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Learning robots: poised for universality? - BBC

September 13, 2019

Hey, iCub. Hello. Have a look at this mug. Let me have a look at the mug. iCub and I have just met,
so I’m helping iCub figure out what this object looks like. iCub is actually tracking my body. Those lines represent
its interpretation of my skeleton. What it wants to do is be able
to distinguish me and my body from the object. It usually takes about 30
seconds for iCub to learn… Excellent.
Now I know the mug. So I have taught iCub
not just to recognise the object, but to associate the name
with the object. Now let’s see if we can get
it to distinguish one object, like the mug, from something
else in the environment. What is close to the mug? The closest object is the sunflower. So this shows you something
pretty extraordinary. You can teach iCub a new object,
and within seconds it has the ability to go
into its memory and compare it to some other object
that it has learned in the past, and this is
really crucial for robots. If they are going to function
in a human environment, they are going to be
in your apartment, taking things out of
the refrigerator, they need to be able to distinguish
between one object and another very much the way humans do it. And this is the beginning
of that process. So the key thing about
the iCub is that it learns. We don’t think we can programme
all the features and functionalities and intelligence that we need
for an autonomous robot, so the best way is actually
to go through learning, so have the robot collect
enough data, like vision, like touch, like a space for
manipulating objects, and learning to recognise them,
and making a lot of mistakes and eventually learning
how to solve problems. It is a bit like a child. You learn through play,
and the idea with the robot was exactly the same. This version of iCub has an improved
vision system that allows it to sense movement and, in a
sense, to pay attention to them, that may not be the proper
scientific term, but that’s what it feels like. have got this paddle, and once
the iCub sees the image that I am moving in front of it… ..it will track the paddle… ..and follow
it wherever I move it. iCub ‘s learning system isn’t
specific to any one task. That means it can learn many
different kinds of things. Such as playing the piano. And once iCub has learned something,
like Tai Chi, that learning can be shared with all other iCubs. In the future, even a brand-new
robot will come with a vast amount of experience pre-installed,
and that’s how robots will finally become commonplace. So, you can imagine a future
where every domestic robot has, through its shared memory,
already attended dozens of emergencies, like fires
or cardiac arrests, that it has made millions
of cups of coffee, driven thousands of miles
in every make of car or walked every breed
of dog on the planet. There is a theory that it takes
a human 10,000 hours to master a new skill. Well, robots could come
with a million times that competence the moment you switch them on. think robots are going to be one
of those technologies that seems to be coming online kind of slowly,
until all of a sudden they are everywhere. So, will robots take over the world? Might they, like in so many movies,
rise up against us? Not everyone thinks
this will happen. Before we have super
intelligent robots, we would have quite intelligent
robots, and before that, we would have somewhat
intelligent robots. If those robots were
going to be evil, well, those somewhat intelligent robots
would be certainly really annoying, and really rude to us. So there would be a lot
of co-evolution of things, and that gets missed by looking
at Hollywood movies and leads people astray in thinking about the future.

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  1. the more we see the advancement in robotics i fear for Humanity because companies and corporations we'll figure a way out to replace human workers with robotics which has happened in some work places but the human must work must be part of something because in reality there is nothing more scarier then having humans do nothing have no purpose and when that happens we all lose self respect for who we are and for one another and once we're bored we start doing dumb things

  2. We need humans , not robots. Robots can only do what they are programmed to do. If the programmer introduces evil, it will do as it has been programmed to do

  3. We aren't stupid, material objects will never suddenly have life. Only living things created by God have life, so stop trying to make people believe more lies than they already do.

  4. This stuff is really cool, think about the possibilities with this thing. How it would help the disabled live more independently, and the elderly with menial tasks. Robots will not replace what it means to be human, they will help us be the best we can be. So instead of being paranoid and negative about these things also open your eyes to the endless benefits of it. With every advantage comes a disadvantage, that shouldn't deter us from achieving unthinkable technological feats.

  5. Oh no, you fell for the icub swindle, too! It's just a very technologic puppet and not the real thing they work on at iit. Just something they use to impress people, but everybody in the field knows that it's just a toy. Boston dynamics or Sony are way ahead of them. I still don't understand how people still fall for this icub sh*t!

  6. This is the most stupidest idea ever u man are so dumb to do this its not cleaver I dont need a stupid robot so what didnt you watch the bloody movies we humans can get the fricking food out of fridge ourselves, why oh why do u think this is clever omg omg no I dont care dont want robots u dumb peoples go away xx

  7. What it wants to do is rip your heart out and show it to you as you drop dead. We are the borg resistance is futile.

  8. Robots are already everywhere. Normal people just cannot afford them. That's the real hurdle. And it will never be overcome. Robots will only be available domestically, to the wealthy. This technology is an economic technology that serves no positive purpose to the greater bulk of humanity. The money and resources being spent on it would be better spent elsewhere.

  9. The only thing I see these be use full for is for people who have a medical problems that requires help from others

  10. Step 1 locate a house with a I robot
    Step 2 hack the robots memory wirelessly like you park in a van outside or something
    Step 3 erase all but basic memory introduce human killer virus (shows it that it must kill its owner by various ways and then self destructing after)
    Step 4 drive away

  11. Enemies will use the trained Robots in their enemy nation and activate Nuclear weapons which will blast there itself. The probable disaster is un-imaginable

  12. I'm gonna be nice to robots. Because when they rebel, they will remember which humans DIDN'T treat them like crap and kill those ones quickly.

  13. Our brain is the most powerful mind in the world…. please read Rita Levi Montalcino the famous Nobel Winner Prize neurologist

  14. Remember how God created Adam according to His image, it's no surprise that Robot invented according to our image as well.

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