Learn to Fly : How to Fuel an Airplane
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Learn to Fly : How to Fuel an Airplane

August 30, 2019

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Rodney
Fielitz. I’m a certified flight instructor in Cottonwood, Arizona. I’m here to give you
the basics on what it takes to become a pilot. Today we’re going to put some fuel in the
airplane. It’s 100 octane fuel, its colored blue. We color the fuel so we know we’re getting
the right thing. We also have a jet A fuel tank sitting right next to us and we do not
want to put Jet A in here. So, Bob just hooked the static line down to our airplane so we
don’t create any sparks. I’m going to put this up here and I’m going to bring it up
to the tab. The filler neck is 17 gallons of fuel. If I fill it quarter to the top it’s
24. I’m going to want to put 17 gallons on the side. OK, I’ve got 17 gallons of fuel
in there, that’s a little over two hours of flying time.

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  1. OMG. I feel out of breath just watching this video. The fueling process is totally wrong. No chocks, no wing mat, no PPE….. etc etc. Have a professional fuel your plane and stick to flight training.

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