LAX Private Suite + BA Super B747 Business Class
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LAX Private Suite + BA Super B747 Business Class

February 25, 2020

(upbeat music) – [Woman] All right, thank you. – [Sam] Hi there. – How’re you? – [Sam] How’re you? Good to see you. (aeroplane engine whirring) (upbeat music) Hey, how’re you? (upbeat music) This is awesome, this is
awesome, look at this. You can have planes and driving out and look at all the planes on the taxiway, this is really awesome. Well, today I’m leaving the States, I’m going to London, so I’m connecting on LAX. What I’m doing is trying
out the LAX Private Suite, which is a very special VIP service. (upbeat music) This is so great, I wish
this ride never ends and I certainly don’t mind it goes slow ’cause you can spot all the planes at LAX in the comfort of a limousine. Hello.
– Hello. – [Sam] How are you? – I’m well, how are you? – Good. Oh this is such a treat. Thanks for the tour across the airfield. The massage bed’s setup
already, look at this. Airfield view. Wow, impressive. So, this is actually exactly in this, a private suite. – [Concierge] This is your own suite. – Wow. – [Concierge] That’s for you. – I thought it was just a lounge really, but I didn’t expect a
private suite like this. – So this is the only suite that we have that has actually an outside area. – Yeah, beautiful. Look at this. – We have another outside
area which is outside. We’ll show you that on the tour as well. – So outdoor patio, this is
the only suite that has this. – [Concierge] This is the only one. – Oh look at this, you
could even camp in here. Oh my gosh. Seven, four, seven, taxied past the private suite of mine. What could be better? – What we’ve thought of here is, when you travel, there’s one or two items
that you always forget. So, we have everything in the suite here that you can take and
use for your travel trip to make it easier, make it simple. We have snacks available in the suite, and also a short order menu if you’re hungry and you
want something to eat. – This is amazing, I have my own fridge. I don’t share with anybody. And I have my own champagne, that’s really amazing! Here, fully stocked fridge. This is beyond the next step of travel. Really, have your private lounge instead of having sharing with anybody. I like this feature here. In case you have a sweet tooth, then you can just go like this, ahhhhhh. This is really amazing. Before my flight, getting
a full body massage. (upbeat music) Well I really enjoy this little
day bath next to the window, I can plane spot and see planes taking off on a south runway. I feel completely relaxed here, I even take my shoes off, just feeling at home. Well time went really fast. I just spent three hours
in my private suite. I had a massage, I took a little nap, I did a little plane spotting, I ate a meal here, I enjoy a bit of drinks
and a bit of work as well, the privacy is the best part. I don’t think I can go
back to any airline lounge after experiencing
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share the best VPN deal with my viewers. Get Surfshark VPN at enter promote code “sam”, you will get 83% off and one extra month for free, that is less than two dollar a month. Thanks for watching, this video is sponsored by Surfshark. Oh my god. This is like a little pharmacy here in the bathroom, the amenities. I mean, no kidding how much
medicine they got here. Every single type of medicine, pain killer, anti-acid, you name it. And also there’s even a shoe shine, wrinkle releaser for ironing, sleep aid. (upbeat music) So this is pretty cool, you can play mini golf
in the car park here. Here’s how it work. I figure a member will drive up here and then go in to the private suites before their flight takes off and then when the time is due they’ll be taken through TSA, a private TSA, and then get on a limo, private transport, directly to their plane. (door opening) – [Sam] All right. – Sam TSA is ready for us. We can go this way. – [Sam] Let’s go. – I’ll take that. – [Sam] Okay, thank you. (upbeat lively music) There’s no queue here, smoothest TSA check. (Aeroplane engine whirring) (upbeat music) This is the coolest part
of this whole experience because I’m a plane spotter, I’m an AF geek. Look at that. We’re racing on the taxiway with a seven-eight-seven holding out there so hey, we won. (upbeat music) This is my big flight, I’m pretty sure the seven forty seven to London Heathrow. Look at this, incredible. (upbeat music) – Hello, how are you. – [Sam] Hi, how are you? – Good to see you again. – [Sam] Nice to be back on my second home, seven forty seven. – Thank you. Enjoy. – All right. – This way, this way. Its the wrong way, you need to go that way. – All right we’ll switch seats. (laughs) – No, you and I, we’re together. – All right, cheers. (clink) – Cheers. – Make yourself here at home. – Back to my second home. (upbeat music) Sit here and its like one face this way, and one face that way. And you can see each other, slightly awkward for take off. After take off you can
