Knightmare Tower Review – Now on Steam!
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Knightmare Tower Review – Now on Steam!

August 25, 2019

Known for making high quality Flash games,
Juicy Beast Studio is once again delving in to the mobile market with an iOS port of one
of their most popular titles. In Knightmare Tower, you take on the role of a lone knight
who’s informed of the kidnapping of the King’s daughters (all 10 of them). It’s up to you to ascend the tower they’ve
been imprisoned in and stop the evil forces responsible. Opting for a more efficient method
of ascent, our little hero is aided by a rocket. The rocket only gives you a little bit of
momentum and by slaying enemies, the player will gain speed. In addition, if you do happen
to miss an enemy and fall off the bottom of the screen, your rocket will save you (providing
you’re far enough ahead of the rising pool of lava) and your speed will be heavily reduced. Just like Juicy Beast’s previous title Burrito
Bison, Knightmare Tower could be classed as a pseudo-endless runner with persistent upgrades.
Rest assured, you won’t be stuck with that rather rickety looking wooden rocket for long
as killing monsters and completing challenges will award the player with a nice little income
to assist you on your journey. There’s an absolute butt load of upgrades from new rockets
that propel you faster to increased armor that will allow you to take more hits. In
addition, there’s potions to unlock which appear randomly to give the player a variety
of bonuses and major gameplay mechanics to be unlocked by saving princesses. In case it’s not already obvious, Juicy Beast
doesn’t take themselves too seriously. All of the art in their titles is hand drawn,
seemingly drawing inspiration from shows like Ren and Stimpy and Spongebob Squarepants. The game won’t take you long to complete,
weighing in at approximately 3 to 4 hours. Thankfully, there’s an endless ‘Survival’
mode that unlocks after you’ve beaten the final boss. And of course, there’s leaderboards
and achievements to unlock courtesy of Game Center. This is an amazingly complete package. It’s
challenging, fast, beautiful and addictive. In fact, the ONLY criticism I have is that
some users might like to change the sensitivity of the accelerometer controls. In a game that
could EASILY take advantage of in-app purchases, it’s refreshing to see a game rely on its
own merits and release as a premium title. Knightmare Tower launches on August 1 and
will cost $2.99. You could of course play the nearly identical Flash version for free,
but the cost of entry is well worth having a portable version. Thanks for joining us today for this preview
of Knightmare Tower. Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on all the hottest mobile
titles. This has been Alex for Game Mob. That’s

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  1. It is because this video is a preview of the game and the actual game hasn't been released to the public

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