Landing on an airparked carrier airship
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Landing on an airparked carrier airship

September 28, 2019

What does one need to land on an airship? Fancy new camo suit, pilot’s cap and glasses. And a parachute, of course! Oh, yes, and a plane. Plane is also very important. This one is constructed to be able to fly at really low speeds. With deployed flaps it will take off at 26 m/s! Let’s speed up a bit 🙂 We are now on a final approach. Time to slow down. Landing gear. And a hook. Flaps active. Time to slow down even more. I’m now in the range of OLS. It’s data is vitally important. A bit too high. Final meters. Pull up! Pull up! 🙂 Time to set throttle to zero. Touchdown! A bit too rough 🙂 Hook up. And it’s time to drive to the hangar. The plane is equipped with radio from SmartParts mod, so the elevator is controlled remotely. Wrong button again 🙂 And I’ve forgotten to tune radio’s frequency.

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