KILLER JETPACK KIRBY! (Super Smash Bros Wii U)
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KILLER JETPACK KIRBY! (Super Smash Bros Wii U)

September 1, 2019

this would be a horrible time to drop
potatoes on my head! do not drop po- [Potatoes Drop] AGH! hey guys and welcome back to couch potatoes
today we’re playing smash bros with Cavemanfilms, Preston Danger, and myself.
now before we get started don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe if
you guys like th- [Preston Interrupts] Were not gonna start until you like it. Yeah! yeah. Yeah we got the like! We got the like! Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. [Whooping] are you random? yeah. are you cloud ?im cloud. Your a horrible person. Hey I just like the animoo! just wanted to figure out who was the animoo. Yes, im pac-man! Haha! I have pink clothing on which means im cooler than you if it was 2001! To support breast cancer. Yes that too! breast cancer awareness of scary spider.
boom! you can’t stop me i’m John Cena
*quiet* and I got a banana. Boom! My apple! an apple a day makes you die. I will kill Pac-man. Oh guys come on, STOP THROWING THINGS, man. oh no! I backfire backfired. Haha! [Cloud makes mating call noises] I dont know how you hit me but you did ok alright. He got powed! He got powed right in the kisser! Take that! oh no im gonna die oh no I got beat no no no how did the bees happen? Theirs bees in my tea! Ow, stop! I’ve been mistreated yes. dude. [speaking over each other] Oh no! good friend i’m also a squirrel man
how’s that- OH! I hit somebody! I finally hit somebody! Oh what! Honestly-Hones-. HOW DID THAT WORK?! Dont even worry about it! how did you falcon punch, falcon punch me? the power
of my brain I am a powerful Superman don’t- STOP IT you just go
and ask your glorified space NASCAR driver i really am. and I’ll never ever
have another game in my life you just like like literally yeah I’m
space NASCAR hear me roar hear me roar perfect perfect time for me
to use that item, I dont know why items are on, but that’s okay o-OW! Holy Snarkborks™! Snarkborks? I love it! snorkels. oh no! captain falcon is so way
more dangerous than us both combined guys guys come over here have friends, have fun! Oh! Thats an explosive. i didn’t think it was gonna hit me oh I missed I really don’t like this staryu
you we need to kill this guy no captain no killing of the Falcon men
fucking alright I’ve been visually nervous pacman hey where you going to hell Wow enemy yeah we’re to me i have no
idea what you get but you know what they say on the outback you throw the
boomerang about to hit someone know that what they say no they don’t i don’t know
your bomb but I said don’t throw it but I thought about it why why why would a guy who’s got the
spooky face spooky facetime see don’t know that spooky face got all that last
week it is is from starbucks what we won four wheel in that and Ross ya blue
shell for your girl haha but it is a haha oh my goodness 70 well yes bring it on tap I’m wearing the
sunglasses and that was nothing around one is also hot one-sided literally on
fire someone called the fire department alright I’m going to you I’ll join you
know what you know that will join him on the random side with more actually were
lucky blocks and this video has been really use haha it’s
me breathless speech actually uh huh move dr. my I’ve got here some steel in
my hips don’t lie that the done oh no Friday that starting always it’s got
star powers I don’t like that star all-stars feat never met star p
legendary pokemon x casual and oh no oh no oh no my one weakness a bumper oh wow you have like two arms and I
don’t appreciate that because like i do have two on know like the Wii Fit
fighter hits with two arms that you yeah i’m going to give hey guys I’m a
princess princess oh wow that’s for sure now I’m my couch
huh like that i just got cable by a weak bitch you know what maybe it’s time to
go to we island i can destroy you guys with a punch because I was one of those
people that properly fit i’ll be honest did you really don’t tell me that it was
just so easy because my mom was just like tell me you you can place on the
weekend you can work out and I was just like yeah just like our buy it and that
was it was all I had to do i do you have to convince my mom that we have candles
about the convince her and I mean I wasn’t grown man that time oh yeah this is a guy’s bow a boom lot
of thing back oh don’t know what he’s gonna go oh I
killed me huh yeah we just hey greatly you’re just get . so hard just died not all dr. mario i got a PC missing all
