LEGO City Ambulance Helicopter 2018 review 🚁 60179
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LEGO City Ambulance Helicopter 2018 review 🚁 60179

September 10, 2019

hello everyone this is the LEGO City
2018 ambulance helicopter set raises a big question for a lot of people why
another helicopter from the lego city line the answer is very simple a lot of
kids like their Lego helicopters and asked their parents to buy lego
helicopters so parents keep buying lego helicopters and thus leo keeps making
more it’s kind of a part of their strategy to be a successful company and
it’s working so far now this helo is one of the larger
builds to use this very common cockpit piece that’s pinned on all sorts of
helicopters and aircraft to date has a fairly long fuselage that actually has a
good amount of spacing I’ll show you the interior in just a second as a
twin-engine configuration you got the four blades here fantail set up at the
rear a good amount of building around the back of it to smooth things out and
to give it a tail that’s kind of thin relative to the overall size of the
thing which is good but it’s plenty sturdy I mean you can easily lift the
whole thing up from back here and there’s no worry about things starting
to to separate themselves apart it has access from the sides but it also has a
door in the back that comes down as a ramp that gives you plenty of space to
put a person in there on a stretcher and the stretcher is included just kind of
slide them out you see the person is fully laid down inside of there and this
has an interesting thing on the sides with these fold down sections that allow
a person to be attending the patient from the side or you know you can angle
them out have them facing forward or to the side so they can be out there
actually spotting and looking for someone who needs to be rescued or
helping them to get loaded on from the side or whatnot they also have over here
on the side plasma bag that’s set up and towards the front of the thing is a
small clip which has a syringe and they use a sticker on the front bulkhead to
indicate a life science monitor it’s a shame there isn’t enough Headroom to
accommodate an attendant inside the patient’s Bay they’ve gotten floor
space for one but just not enough vertical clearance over here you can see
how the side seating platform can be folded out of the way can just be
rotated up when you want it can also be slid forward and back of it also each
side of the craft has a single extra clip there to hold onto a minifig
accessory so that radio or walkie talkie is included and on the other side if
you’re doing a rescue of a snowboarder well you can put their board there so
you don’t have to leave that behind as usual the cockpit is accessed by just
removing the entire canopy and this one is fairly simple there are no control
sticks but they just have a printed console there for the single pilot
I like the prominent use of the star of life for those two figures on the left
because it’s a fairly universally known thing and I feel like it’ll last a long
time these torsos will remain useful and will be able to be used across multiple
generations of ambulance and medical related sub-themes that Lego would do as
opposed to ones that are more specialized towards a specific Coast
Guard style of logo or something that Lego itself makes up at first I was a
little bit surprised that the snowboarder over on the right does not
get an alternate face you know a super distressed face like ouch I’ve really
been hurt here but it makes sense given the helmet that they include forum which
would have shown a bit of that that secondary face at all times so probably
the best choice here to just stick with one so it looks good from all angles
lastly here’s a look at the new stickers for the snowboard I like the graphic
design work that’s been done here so yeah it’s another Lego helicopter toy
made for kids and I think it’s done pretty well I appreciate the ability to
seat people on the outside the clips for accessories and things the little bits
of detail on the interior the good access to a full stretcher to fit a
person in there it really is a shame that you’re not able to put an intent an
attendant on the inside of the thing fully but this very simple system for
the sidestep is definitely very useful given that you can
move it into many different positions I like the graphics and the color scheme
is very eye-catching so there’s nothing award-winning here for sure it’s just a
fine toy in my opinion that’s about all I have to say about it so I will move on
to the next thing thank you very much for watching and I’ll talk to you in

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  1. Am I the only one excited for the 2017 Lego City Advent calendar. Personal it is really exciting to open it up because this is the first year with my YouTube channel. JANG I love your videos. You are the number 1 go to for when I need help with Lego sets. I have been watching for as long as I can remember. Probably since 2013-2014? I can't remember but great job. You are so helpful and entertaining.

  2. This Helicopter will replace the awful thing that came with the Friends Hospital set. That minifigure with snowboard will fit nicely in the Creator snow villa.
    Edit: the helicopter has enough interior space to be a functional vehicle.

  3. Does anyone realise LEGO doesn't matter about safety where the girl is sat in front of the engine safety first kids!

  4. dude love your vids I do some to but where would you recommend getting all your lego ps are you a lego master builder if you are is that why you get free stuff from lego

  5. Cool set, but I find it strange that the pilot seems "trapped" in the cockpit, no door for him to get out, and no doors on the sides of the helicopter, the passengers are gonna freeze! But it's just minor nitpicks, looks good.

  6. As someone who actually got to see the overall size and interior of an ambulance helicopter, this thing is a lot small than it should be.

    I mean, I get it. A majority of people who build with Lego, Lego itself included, build on a scale that only matters to the height of the Minifigures. However if you scale up a Minifigure to 6ft. (Average male human height) you find that the body is much much wider. This build should be double its size. Even then, it's still off scale.

  7. I love the torso prints! And the twin engine design with gears inside you havent commented it at all, it looks great! And the color scheme is innovative. I feel like you rushed through this great set and just because it is a helicopter doesn't mean it can't be a great set.

  8. This is a wonderful flashback to the Rescue-I helicopter (6697), which I had as a child. It's a nice set missing only two things to be excellent: Enough space to seat the medic and a winch for air lifting. (Both were possible in 6697.)

  9. Completely unrelated to the video but does anyone think that mega blocks might get license to the Arkham Batman because it would be really cool to have highly detailed figures of Batman and the villians. like I said this completely unrelated to the video

  10. This feels like one of Lego's better helicopter efforts. The flip up platforms on the sides are a great addition for play purposes. JANG's "It's just a fine toy" comment (4:34) sums it up perfectly.

  11. This is one of the best LEGO sets I've ever seen, and it's an AFOL speaking. JANGBRiCKS, I don't understand your lack of excitement: it's the best medical theme set released in the last… What? 10 years..? It's also ice-mountain themed, making it perfect with "recent" Arctic sets, other than the new mountain-themed ones. Amazing build too, can't find a single defect in this little treasure.

  12. I love the hairpiece on the woman. Don't really need more helicopters, but think I might get this one to get a good rescue helicopter and for the figures.

  13. While I'm starting to have a problem with having way to many helicopters to make sense this set is a win for me. I have been wanting a good ambulance for my city and while I'll still be hoping for a ground vehicle I think this set works great as is and can be easily modified to fill a patient transport option just be adding some side walls. I also like the bright yellow as so many things use white all the time is gets boring and am planning to get two more to build as helicopter taxis.

  14. I wish they closed that big gap in the helicopter and just made it easily accessible. That’s my only gripe, though.

  15. Got this set for Chrismas today, don't know why is it so underate because it look way bigger than it is in the vid and the price was execptable (I got it for $20). Overall, this is like the best lego helicopter set in like 10 year

  16. One of the best Lego sets I got in a while. I know its another Lego Helicopter, but this is actually a pretty cool helicopter.

  17. My only complaint, as you mentioned in the video, is the attendant not being able to sit inside the back of the helicopter.

  18. Lego hasn't made a city hospital forever. I will drive to my nearest Lego store before it opens and buy it the day it releases.

  19. I always say Lego minifigs are not in a correct scale, the guns are too large relatively, and the space of helicopters are too small

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