LEGO DC Super Villains – Breaking Down the Character Grid from San Diego Comic Con 2018 LIVE!
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LEGO DC Super Villains – Breaking Down the Character Grid from San Diego Comic Con 2018 LIVE!

August 30, 2019

oh yeah what’s happening everybody Jay
shockblast here I think we should be live and I wrecked I’m just gonna test
and see what’s going on just testing to see if you can hear me alright cool I
don’t usually use the the format that I’m doing right now I don’t usually use
OBS for streaming but that’s what we’re gonna do right here right now and for
those of you that are not paying attention we are live with San Diego
Comic Con this week and the folks from TT games are there and they are showing
off more goodness with Lego DC super villains
so yesterday Arthur persons was on with IGN and we got to see this character
grid that you see on the screen right now this is a screen shot so it’s a
little pixel II and we are trying to figure out who some of the characters
are as you can kind of see I’ve got my little pointer right here and we’re
gonna point to different characters and hopefully we can figure out who they are
there are some that I know who they are obviously but there are a couple that
I’m not a hundred percent positive on and there’s definitely some new ones so
definitely want to say what’s up to everybody that’s already here in the
stream so far got daddy kuma we got jb flash asher KO said hija braun gaming
grid ben and my man ralph how you doing so there’s definitely the Joker Luke so
we’ve definitely got some interesting stuff here let’s actually look through
all the screenshots that I have right here so right here we have the justice
syndicate and we have some new characters that we haven’t seen in the
previous trailers so let’s actually introduce all
what’s up Batman e24 Tyler Cruz see man adventures so right here we have
Deathstorm Deathstorm for those of you that don’t know is also part of blackest
night so he would also be a character from there so there’s that right here is
grid if you play injustice – there is a skin for grid so here it is lots of new
people coming into the stream on that okuu tan earn a coup Carrie Jones wonton
King French brick master of cringe erred art the gamer yes I did daddy kuma seem
Kamala Khan go into strike force lever Marvel I don’t feel so good Lois Lee
game monger Winston 12 TV gaming milky Ryan
Amy Carrie Weber thanks are coming back CB a channel Blue Beetle gaming
mysterious moon oh my gosh II can’t keep up anymore typical a Giselle Sabrina I’m
trying to catch everybody’s super punch pro gamer Delgado
Jerry Rodriguez man there’s so many of you because I’m Batman
Maroof Hamilton calleb candy reah John hey my man
Lorenzo John I am probably gonna do a future fight video today hoping to get
Thor to tier 3 tapping in second in pro so yeah I’m sorry I’m trying to keep up
with everybody I’m sorry if I missed you guys
let’s go ahead and talk some more about this so right here powering Deathstorm
grid right here is seeking this is obviously their version of Aquaman Tapan
in tain Kelly this is alum and obviously superwoman and Ultraman right here is
atomic ax and right here is Johnny quick they are an item so they are together
it’s happening mad CW reviews and I’m so sorry I’m trying to catch up with
everybody I like to hit everybody make sure you smash that like button here’s a
pretty cool or I’m sorry we have to tap the light but like button we tap the
like button here so here’s a pretty cool shot from the trailer of Ultraman
superwoman and owl man which is pretty great here’s another view of cking Jonny
quick power ring and grid here’s obviously the Justice League
flash Batman Aquaman Superman Wonder Woman Green Lantern and cyborg looking
pretty cool I love this shot of Deathstorm
and grid like this really shows how detailed grids helmet is or is it his
face also we’ve got power ring this is a really cool shot I thought of poison ivy
from the trailer which is pretty cool this is another shot of metallo or
really great shot I think yeah Batman definitely looks different
Joker Luke it’s cool Deathstorm is part of the crime syndicate but there’s also
a death storm from darkest night so bi is basically the evil firestorm so here
we see Sinestro right here which is looking dope this is killer frost
Gorilla Grodd Scarecrow and this is their created character right here so
this is this is what they did for their created character in the trailer right
here we’ve got some interesting carrots I think this is Malcolm Merlyn right
here right here you have Deadshot awesome I
love the new Catwoman that’s a great one obviously we have I don’t know this is a
reverse flash I guess you’ve got Clayface right here captain cold Captain
Boomerang right here is obviously the penguin right here you can see calendar