raise the screen again. The reason I chose the seat 14 K is because I want to see the engines so on take off you can see, got a really great view
of the engine here. – Chabuddy G. – Chabuddy what? – No, no. Chabuddy. Chabuddy is a sandwich. – Do we get a sandwich? – No, no I’m director, there’s no sandwich. – Sorry. – The name’s G, Chabuddy G. (laughter) Naomi, I was doing James Bond. – Yeah, I got that. – ’cause you’re in it, aren’t you? – Yeah, I am in it, yeah. (laughter) – I was just wondering Naomi, has there ever been an Asian bond? (laughter) Cheers. (laughter) (aeroplane engine whirring) – Look at that wing, its bent. I think its for helping for fuel. Its probably more about the weight. Always a joy with the
view over the engine. (aeroplane engine whirring) (upbeat music) Oh my God. What a beautiful take off and I think my seat choice was correct. 14 K has the best view of the engine. This is the RB two eleven engine, Rolls Royce. The last vlog we had KLM, which is the GECF6 engine. Which engine do you like
on the seven four seven? Do you like Rolls Royce, Pratt and Whitney or do you like GE? So I was sitting in the reverse
facing seat on take off, which I don’t really feel much, it was a very gentle take off so you don’t feel like sliding down and honestly to myself, I just don’t feel much
difference reverse facing as long as its window seats I enjoy the view and I’m very happy. (lively music) – Every time you fly with us, we love having you On what we call The Queen of the Skies. Seven fur seven it epitomises
mass travel for everyone. This is the way to travel. – Its still the favourite of many, including myself. You sitting at the nose, you sitting even in front of the pilots. The pilot were behind
you on the upper deck. – We try to make all our
guests feel special here from the youngest new borns to people who fly with us regularly. And its just a total
honour to be on this plane, its the queen of the skies, its a great piece of kit. We’re going to be flying her
for a good long time, yeah. They just such a solid work horse for us. The crew love them, but more importantly our customers love them as well. So long may she carry on flying and be the queen of the skies. (upbeat music) Flight is not full. This business class has 86 seats. 20 upstairs, 66 lower deck. Its called a super seven forty seven, premium cabin configuration. Today’s flight is not full so I got to walk around and try out different seats here. This is how the aisle seats feel, in the forward sitting. If you sit in the middle
they’re reverse sitting. If you sitting on the
aisle they are forward. If you sit at the window also reverse. (upbeat music) Well dinners not bad. Actually quite like it. I think there’s improvement
from British Airways. Especially the starter, is rare roast beef with a good salad and also I enjoyed the gnocchi with the salmon. I was too full so I skipped the dessert. (upbeat music) Very good morning. Slept very well, five hours rest. Now its about a hour and
a half landing to London and enjoy the flight back here. Not the latest design of course, this is one of the
previous generation design, but in the window seat
here I feel really private. Great thing I liked about the seat here is my leg, there’s nothing about my leg. There’s no little foot well, so my leg can turn around easily. But the seats is very narrow of course so the best way is turn sideways to sleep. Good padding on the white company bedding, they have two actually, one comforter and one blanket so it keep my body warm. (upbeat music) All right so we are more or
less 20 minutes to London. I really enjoyed this seat here because I love then engine view. Its one of the greatest
view, very good privacy seat. Little bit on the con side, lack of storage here, there’s not much storage except the one little tray at the bottom. The crew were great, they came over and had a chat with me, what I’m doing, some even
follows me on YouTube. So very very pleasant chat although they a little shy on the camera but it was a very very very nice transatlantic flight on British Airways. – Look forward to catching up with you and thanks for flying seven forty seven. – Yeah. – Very nice to meet you. Safe travels. (upbeat music) (aeroplane engine whirring) – [Loudspeaker] We look
forward to welcoming you to London Heathrow, thank you. (upbeat music) – Its always nice to have a quick shower just after landing. (upbeat music) This is black pudding where I come to UK to eat to keep my body warm. Very yummy. (upbeat music) After a long flight you need a massage to revive and combat the jet lag. I wish they had this on the plane, its very comfortable. (upbeat music) – [Sam] Well I hope you enjoy flying British Airways seven four seven with me. Cudos to BA painting the retro livery on their seven four seven. Let me know in the comments section which one is your favourite. The BOAC, Lendor or Nigas. Enjoy the seven four seven in action and long live the queen. (upbeat music)

