Learn Complete Prototyping in 8 mins | Sketch
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Learn Complete Prototyping in 8 mins | Sketch

August 10, 2019

so guys I’m so much pretty excited about
this new feature I used and I figured out so many new ways and I’m gonna tell
you right now in this video so in this video I’m gonna tell about the key
features shortcuts which can save your time so much make your life easier and
going to talk about how to make your first app prototype into a sketch so
first thing I’m gonna talk about the key features and shortcuts so yes prototype
has few key features like four key features like you can link your iPod you
can make a hotspot you can hide or show your prototyping also you can see
preview and it has few shortcut which make your life easier you can make your
prototype even just in few seconds like 10 20 seconds you can make whole
prototype so like W is a link your artboard groups and layers and you can
hide your prototype and show prototype by using ctrl F and also you can look at
the preview by using command P and make your hotspots by edge just it’s simple
let me give you quickly example over here so example I have my this one layer
and I want to I want to link this with another artboard so there is three ways
first way is comma press the shortcut W now you can see this is showing over
here ASCAP and and also there is a little icon link you will get this icon
on the top just link and the third way you can see your inspect elements now
the plus icon add workflow so this is pretty easy ok and the second thing I’m
gonna talk about the hardest part hardest part is so much good and I use
it it’s so much helpful so what it does so let’s suppose here you have your
jetpack of PNG you want to make the prototype then you can use hotspot like
drag so when I press the edge button I’ll get this one
hotspot just drag it and now you can see this is your hardest part it’s simple
and you can drag this you can resize this and it has different icon it’s
super easy also one more thing let’s suppose if I make this one as a if I
link this one by using W and this one with this artboard so I also convert
this thing into hotspot just go to in prototyping and convert to hotspot layer
so it is now individual layer super easy right super super easy also one thing
you can do you can hide or unhide your prototype layers like but just click
outside of your artboard and press command F it’s gone now turn on just
command F it’s come so I hope you got lots of information about it the basic
structure I told you and this is super easy so right now I have a little
application where this is the damn application I’m going to make a
prototype a quick simple prototype so let’s start it so first of all I have a
my button get started I’m gonna use the W to make put link this and I’m gonna
link with this it’s easy now you can see the target is home and just click on
this it is like an overlap so right so let me check out this one oops so let me
check out this one just play pattern and now also one more thing you can see over
here so right now my login page is selected you can make any page a start
point just click on this also you can make multiple so now just click on this
boom I’m here simple and let me change my animation if I don’t
like this animation I can go with the bottom animation and again preview click
on this poon easy it’s so much easy that suppose I want to make this one and just
this w and want to I want to go with this and just simply I want to give the
effect overlap it’s it’s very quick I’m doing I’m pretty excited about this
click on get started on this boom also going to give back button effect like
when I click on the back button this w go on this page and going to right it’s
right or it’s left its left okay good like let me check once again so click
here to start it image look at the image I want to go back amazing super easy so
first of all I’m going to quickly me quickly make all prototype so like I
just go back and I want to create I want to take a picture and just W paste a
blue link with this picture and then I’m gonna give the effect this one so this
will be bottom when I click it will start from the bottom it’s so much
easier and also I want to overlap the galley so just click on this piece W and
attach with you with your next screen and it will also come from bottom super
easy and this one is your back button just press W I want to go back on the
home screen like this super easy its back and this one also I want to go back
on into my camera so with this super easy again and and I don’t know why this
is Christian why it’s coming so I don’t want this screen sorry for that
and let me add this one and when I click on this photo icon capture icon it will
redirect on this screen so like this one and going to select this one I’m going
to give the bottom effect so I have a pretty clean prototype let me check
everything is fine or not okay this is cool now let’s test this let’s click on
the preview button and let’s suppose first of all
just click on the leg get started ok fine and now I’m looking the pig and
then click on this and now if you will click anywhere so you will get where is
where is the link so like this is linked go back super easy
click on d4 – ok nice foot is coming and I want to see the image gallery also oh
wow and this there is something wrong so when I go back it will go down right so
let’s suppose when I go back fine look at this and i also can click the photo
that’s it so i hope this video is going to help you a lot and you learn a lot
lots of thing about prototyping in depth and now you have a good great knowledge
about it and if you liked this video hit the like button and please subscribe my
channel if you enjoy this and share this video a lot and thank you so much for
giving your timer and if you want to ask any question please comment below right
now i’m gonna give the answer thank you so much

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