man right he’s got like some shoulder pads so calendar man is going
to be a character in the game right here you can see fireflies backpack so
Firefly is also going to be a character in the game so there’s a pretty cool
interesting addition Adam Strange so there’s another character we’re going to
see Adam Strange what do they have for him I don’t know what this helmet is up
here but I don’t change I guess it’s his jetpack right here you have heat wave
and you have clock King we saw clock King in the actual trailer
I don’t know about Manchester black mad CW reviews look at this look at Clayface
Clayface can grow really big or really small what’s happing in the real Litton
Thea so there’s Clayface another really cool
shot of deaths or arm death storm is honestly so far my favorite new
character in the game loving him oh you know what the black the dude and black
could be Rochelle ghoul I thought it might be Merlyn but you might actually
be right it might actually be all right I think we reached the end hold on alright and here’s a cool thing that was
shown to me on Twitter this is the DC super villain this TV
series character pack and as you can see right here is rain I don’t know if I can
zoom in more you can see you have rain from Supergirl
and this is zoom right here from the flash now during the during the panel
that Arthur had with during the panel that Arthur had with with IGN he did
mention that arrow and the flash zoomed in to zoom yeah that’s very funny now
during the panel Arthur did say that the arrow and the
flash from the CW shows are also part of that character pack so that means there
are four characters as part of that character pack I don’t think Gracie al
Ghul is coming in the TV pack though wonton King I think anybody that’s in
the actual game is is part of the game itself so here it is that is either
Rochelle ghoul or Merlin and we should be able to tell here because I thought I
saw him in here so here’s Sinestro right here that is silver Banshee right there
powering reverse-flash not in between them so here’s a character this is the
one that I can’t figure out who it is right here
Oh me I don’t know who this is Deathstroke is looking pretty cool
obviously if Captain Boomerang here Aquaman atomic ax Batman Black Adam I
don’t think we had seen any any confirmation of Black Adam quite yet so
right there oh this is grid oh you’re right
Gorilla Grodd who’s this I can’t like I know that this is very pixelated so I
can’t really tell but you’re right that’s probably grid and it’s just a
little dark I don’t know who this is right here this I’m assuming is
detective chimp and next to detective chimp I’m not positive who that’s gonna
be so yeah next to two-face I think is
Joker and I think it’s like the the Black Knight Joker next the
chimp is deckstar you’re right that is probably deckstar that’s right good call
who said that Nighthawk 92 good call there the guy next to power ring is what
Red Wing flow 409 wants to know that is a good question I don’t know who that is
it would it would start with a P no it’s Toyman Toyman is next to to face
all that could be it it does kind of look like a joker though
but yeah that’s that’s a good call I know I heard Oh polkadot man you’re
right so mr. burrito got polka dot mantain Kelly as well The Joker Luke
thinks that this could be Toyman let’s see I’m trying to keep up with a chat
this I think is mr. fries this is mr. mitts flixel or whatever how you ever
you say that grass ball oh yeah they’ll probably send me a copy that’s that’s
definitely something that usually happens I think this is Hawkgirl
because it’s right next to Harley Quinn so I think this is Hawkgirl yep we see
Lobo right here so I don’t know who’s next to Gorilla Grodd though I want
talking I agree Oh Constantine to the game as well the old man has been trilla
Quist yep that’s been in Sherlock West they did show that off a little bit let
me just see I can let me go ahead and get the let me get that out I have that
video one second all right I’m gonna mute this because I don’t want it to be
too loud oh here’s a good shot wait hold on go back so this actually looks a
little bit better so this right here oh that’s granny goodness so right there
mercy graves metallo mirror master oh this looks way better so this has got to
be grainy goodness so who’s between gorilla grodd and granny
goodness see yeah we can definitely see that that’s grill up oh yeah we can see
that’s a deck star much better now let’s see Sea King is right here we have Mr
Freeze oh you could definitely see that this is Toyman much better right there
next to two-face yeah that’s definitely Hawkgirl
that’s definitely polka-dot man Ultraman and I’m assuming that’s Supergirl or I’m
sorry a superwoman now that’s Superman and super ultra I
don’t know I’m getting all screwed up Solomon Grundy is right here it’s
happening Disney Dan so hopefully this is still working my stream is not so all
