“LEGO City: Undercover” RED BRICKS for SPEED – 2 to help win races (PLEASE SEE DESCRIPTION)
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“LEGO City: Undercover” RED BRICKS for SPEED – 2 to help win races (PLEASE SEE DESCRIPTION)

September 1, 2019

There she is – LEGO City! Hi! Brickette here to show you how to get nine red bricks in LEGO City Undercover that help you
get things done faster as well as a few other collectibles I found along the way
which I will point out as we get to them. And I listed the times when they appear,
in the description of this video. The first one is Instant Vehicles red
brick that starts by the helipad in Bright Lights Plaza. Once you get it and
activate it in the extras menu you can get a land vehicle anywhere by just
pressing straight down on the right stick and then selecting the vehicle. The
Super Axe Smash red brick starts in the same area. You just go to the right
instead of the left of that elevator. Hopefully the helipad is already built.
If not, you’ll have to find some super bricks unless you already have enough to
build this helipad. Then hit the top or tag button to jump
in. Use the jump button to go up and the right button to go down The Super Axe Smash red brick makes it
much faster for the fireman to smash through doors Oops! Went a little too far so I had to
back up. I lowered the helicopter with the right button until I saw the tag button prompt. Then I hit that to jump out. As the astronaut, hit the right
button in the circle. Then hit the jump button. And then hit it again
and hold it down. When you get close to the end of the
tightrope, you can jetpack over there. Here’s something else we can get while we’re in the neighborhood. We can get the Fast Build red brick in the Special Assignment On the Rooftops in Cherry Tree Hills, called Some Assaults. I’ll just show you what you need to do
to get to the red brick. one kept falling off of that thing so
smash up all the blue and white whale objects that’s furniture look tacky anyway we use the jet pack just to get up to
that bar thing then jet pack again get over there now to the right it’s a little hidden
fuse box just five show it to you in case you’re looking for these next up is
the super break-and-enter red brick that we can get in special assignment eight
the colossal fossil hustle in the Uptown Museum and uptown the super break-and-enter redbrick will
allow us to break into doors with a crowbar a lot faster there’s a t-rex
poster on the right side of this room it’s really hard to see so I thought I’d
point that out try to pull on this for a while there’s that fast build reg wreck
at work we can’t use the unlimited dynamite red brick in a special
assignment it won’t work oops what a little too far I
underestimated him the dinosaur exhibit great the t-rex is bound to be in there
if you don’t have the super color gun redbrick yet there’s a color swapper
above this which you can get through after you build it in the room to the
right you can find out how to get the super color gun red brick in my video of
the five most useful collectibles to get the red brick we need to find three
bones to put on the triceratops around the left we also get a part of a shield when we
get these two bones you have to put it right on the head third one a little bit more work just
give up you’ll never get in where is the t-rex if I ran this place it’ll be right
in the middle being all right we have to break into this office can I
smell burning there’s the third bone put it in the
tail end I found a lot of super bricks hmm maybe there’s something I can build
around here now if you want to just exit this level without getting anything else
just click a game save and exit and then we can go get the next red brick the
super a stroke rate red brick which is in the Apollo Island Space Center in
special assignment six called extra naughty maybe you can do something to
get their attention that’s the last thing I want isn’t it no because then
they’ll have to come to that control room meaning you can sneak into the
hangar okay I’ll just try pressing somebody’s there the super a stroke rate
red brick allows you to open a stroke race without having to enter the correct
sequence of colored lights sheesh glad my watch doesn’t take a
battery this size I can confirm that we are the I’ll need another engineer to tell me
when that second SR menos on flex area actually is older yes that might get their attention I
hope that vent up there leads to the hangar we have to aim the color gun at that
reflector on the right next up is the super drill ride redbrick
another tongue twister in the tunnel in paradise am sorry police business and there’s one of the right but that’s
not it there go one more section that’s on the left either the super break-and-enter red
bricks doesn’t work for x-series orange handles or I don’t have it turned on next is the super safe crack in sham
scrapyard in pagoda in special assignment seven
scrap yard scraps we’ve got to get to the Italian as fast as possible
chant could be doing anything to get information out like giving the right
screen what he’s not gonna try to bribers tusky no I mean like it really
bad headaches from ice cream I tell you anything of you threaten me with it
especially mint chocolate he was taking forever to carry these gas cans so I set
it up and there’s another one right behind them Oh need to switch directory next is the nitrous for all red brick
which is under the Blackwell bridge close to the Uptown Side police business careful where you jump in the water
around here there are lots of sharks between the support columns there are
collectibles on both sides I would suggest going up on the bridge with the
ladders and walking over to go down to the other columns the red brick is right
down there notice the mini-map over there there’s
another collectible over here on the same side so you don’t have to cross the
shark-infested waters and then there are a few more across away and the last one is the longer vehicle
boost redbrick which is in festival square close to the train station it’s in between the four blue arches the
Longville vehicle boost redbrick increases the duration of the nitrous
boost of the night refer all redbrick both of those red bricks should help you
win some races so new I think I’m too close Network and that’s a two thousand
bricks super bridge can’t resist those blue ones whoa – well and while we’re here we might as well
get that free run token up there you could go in through the side using the
flermin and then teleport up to the top or just jetpack up there thank you so much for watching
if you like this video please make like a Lego character and smash that like
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  1. Lol it took me 30 minuets to find instant vehicles even though i saw this. Me:is this out dated. Looks next to tp thing Me … Restarts game Me 🙂

  2. I can't enter the helipad for the instant vehicle red brick. Also where is the jetpack astronaut location?

  3. I went to the keypad for instant vehicles and it didn’t open the door does. Anyone know how to sort that???

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