Kids Again – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 16
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Kids Again – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 16

February 21, 2020

[Ginger] Yeah! Whoo! [giggling] [Angela] So these are little robots? -Cute!
-Cute? This is the world’s most advanced
anti-aging cream. The nanobots interact
with the face cells. If you put this on,
it’ll be like you’re 15 years younger. -[crash]
-[Ginger] Ha! I got all of that one!
Did you guys see? I’m a slugger! Don’t play ball in the house, Ginger! We’re trying to get ready
to meet with Autumn Summers! What? Autumn Summers? She’s the meanest lady in town!
Why would you ever work with her? We don’t want to, but we are really short
on rent this month. -That’s a boring reason!
-It’s an adult reason. We need money
or we’re going to lose the garage. Hark, fellow citizens! It be a surprise
visit from the lord of the land! Yes, because I’ll evict you. Uh, we know the rent is due, Landlord.
You don’t need to remind us. But I want to, you know! Get my money soon
or it’s tick, tick, evict! [laughs] I can solve this problem
without you guys being lame. I made a batch of prank juice. One sip
and he’ll be on the toilet for hours! Then he… [laughing] -No, Ginger.
-Oh. We’re selling the anti-aging cream, because sometimes being the grown-up
means doing stuff you don’t like. More like being a grown-up
means being stupid! Kids rule! ♪ Wa-oah! ♪ “Sometimes being a grown-up
means doing stuff you don’t like.” What a load of hot garbage! Huh. I wish they weren’t grown-ups. Then maybe you and me could have
some real fun for once, baseball. -[heavenly harp plays]
-Huh? Yikes, that almost hit the window! Ooh! That’s a good idea for a game! What a mess. Good thing I made
a back-up batch of anti-aging cream. Wait, that’s the bagel spread! Boy, would that have been
a wacky mix-up. Um, no, Hank. This is definitely
the back-up anti-aging cream. I labeled the jar with a picture
of a single nanobot, see? [gasps] Oh. That’s… interesting. Hank… have we been eating
the anti-aging cream? -What?
-[gurgling] Aaah! -Woah!
-Aagh! [voices distorting] [Ginger] Sorry not sorry! I was playing a game where I was trying
not to hit the window, and then– -I swung the most far!
-Yeah, but I swunged the most high! I can swing the most cute! Yeah! -Good one, Angela.
-Tom likes Angela! Tom likes Angela! I do not! -[crash, laughter]
-My wish came true. You maded a wish? Neat!
Wishes are my favorite kind of science! Wishes aren’t science.
You’re thinking of genies, dummy. Okay, baseball, now I wish for wings! [laughter] Maybe it’s a one-wish baseball. Aw, that’s too bad, but don’t be sad.
Let’s play a game! -Really? You don’t have work to do?
-Ooh! Let’s play ball in the house! -That’s what you said I couldn’t do!
-[all cheer] [♪ upbeat rock music] -A billion points for Ginger!
-Yeah! Three, two, one… blast off! -Hello? Is someone there?
-[stifled laughter] Are you an invisible person?
If you are, you better not tickle me. It’s not fair and you know it! Okay, Angela. Your turn. Truth or dare?
And since no one ever picks truth, I dare you to… put your hand
in this bucket of worms! -That’s gross, Hank!
-Ew! That’s so barf-tastic! -Angela doesn’t have to do that dare.
-Okay, okay, I don’t dare you. I… double-dare you. Whoa, a double-dare?
Now you have to do it. It’s the law. [whimpering] -[squelching]
-[whimpering] [screams] [laughter] [laughs] [huge tummy rumble] Ha-ha. My tummy is getting hungry. Yeah! Let’s eat! Angela, you might want
to wash your wormy hands. You might want to wash your wormy face! -[laughter]
-Come on, Ginger, cook us lunch! Me? I don’t know how to cook.
Why do I have to– Not it! Oh, man. There. Lunch. I hope you’re happy. -Ew. What is that?
-Ketchup-noodles and crackers. Ew. I want cake. Well, I want cake, too,
but we don’t have any cake. Ginger, my ketchup-noodles
are touching my crackers. Ben threw food at me! -[shouts] I want cake!
-Tattle-tale! [all shouting at once] -[Ginger] Quiet!
-Huh? I worked really hard on this meal,
and you are going to eat it and you are going to like it! [Angela laughs] Food fight! -Stop! You’re making a huge mess!
-So? Why do you care? Because if the landlord sees this,
you’re going to get evicted! That’s stupid grown-up stuff.
Tom, hit this baseball off my head. -No! You’ll knock his brains out!
-Not if I hit the ball, I won’t! Now, give me that back
or I’ll make a really annoying noise! -No!
-Boop! Boop! -Oh! I can do that! Doo!
-Boop! Boop! Boop! Boop! Boop! Boop! What’s happening to me? I’m not supposed to be
the responsible one around here. I’m the fun kid. I’m fun. I’m a kid. [sighs] I take it back, okay?
I wish they were grown-ups again. Aaagh! -[phone ringing]
-Ugh. I guess I’ll get it. -Boop! Boop! Boop!
-Since I do everything around here! Tom, my time is very valuable,
so I won’t wait for you to say hello. I have to come to our big meeting
a little earlier than expected. -This isn’t —
-Spare me the small talk. I’ll be there in an hour. I look forward to trying that fancy
scientific anti-aging cream of yours. -[laughter]
-Ta-ta! -[hangs up]
-Hm? Anti-aging cream? Scientific? It wasn’t a wish that did this.
It was Ben’s stupid invention! -Why didn’t you tell me?
-[whoosh] [laughter] You guys! I know why you’re kids! You ate the anti-aging cream.
It anti-aged you! Maybe. So what? So, we have to make things normal
before Autumn Summers gets here. Ben! -You have to do science!
-Um… [laugh] Get serious and stop thinking like a kid! But we have to think like kids because the
stuff in our tummies is making us kids. Agh-oooh! Hm. “We have to think like kids.” I’ll be right back! This was a good plan. Celebrate being kids
forever with yummy smoothies! Sure. Smoothies. Also known as
Ginger’s special prank juice. What’s prank juice? [gurgling] Uh-oh. I need to go potty. -Wait!
-What did you do to us, Ginger? -No!
-[Ginger] Hank was right. We have to think like kids. If the stuff is in your stomachs,
we have to get it out. Don’t worry. I brought supplies. -[toilet flushing]
-Autumn Summers! Glad you made it. We’ve been getting everything perfect so
that we can sell you our anti-aging cream. Excellent. Let’s get started with– Uh! Oh, my. What’s that awful smell? Uh… It reeks of filth and children! I don’t smell anything. -No! You can’t do this to us!
-[Ben] Come on! You messed up your meeting. -How are you going to pay the rent?
-[door opens] Excellent question you are asking! -Answer: You aren’t! Time to evict!
-Ugh. Anything left in here is mine. That couch? Mine. Paint on walls? Mine. That old bagel-with-spread
I found in your kitchen? -[all gasp]
-Extra mine! Looks like we just bought ourselves
some time. [rumbling] Oh, goodness.

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