Las Vegas – Viator VIP: Grand Canyon Sunset Helicopter Tour

September 7, 2019

(slow music) (upbeat music) – Tonight we are having a
once in a lifetime experience as we take a VIP helicopter
ride to the Grand Canyon and enjoy a gourmet dinner at sunset. Here we go. – Today you guys will be
flying on a helicopter out to the Grand Canyon. You’ll be experiencing about
a 35 to 40 minute flight to the Canyon itself. – [Host] Wow, the views
from here are outstanding. All the different lines in the rocks, and textures, and colors. Oh my goodness, there’s Lake Mead. It is such a beautiful lake. – [Pilot] Here we go, my friends. Welcome to the Grand Canyon. We’ll be landing on Hualapai
land here in just a moment. – Here we are. We have landed right down in the canyon. Wow, look at this view. You have all the ridges and cliffs, all the different colors,
and then this river just cutting through the canyon. It’s really breathtaking. Dinner at sunset. Bon appetit. This experience is a Viator exclusive. It can’t be booked anywhere else. What a magical evening this has been, flying up over Lake Mead,
landing down in the Grand Canyon, then sitting down and
having this VIP dinner. This is a truly lovely experience.

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