LEGO City: Undercover ALL 22 PIGS Returned for Jethro Hayes + Jonlan Rednix (PLEASE SEE DESCRIPTION)

September 13, 2019

There she is – LEGO City! Hi! Brickette here. In Cherry Tree Hills,
right about here on the map, is where I found the first pig to return to the
farm in this video. I’ll show you where all 22 pigs are in LEGO City Undercover.
See the description below this video for the times of the pigs if you want to
skip right to them. You can either jetpack up to the roof or
have the farmer water the plant on the other side. I probably don’t have to show
you how to get up there with the farmer but some people watch this just for fun. That’s so cute! I’ll speed this up because it’s a long way and I wanted to
shorten this video a little. It takes a while to get 22 pigs! I’ll only show this part for the first
pig to keep this video a little shorter. The next pig is also in Cherry Tree
Hills across from the police station by the donut shop. We need the police uniform to get up
here to grapple this hook. We can either water the plant or jetpack up here. Now we need to switch to the farmer and do the chicken glide by hitting the right button. Now we need to move the left stick forward and the jump button at the same time and then press and hold the
jump button. We can go to the left and do another chicken glide and go all the way around or we can just jetpack up here. We’re going to need the jetpack eventually
anyway to get this next Pig – like right here. yikes! The third one is an Auburn. If you don’t have the unlimited dynamite red brick you can get some dynamite from the
vending machine under the bridge by the train station. Then grab a car and go over here and put the dynamite in the barrel in
front of this silver gate. You can slide under here with the
jump button while you’re running. Hit the right button. Now we have to put out this fire with
the left button. The next pig is in Fort Meadows, a little
south of the gas station and diner. From the train station
in Fort Meadows, walk or drive down this road
to the gas station. You can try to jetpack to the
roof but I couldn’t get that far. An easier way to get up there is over here
behind this billboard. We switch to the farmer and press
the right button. Aim forward and hit the jump button twice
and hold it down the second time. Wow! That was weird! I didn’t go
through the circle of studs. I didn’t see any leaves
in the middle either. I lucked out Then ride the pig
all the way back to the farm. The scenery around here looks really
nice! Look at those trees! I have another video showing several more collectibles
in this area around Fort Meadows. The fifth pig I got is in
Bluebell National Park, on top of the building on the
other side of the water. You can get to it this way,
or you can swim across. this is also how you get to one of the
sculpture vultures the next pig is at the Lego City Airport
right by the helipad that we can build so from the train station by the airport
we go over here to get up to the helipad once we build the helipad we can use it
to get to two other pigs one in Uptown and the other in paradise’ sands here we
do the jetpack thing you can get to the one in Uptown from
the airport helipad that we just built or from the Art Museum and Chicken glide
over to the Natural History Museum this time we’re actually going to use
the helipad hit the right button and select a helicopter move away from the
circle and then hop in with the top button press the jump button to go up
and the right button to go down when you get there lower it down until you see the prompt
and then hit the top button to jump out love that we can get the pig in Crescent Park over
here on the right side of this long wall we can get to the pig in bright lights
Plaza starting right here on the map the first one in pagoda is right about
here by a gong from the train station we go this way we have to switch to a criminal disguise
and have the correct color in our color gun or have our super color gun red
brick on then we aim and shoot with the left button the easiest way to get to the next one
in pagoda is at the north end of Berea we’ll need the construction worker to
drill this the one in festival square is right in
that little corner we have to get to it by jumping up on
these pigs I used the astronaut in case I fell I
could recover with his jetpack and there are a lot of places to fall before I get
to the pig boy that was nerve-racking the peg on the heritage bridge is on the
south side of the bridge but you need to get to it from the north side from the
train station at festival square go to the north side of the bridge dowsers you’ll need the construction worker to
drill this if you already got the red brick from here this water will still be
gushing we’re going towards the south side of
the bridge right now where the pig is one of the pigs downtown is by this
circular statue and the ferris wheel we switched to the astronaut and hit the
right button to teleport up to the roof then we switch to the farmer and do a
chicken glider aim forward and jump and then press and hold the jump button another find a legacy the other one downtown is on the round
side of this fort one of the pigs in Kings Court is
between two of those buildings right there from the train station it’s over
here we’ll need the jetpack the other one in Kings Court is right
about there can’t walk up those I know I should have
just gone down the middle there let me get those super bricks homes fences hi there the pig and fresco is right across from
the train station over Pappalardo z– apparently I need the jet pack to get up
here paradise sands is another Pig we need to
get to by helicopter so we can go to the airport helipad again I’m going to mark where we need to go on
the map in Paradise sans press the jump button to go up and the right button to
go down as you’re going down you’ll see a prompt
to hit the top button to jump out of the helicopter we can get to Apollo Island with the
ferry in Kings Court we’ll need the jetpack for this next Pig if you have the instant vehicle redbrick
you can use it here we need the construction worker to drill this we can take the ferry behind the police
station to get to albatross Island we need the fireman disguise for this pig we can get to Lady Liberty Island
through the flat side of this fort downtown we need Rex Fury to get to Lady
Liberty Island if you’ve already been there then this transporter will already
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