KILLZONE Shadow Fall | Intercept Online CO-OP | E3 2014
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KILLZONE Shadow Fall | Intercept Online CO-OP | E3 2014

August 8, 2019

Alright guys, been waiting on this all day,
who’s playing medic? TACTICIAN
I was the medic last time,
I’m gonna be the Tactician. MEDIC
I’ll be the Medic, guys. ASSAULT
Yeah, well, hang back,
don’t be an idiot. MEDIC
Wha-, I’ve never been an idiot,
I’ve got your back! MARKSMAN
You were born an idiot. MEDIC
Ok, we’re spawning, let’s set up. TACTICIAN
Placing turrets over at A. MEDIC
Supply crate placed near the bushes at A. MARKSMAN
Enemies at A, guys! MARKSMAN
Got the first kill. ASSAULT
I’m heading to A, lots of enemies. ASSAULT
I’m down! Medic! MEDIC
I’m on my way, but I need help. TACTICIAN
I’ll place a Shield. MEDIC
I’m reviving you. MARKSMAN
Guys, we’re losing some points,
let’s get on it. TACTICIAN
I’ll go bank for us. MEDIC
I’ll cover you. ASSAULT
Go bank and get us some jetpacks too. MEDIC
Crap! Watch out, teleporting snipers. ASSAULT
I need ammo. MEDIC
There’s a supply box near the wall. TACTICIAN
Turrets are down. MARKSMAN
Capacitor’s spawned. Who’s getting it? TACTICIAN
I’m on my way! TACTICIAN
Coming home. MEDIC
I’ll cover you. MEDIC
I’m staying back, they’re all over you. TACTICIAN
Jetpacks it is! TACTICIAN
Rackin’ up those points.

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  1. Grate game but… menu interface sucks man i dont gat it. Please make it same all of you developers.

    Menu trekt op niets man. Ik wou gisteren is spelen en dacht foert. Nog iets er is een wapen die afschuwelijk klinkt!!! Precies dat iemand op de bodem van een grote pot aan het kloppen is. Het is game Bracker. Voor de rest respect aan onze noorder buren.

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