LEGO Batman Batcave Clayface Invasion review! 76122
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LEGO Batman Batcave Clayface Invasion review! 76122

August 28, 2019

hello everybody this is a lot to look at
it’s the Lego Batman 80th anniversary Batcave Clayface
invasion set as far as I can tell as someone who’s not a DC super fan most of
this is derived from rebirth that includes the figures of the Batman and a
young Damian Wayne Robin it’s a shame that Robin does not get articulate able
legs but they did need to make him a short as reasonably possible relative to
his dad for this version of him to show that it got the cape on just a little
bit loose there just so it doesn’t pinch at the neck or it starts to look a
little bit weird both of these do have the softer more
modern style of capes so you can flip those up easily and move them out of the
way easily and they also don’t crinkle so I consider that to be better quality
good torso prints front and back good facial expressions as well like how
those are drawn but once again we are suffering from extreme pale face for the
Batman that’s just poor quality printing then we’d like to see from Lego this set
has a Bruce Wayne but no Alfred unfortunately he’s got just a print for
the torso nothing for the legs or the arms and that woman has that really
really nice dual molded cowl slash hairpiece that works very well fairly
simplified torso print for her very very comic looking almost simple animated
style looking you know I think that’s entirely intentional they’re not trying
to get that to look too realistic so I will respect the design decision there
there are their alternate faces and notice you also have thicker printing or
thicker lines just in the design for the suit for Bruce Wayne there then you
might expect but again I think that’s an intentional direction they went with the
art and there’s the main face for bat woman and that leaves us with to face
and Catwoman here again with similar graphical styles I think that there’s a
little bit extra depth that’s shown for two phases
outfit that torso print is actually pretty nice maybe a little bit more
realistic than the others just because of that ink
a little bit of suggestion of depth really nice printing for the face for to
face there and very good quality paint application for the purple part of the
hairpiece there let’s just paint it on top of the black but it’s very opaque
and it matches the color that’s used on the face pretty well now that printing
does not go all the way around the side of his face and the eyes for let me give
this around to the back first but the eyes for Catwoman have the goggles or
the visor you can see the visor lenses that are printed on to the main face
there the main head underneath so you don’t actually have any lenses in the
cowl it’s actually pretty good looking printing there no alternate face for a
two-face because it’s difficult to to make that swap around backwards you know
you have all of this purple on this side but pretty good work for both of these
for what they’re trying to go for I think and so what about clay face first
of all let me show you the scale so it’s not as large as the Lego Batman movie
version but uses this printed piece which is actually a large action figure
shoulder armor piece but it has a pretty good print that I think matches the
intended style pretty well these are stickers that’s a sticker they’re there
and they’re just three identical ones the articulation on this figure first of
all let me show you from the side a little bit flat from front to back not a
lot of depth to them but the articulation is very good that’ll look
great from around the back but at least the colors are fairly consistent I
believe that these pieces are color locked so far they have not changed
their colors the ball and socket joint pieces they’ve not changed their colors
yet although I think I saw something coming up where they will change those
don’t quote me on that I might be mistaken but you can move this in all
sorts of different ways which is fantastic he doesn’t have any knees but
I think that’s okay but you know the the orientation of these bulges is very good
look at this I can get him too it’s a balance he doesn’t even have to have the
the flats of the feet down on the ground all the way you can lean oh yeah he’s
got waist articulation that’s one I didn’t see coming that’s very useful
just very simply done with a couple of Technic bricks there in a pin between
them but that’s good and these arms can move pretty much any kind of way that
you can want that you can ask for they just left enough room for these joints
to do their things you know to to allow us to to move them around however we
want see if I get yeah there you go and get the arm to come all the way across
the body the head just kind of opens up I actually like this technique that’s
used to get these two teeth in there again pretty simple but pretty effective
and I appreciate the read for the tongue in the inside of the mouth that’s
suggested there even has articulated fingers so you can grab on to a figure
or something smaller can grasp in there pretty well you know you can close that
other one down nicely yeah so this is this is actually pretty good especially
for its scale and for the number of pieces used here it’s not excessive and
it’s it’s expense but it can do a lot I think that the scaling is pretty good
and it’s just able to be posed in so many ways that I think you can get a lot
of expressiveness out of it for display and it’s pretty decent for play as well
because you want it to be able to to chase things down you want to be able to