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  1. Great works Sam…cant get enough of the 747 Queen of the Sky. Just curious of the camera you used with its 360 degree angle

  2. LAX private suites looks interesting, but I found the suites to look more like motels in the countryside, along the highways. Facilities with bad taste, without rich decoration, should have a better, more luxurious product organization and environment, many products and medicines look more like a Walmart shelf than facilities where people pay $ 3,000.00

  3. Hey Sam, Great video as always. I watch one every night after dinner. By the way, what camera stick are you using? Can you please send me a link?

  4. This new camera makes me dizzy watching I could not watch it ,hope you don't keep using this new angle really could not see anything with it.

  5. Hi Sam, I just flew on a 747 three weeks ago. I totally agree that a window seat near the wing is the ideal place to enjoy the whole experience! It was a pity that the return flight was switched to a 777. Sure, I did not fail to arrive home, but the power and stability of the 747 is incomparable. 😉

  6. Sam is that flight with you facing the Rolls Royce engines a recurring flight that has the same flight number every day? Would love to go on that exact flight.

  7. That's the best window-view footage I've yet seen on YouTube. And I like all three liveries, although I think the BOAC looks better on a vintage VC-10.

  8. I’ve lived in America,and LaX was the airport i left America. I miss America so much, and in my dreams i land to LAX, and i call my friend to pick me up 🙁🙁😦😦

  9. Best engine on a 747? RB211 – no contest. The RB211 is up there with the Merlin as one of the greatest aero-engines ever.
    As for the retro-livery , it has to be BOAC. Classy and timeless.

  10. There came a point during the video when I realized, crap, this isn't an av-geek vlog, I'm right in the middle of a 17 minute long commercial!!

  11. Even if I was swimming in money, I wouldn't use the LAX Private Suites. Snacking at the Bradley Terminal Kentucky Fried Chicken before heading to London is fine with me.

  12. It’s been so long since I flew on a 74. Gotta do it again soon.
    Saw the BOAC livery out of SFO last year. Looks gorgeous!
    Thanks for creating this vid👍🏻

  13. That private suite is pure decadence. Clearly made for celebrities or the very wealthy. The average person could not afford it and probably wouldn't want to.

  14. Omg Sam you are so rich I love your videos please make a video of u buying a plane you have so much money Sam 💴 💰 💵 you are so rich

    Me: looks at Sam
    Sam: ummm….. do u want an autograph or something :/
    Sam: Hello?!

  15. I wish they still flew to hk with the 747. I loved the club world seats upstairs it felt like a much more private cabin. Thanks Sam keep them coming.

  16. "To bypass internet censorship in the countries I visit"
    Instantly thinks China
    "…like China…"

    My sides lmao Sam you are a madman and I love it.

  17. I love how is says.. im trying out the private sweets.. dude.. do you pay for all this? if not.. how can I get me some? if you are paying. what the fudge do you do for work?

  18. curious question, but what happens in a crash landing scenario in the rear facing seats, is it still brace or something different ?

  19. The 747-400 FROM CPT-LHR the config is different. Business class starts at row 17. Upper deck starts at row 60.

    I work on this flight daily. I work for Menzies aviation in CapeTown

  20. Due to the BA siting configuration within both business and first class it is impossible for a disabled person to travel in those seats. Especially those who can’t walk at all. Wheelchair handlers are unable to make the transfer from wheelchair to the plane seat in those classes. Unfortunately they are not designed for all passengers in general. Regrettably I ceased from traveling with BA. So long from a former costumer. Advise all disabled travellers to travel with major airlines such as Lufthansa, Iberia, Air France, Emirates, KLM, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopia Airlines, TAP, Azul, JAL, Singapore Airlines, LATAN and Virgin. Shame on you BA.

  21. I don't think i'll ever fly BA First or Business because of the seating arrangements. Emirates A380 First my favourite so far but really want to try the Singapore Apt.

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