Le Batch Box Rocket Stove des terre-pailleux- Permaculture et chauffage
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Le Batch Box Rocket Stove des terre-pailleux- Permaculture et chauffage

January 21, 2020

The Batch Box Rocket Stove for the Terre-pailleux In may 2016, Iwent to “La Courdemière” a hamlet located 30min south of Poitiers La Courdémière is where the organisation Terre Paille et Compagnie experiments permaculture along with Pascal Depienne This time, the Terre-pailleux were to build the mass heater for their classroom! After 5 days of workshop building a Rocket Stove This is our last piece: the Batch Box Rocket Stove mass heater! it compiles both characteristics of the J-Tube and the Batch Box Rocket Stove mass heater: The chimney which is enclosed in the barrel and captures the heat that is usually exhausted in other stoves. the second feature is that earthen bench that will store the heat between two fires and slowly release it in the house. The main principles in the Rocket Stove: the L shape tube and the insulation around it! It allows the heat to accumulate and creates the draft in the chimney The combination of this form and of this heat creates a really good combustion it’s very simple but it works really well we put the wood in the horizontal tube and the flames go up and you can cook on it! The Rocket Stove is considered an appropriate technologies Appropriate because…anywhere in the world anybody can build a rocket stove this is the first advantage of the rocket stove! We can all make one! it gives us autonomy and it is a good and simple way to produce energy efficiently! more subtitles later… help!

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