put it into interesting poses I think that’s fairly easy with this one this
Batcave has more pieces in it than I expected dedicate it to really
reinforcing the idea that this is a cave that it is underground the color
difference may be a little bit subtle in some places to see but like all of these
slopes and the curved pieces are dark brown with just a little bit of brown in
there as well and that represents you know earth and the walls of the natural
cave around the back it’s even more pronounced with most of this being dark
brown to represents the back of the cave including these preformed rock pieces
top Center is the bat-computer area with multiple screens that can be rotated
different ways so you can bring them up and down and bring them in and out to
have them all facing towards your central seat there which is a custom
little build that inspired you can rotate that around and you have all
these different stickers that are used with some small references including the
bat-hound right there it looks like we’re scanning the DNA of the Joker and
found a match that scan is going interestingly through a microscope which
is not how things work in real life but it’s something that kids can definitely
attach to there’s a better look at the desk
surface with the bat keyboard there with that hand print recognizer and they made
it to look like a Lego hand which makes sense to the left is a stand for a
backpack type element this is something that you would actually put on Batman
and it gives him some gadgets you know it’s just some Wayne tech to offer them
up some different options and I think this is supposed to be like a jetpack
because these look like they are nozzle so this would probably be able to give
him some extended flight capabilities and down below that is a miniaturized
version of the trophy room with a miniaturized version of the giant
animatronic dinosaur on the left the giant Joker card on the table on the
right and also the giant penny and forth penny they have made it Ram Lincoln look
like the Lego Abraham Lincoln and includes his hat even though it’s not on
the actual coin across to the other side is a weapons
room which just has a single rack on it with only two different types of items I
like the built up grappling gun they made it easy enough to take all of that
out as one sub assembly without breaking anything accidentally so it just gives
you easier access and above that is a weight bench that just represents a
little bit of a training room I like how they got the barbell to hold there with
the mixels ball socket pieces and that’s a bat drink bottle and now let’s check
out this tower over here which can be separated if you want very easily and
yeah you can pretty much see what this is not the first time that they’ve done
this it’s a transformation feature and these tend to work pretty well I’m just
going to pull out this thing back here and let him drop on through he goes in
from the top after using this very nice looking vintage telephone up top and it
comes out at the bottom as the Batman goes in as Bruce Wayne comes out as the
Batman and of course Bruce is still just sitting right there but this this whole
feature is smooth it’s slick it works well got some
additional recent pieces to add some gray bling basically on to the sides
show some you know some some pipes and things going through the ground again
more of the dark brown here just so many more pieces than I expected in this set
to give those little bits of detail that I think for a lot of kids won’t be that
important it’s a little bit more of a of a realism play you know it’s a little
bit more important I think for our collectors but I do appreciate those
things being there I will see by the end if the value is really there for those
let me just show you the transformation feature once again so Bruce Wayne up top
Batman figure gets placed right here but you’re not supposed to know that
and he just just gonna leave that angled forward on them and I’m just going to
pull this pin out and everything just drops holds the top one in place and the
bottom one just drops all the way to the lower floor they made it look pretty
nicely like an elevator complete with call buttons there and I really like
these support pieces recolor it into gunmetal gray back across to the other
side here instead of having elevator call buttons you’ve got the lock and
unlock panel for a single jail cell and instead of a transformation feature over
here because this is relatively small you just have a breakout feature so the
side of the jail cell can be broken open that just comes from rotating this knob
right here you can see it just has that small lift arm that it moves out and you
can fit basically a single figure inside of that and all this it’s also able to
be removed and moved about independently again more of the dark brown it’s just a
single piece which is I guess a good use of that part campin is a relatively
large piece that is relatively expensive compared to what could have been put
there but they’re just continuing the theme of this being properly truly
underground and then on top you get to this communications array so there’s a
bat transceiver there looks like a bat tena but this has a do
purpose if you get the set with the Riddler and the batwing from this same
80th anniversary series then you can park or doc this batwing in that spot
batwing not included with the Batcave set here but that is a nice integration
to allow you to put that into its vertical launch position it’s a pretty
good look I have to say but it’s a little bit cramped over here so I’ll
just go ahead and separate these two out again give them a little bit of space
and I think that makes it look even better too bad there’s no catwalk or I
