’s see oh wow this dude. There’s no way I can mess this up I’ve got some instructions there tells you how to connect to Wi-Fi and actually fly it Hey fo, baby-safe. Oh, dude. This is the drone that comes inside a chicken box That’s a thing now the battery the prop guards The propellers Oh the forth propeller a fifth propeller a six propeller. It’s like they know I’m gonna crash it. They know I’m gonna crash this out and some more pop cards that seems to be it anything else in there No before we set this up. I gotta smell the box and might smell like chicken hold up Dude that smells like smoky grilled goodness I wish it just smells like styrofoam all right So here’s everything we got we have the frame the battery The six propellers two spares because you’re like Keaton and you’re gonna crash it You have our tool to remove it And then the prop guards so this should be pretty easy assembly we’re gonna start with the battery real quick I mean I’ve had I’ve had my fair share of drone experience before and I’ve crashed every single drone that I’ve ever owned I don’t think I’m gonna crash this one. It was a gift. I can oh That looks like it broke and shipping shoot It’s kind of sad it broke and shipping igon nothing. We could do bud the battery’s supposed to attach and stay at the bottom there but We’re gonna have to keep going on with that. Okay. No worries. You put the props on now All right, that looks good. Could you imagine just being at KFC? Opening up your box of chicken and seeing you have a drone It’s like Christmas that is the greatest feeling of the world this drone is really well-built Usually we’d like these cheaper type of drones the parts just break immediately, but I’m really surprised the last thing Is to download the app and pair it up apps all downloaded. Let’s fire this thing up I can’t believe it like KFC continues to amaze me Wow arm is there camera here no way no way dude. No freaking way if they put a camera on here. I wouldn’t lose it no camera KFC that’s the next move so the drones good to go now the final piece on here, so we have our battery new Wi-Fi chips right there And we need to put the top wing this came on the front of the box now it all makes sense actually seeing some pictures Clips in there we go This is the KFC drone Only one thing left to do get arrested so we made to the kfc see it’s gonna be interesting to see what they think about us filming the kfo Real quick on this drone. I am so blown away alright So you can see the D base and the frame is actually 3d printed It’s about half the weight of an iphone time Just to kind of give you guys perspective crop guards look great the colors are great. This is one of the better cheaper drones I’ve seen and it’s by KFC now. Let’s turn this thing on It’s good to go one thing left to do lets fly Can’t believe this KFC They knew we were coming Open the door for us Literally there is no doors on this KFC this drone is gonna go in and out like buttah or should I say chicken We got the KFC drone, and it’s got a piece of popcorn chicken on it There’s literally only one thing left to do that’s fly the kfo inside of KFC That’s KF. Go so let’s put this down We’re gonna have the chicken off to the side so when it lifts up it takes a piece of popcorn chicken with it Before we get this going Kyle, and I were talking we thought if they were to take a drumstick And then you stick the propellers in there that would be the next level KFC drone All right, let’s get the Wi-Fi configured the kernel has connected kfo app Here we go dude. Oh, it’s gonna be crazy so to engage it Kfo connected armed are you ready? peas of popcorn chicken no one cares. That’s the best part Yeah, it is a flying nugget Wow this is absolutely insane Ok let’s do it again. See if I can get it going we got a spectator. I gotta make sure they’re happy This was like a burger came you can tell me to get out of here, but no it’s the kfo, baby I Know there’s hell flies So to fly the drone, it’s really easy once the Wi-Fi is connected you have a lot of modes on here surprisingly So you roll your pitch or yaw? Get hit armed. I don’t know what any of those words mean. I’m just gonna act like I’m the world’s best drone flier That was my longest flight ever I Thought that good of a pilot, that’s Louisiana Sorry, hey guys so that’s the KFC drone if you guys want more fast food products like this makes you guys drop a leg in this video and get subscribed with notifications turned on if you’re new let me know in the comments if you guys are just joining the Nerd squad follow me on the end of story That’s where all the behind the scenes happen for this you guys saw this thing early, and I’ll see you guys later

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  1. Keaton: "It's about half the weight of an iPhone X. Just to give you guys a perspective"
    Me: Quietly crying into my iPhone 4

  2. U know y youre so bad?
    Its cuz when u whanna go up it goes up but when u whanna stop and float in the air the propellers stop, thats why. I hate those things

    Sorry for bad english

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