these come get me oh no oh no not the anime the anime
twins don’t worry guys I’ve dodged the inmates when they’re no match from look
okay okay they’re gone they’re gone they’re gone oh boy with no no Mario no no no no no
no he’s saying way oh no no no was that a blast of you just
like me okay moose behold my me yoga whoa no dog power what time ok don’t you touch me touch me touch me
personally attest to meet their way for me no I tried putting my shield up I’d I
know it’s me versus you we could hang out you know oh no you can buy we’ve been trying you
can’t I am i because I’m we do reino doctor is in the house think you’ll be
out groans hilarious oh you got the big God and know much
about ionic that you have my rabbit i look at him back that but up ok be back and I’m so hard like a train
back up into a train station to pick up more PP oh good oh this is this is that different hey
there were so many game changer right there it was I was like the best with all its mystery
fighter oh wait we’re . horn like with my friend where my son
was thinking about her records on this you boom speed gotta go faster figure
your pictures are really good . attack bird oh no no no help forgot how much I did I hit that thing
oh I die with it no i didn’t have pictures just keep on their mind I don’t
like I am dead for sure hey it’s like I don’t put a new
scientific how you measure of dance just how you make your death we’re kind of right now oh it’s pick and
choose brother speaking to you wherever you go you don’t worry about you think
there’s a Bob people just confused I’m so confused when this case and there I
was jumping at shadows I’m jumping up and down what the heck
does happen over now biggie weighed I kind of want to pawn a good look at
pictures like you’ve got two pairs of years would really kill the chicken a
pump why Jason cups my friend pokemon for
like you know it’s got a gun it’s got a gun furniture home like
Google’s Pikachu I’m coming in gotta go faster faster gotta go fast oh god all please don’t kill me because
you just like roll Yeah right for you didn’t do anything yeah you just kinda tall oh no not
Gallagher story on get rhythm sure about the aging i am also pleased
with the way around because you know because you Julie pop enough for your
singing gig out don’t wanna know now Sonic is regular side how about this how about Oh boom boom
done worse things like pictures of flying red way you’re following my word
you’re frying wrap your already hedgehog okay then yeah flying rat is an electric
what haha do you think you are oh yeah get away from me throw a ball through a
nice thing about using your Bible what I wanted for myself LOL emerald is cheat
dude is using the kids and i wanna something I can’t oh and I think I
killed myself by flying album app we in which would have i oh I’m the yellow
wait my love potion why i said i set up haha it is me but I am a good white curvy and
I’m very I can jet pack so far up into the sky I choose you pikachu oh my goodness oh
my goodness i don’t think any of us are going to die like this q Who so many of us just concentrating
right now I can so still oh my goodness where you guys
you should have done many mushrooms to know it is also small but I’ve got one
of the pieces to the lucky charms cereal box what the heck just happened to me oh
here man no wonder in a pattern wait no i don’t know the horse game of
all time today another life you’re freaking hammer broke me out of
life my walk ok yeah I’m gonna knock this out of you Oh Carl right and this well how many
kills oh but you can’t hold all those items what do you mean 400 to face violating
is amazing oh that was the ghost ya go I don’t buy
you the whole time no I was the black possession curving
busy that was it goes to cash potatoes question here this past before there’s
the couch proposed a small little beanbag just a board that but in the
ground by the home oh just backhand is what guys that
concludes this episode of smash bros with Cavemanfilms real danger I got one did kill guy but i also played
the ghost spooky channel doesn’t exist yet not visible it’s a ghost but yeah guys will see all
later bye! [Funky Smexy Music Plays] [More Funky Smexy Music Plays] Captions by CarsonExplosion on YouTube.

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  1. Red…can u play with Ssundee?I don't know if u were planning with Sky when Ssundee played whither Sky…but can you please play with him?😆

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