guess bat walk to go between these two platforms before I’m one more supports
in gunmetal gray with this one and also these all four of those are done in
gunmetal grey which i think is a brand new color for those parts those are also
what are used to hold up the main center section so you get four more in that
color here the last build in this set is this bat tank which is almost comically
small you see Batman’s head sticking out of the roll cage there I think this is
supposed to represent something a fair bit larger at least twice as big maybe
but it is a pretty dense and sturdy model I mean it’s actually even pretty
heavy for its overall size it’s a little bit difficult to see some of the detail
just because there’s very low contrast there which which totally makes sense I
think it looks better with the Batman knot in it when you can see just the
shape of the roll cage representing the cockpit area but this is done pretty
decently well oops one piece wasn’t pushed in all the way there there we go
you know pretty nice detailing nice variety of different shapes and textures
it does use some stickers you got a sticker right there
got stickers on either side there but plenty of things to shoot so you’ve got
a harpoon you can fire that off with the the stud shooter from this side and over
here I’m assuming that’s supposed to represent like a mortar launcher rotate
that around a bit more and on the back is a rocket launcher which has remotely
semi remotely fired flick fire missiles so those are still alive those are still
a thing they’re using the new warhead accessory
pack which includes warheads that look like this and also ones that look like
this and also stuff like this and a bunch of other little items that just
add a lot of special details that aren’t traditional Lego shapes that bats symbol
right there the two-by-two dish piece is actually a print you get two of those in
the set all this can rotate around any kind of way that you want and you just
fire those off by pushing from back here so you don’t need to do the full flick
thing but this is not quite as as powerful I think to fire these off it’s
a little bit more reliable but yeah reliable is the word not as powerful as
a good flick you can still kind of flick them and see if I can get this to work
yeah not too bad okay yeah actually works a little bit better than then the
first time that I tried it just get it lined up well but yeah that’s pretty
much all there is to this again gunmetal gray for these plastic wheels they’re a
little bit wobbly but I think they’re okay and like I said this just feels
heavier and more substantial then it appears here’s all the stuff that’s left
over at the end so these three warheads here which are built with a couple of
studs each to allow them to be fired off are in the instructions but everything
else is truly just spare stuff you know leftover stuff it’s not intended to be
integrated with the set so you have this nice print here some of these
specialized pieces some of which are kind of game changers in what they can
do and how they’re built and how or how they can be used in builds and another
one they’re just really interesting things with so many ways that you can
connect stuff I really want to explore different possibilities with that entire
pack of parts but a great selection of spares I think looking at value here
$100 for over a thousand pieces is just something that I can’t complain about
unless a set comes with mostly tiny tiny pieces but this one really surprises me
in that sense because there are all of these pieces that are typically very
very expensive much more expensive in cost to us as
Zoomers as well as to some degree costs to the company not as much but more than
than usual so all these support pieces all the rock pieces even though they are
a small not not the bigger one still usually they charge a lot for that kind
of stuff that’s a print right there that’s a pretty big piece all of these
grating pieces not there but here here here and here and also another one here
they’re 8 by 8 those are pretty large pieces yes there
are some small pieces in here but there are so many big ones that a 10 cent
price to part ratio is just something that I would not expect I would expect
this to have a much higher price to art ratio at least 12 I wouldn’t be
surprised if it was 13 so forth I think that for them to price that price this
at $100 as a suggested retail price is really good I just cannot complain the
figures are pretty good play value here I think is pretty good you know you have
pretty good accessibility to things the tank is a pretty good build it’s just
small but very playable Clayface I’m glad they’re still doing them as an
actual built up model it’s so much more enjoyable than having like a big fake
especially a big big made for him and he’s very very posable it’s a little bit
skinny looking a little bit too much gray in the color scheme maybe but I
feel like those are kind of knit picks the size overall I think is fine and
that poseability is excellent all told I just think that this is a good set and
it’s being sold at a good price if you can find it at a discount from a
retailer all the better more that’s fantastic if you want to check out the
entire build process of this from start to finish with no skipped steps you just
throw it on in the background it’s about two hours long you can check out the
pure build or if you don’t have two hours but you do want to see the whole
build process then check out the sped up speed build version instead I’m gonna
link to both of those on screen for you right now so check one of them out I’ll
talk to you soon

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  3. For the scale, that clayface looks pretty good; too bad those ball joints don't come in different colors.  I wish they could have put a little friction in that transformation feature to slow down the elevator a little bit.  Batman deserves a slower, more dramatic entrance.  Do you think any of the previous batwings would work on that landing pad?  All in all, not a bad batcave.

  4. The twoface and catwoman are great. Clayface is decent for a brick-built design, but i’m still waiting for a bigfig for him. Love the inclusion of the trophy room. (I want the baby dinosaur without print!)

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  6. The original is still way better but This batcave is better than the 2012 and 2018 one. (Not The Classic batcave)

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  8. I could see Lego releasing this set without the tank and charging the same price, but the tank is a game changer in my eyes and makes this set a very good value.

  9. When you are doing the prices can you please do Australian dollar. so people in Australia know how much it is. Thanks

  10. Jang, I know you said that the brown pieces represent the cave, but do they not have anything to do with Clayface's invasion at all? That's what I thought the idea of the set would be…. (with all the dripping clay)

  11. I still hate how they put eyes on Batman under the head. Like I'm gonna display a lego Batman without his cowl!

  12. The buildable Clayface looks great, but I really hope someday we'll get a minifig Clayface like the one from the classic Lego Batman game.

  13. a Great Review of a crash & burn Batcave Set. By the Way, Mega Construx released their 3508 pc Castle Grayskull! You going to Review it by chance???

  14. I hope Lego one day will make a BTAS Two-Face, just like the one seen in the "Villans" videogame DLC, that one is beautiful

    Aside from that, I still prefer the 2006 Two-Face, that one is just pure perfection

  15. I think the screen that shows Joker and his DNA being tested could possibly be a reference to the Arkham game series, mostly Knight or City, but that's just what I think

  16. This looks like a cross over between the original 2008 batcave (visual style) and the 2012 one (build and features)

  17. I love that they removed that ugly white band thingy on Batman’s head and replaced it with goggles instead. Took them long enough!

  18. I believe they designed this set to be rerepresentations of the old 2006 sets, which in my opinion are far superior than what is offered now. Good job Jang

  19. Which they would have given Two-Face his coin and two-colored suit. I get that he's based off his All-Star version, but still the other two versions (based of the animated series) were better. I also hated the Lego Batman Movie version. Plus, this set should have had Alfred (or a new character) instead of Batwoman again.

  20. You should try the Indiana jones sets there amazing! I own the temple of the crystal skull and the jungle cutter. I really suggest trying some there the best sets ever! :also can somebody start making some Indiana jones sets in the lego ideas line a couple years ago there was a bridge collapse set and if that was a set I would spend all my money. 💵

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  22. This Batsuit drop is a huge downgrade from the 2012 one. The 2012 one had a panel on the back to hide the exposed figure and didn’t bounce when it hit the ground. It also looked more high tech than the cave texturing.

  23. I hate how they gave us Batwoman AGAIN when there is literally only one comic-accurate Barbara Gordon, no Stephanie Brown as Batgirl, Spoiler or even Robin. And still to this day no Cassandra Cain figure (be it as Batgirl or Orphan though I'd prefer the former due to the creepy design).
    I mean Cassandra is easily twice the character Batwoman will ever be and most people don't even know she exists…

  24. I like the paleness of Batman cause it resembles his character sort of. Also I have a question, jang: I am a LEGO YouTuber but I was planning on changing my name to catbricks. Brickitect says that is a bad idea (to have ‘’brick’’ in your name) but I want your opinion.

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  28. Did the other bat cave with the drop down change room have a open in the back too. I can’t remember if it was or close. I will have to build it again too see but I want say it was closed up from behind . Anyway I glad that they “ updated “ it worked very well the first time .this time robin doesn’t have to share . No Alfred is a real shame and the bat tank I would have like it’s parts to be counted towards a villain vehicle or something to beef up the cave like a bat armor or changing rack

  29. I got the Batman and mr freeze chase I didn’t really care about the pale face but I didn’t like the short ears on the helmet so I just took the helmet off and got one from my different Batman with the long ears

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