right so there’s livewire next to Lex Luthor yeah we can see our man there’s
Johnny quick and the Joker so I think we’ve pretty much figured out who most
of the people are Wonder Woman owl man penguin we’ve got poison ivy grid so
this is the only one I can’t figure out right here right in between Gorilla
Grodd and granny goodness I am like blanking on who this could be Superman’s on the bottom will it be
angry Teen Titans live actually none necessary dark character pack I I guess
Oh condiment King is right here all right but let’s see the game player
there’s clock King Commissioner Gordon condiment King so this was this is the
game play right here yeah Lobos in there
yeah silver banshee is in there yep she Oded she are so it’s gotta be another
character that starts with geo or gr yeah taint I don’t have Google at the
handy right now so they go to condiment King right here I can’t wait to see the
character I make I think it’s gonna be fun man I can’t wait I don’t think it’s
gentleman ghost because it’s it’s not like I’m gonna kick myself once we
figure out who this is see they don’t quite go over to it it’s like right
there so here’s mr. Amit mixes up licking
there’s cking there’s been trilha quest am I gonna play and talk about
spider-man ps4 yeah I’m not gonna do a livestream about that I am I am gonna
make a video in a little bit though so it is definitely something on the yeah
we we’re we know about angel way and we know about a livewire bizarro and
bizarro Clark Kent pit so I know this video is almost over here yeah let’s go
back a little bit so we got to see a little bit of Deadshot and Captain
Boomerang in the video but right here Captain Boomerang so there’s this this
is Captain Cold Catwoman I think we’ve pretty much gotten to the bottom of all
this oh you can see that Superman can also be Clark Kent
but yes calendar man is going to be a character do I think with a music
Meister maybe makes a lot of sense so yeah a silver banshee so we’re gonna go
left to right one more time and I think we’ve got pretty much everything so
Aquaman atomic ax Batman Black Adam I don’t know who’s next to Captain
Boomerang oh who is this who is that next to Captain Boomerang
must start with a see gorilla Gor Chancellor gossip see how a wrestler gah clear I don’t know who any of that is
damn that didn’t oh that is calendar man you’re right that is perfect so there’s
calendar man Captain Cold oh wow a lot of you guys everybody Jerry
Rodriguez ultra boy angel Lane the seer then I don’t feel so good mr. burrito
shark lover maricella Mari Red Wing everybody was like BAM look at that
calendar man Hall at once Joseph yeah so calendar man captain Cole
boomerang captain cold Catwoman cheetah Clayface polka dot man
Commissioner Gordon condiment King psyche cyborg Deadshot Deathstroke
detective chimp right here is deckstar the flash Gorilla Grodd we’re still
unsure about who this is right here granny goodness grid Harley Quinn
Hawkgirl Johnny quick Joker livewire Lex Luthor
and obviously it cycles between his Superman suit and is Lex Luthor suit
you’ve got live wire Lobo mercy graves metallo mirror master right here you
have Mr Freeze mr. mixon black America owl man penguin poison ivy polka dot man
powering reverse-flash The Riddler scarecrow seeking silver banshee
Sinestro Solomon Grundy Superman super is it superwoman
Toyman two-faced ventriloquist and Wonder Woman so there’s only one
character we don’t know who is I don’t think it’s enchantress though though
it’s Grail between Groton okay so let’s let me look that up
DC Comics Grail so Grail is from prime earth
oh yeah that’s exactly who it is Grail is the daughter of Darkseid
prophesized to cause great destruction so let’s just do this right here so
there you go you’re right who said grill Oh
cucumbers said grill Joseph Marchetta said grill Oh
Disney dad I guess a lot of people said grill okay so look I it’s so hard to do
this you know but there you go it is Grail so there we go just like that we
nailed it everybody that’s in the character grid we have them all named
and we’ll look through one more time actually you know what I’ll do I’m gonna
play the trailer real quick and so also again keep in mind that blah blah blah
blah Arthur Parsons also said let me let me take the back dr. Arthur Parsons also
said arrow and the flash from CW are going to be there and actually oops
that’s not what I wanted oh we’re in the videos okay hold on alright here we go
this is my grainy shot and right here we have zoom and rain right here from the
CW so there there it is right there so here’s this cool shot actually know what
we’re just gonna play the trailer let me go get that trailer where do I have that
file sorry guys I’m trying to like go through my computer this is not the
normal type of video that I do but I think this is pretty cool and pretty fun
so here’s the trailer I’m gonna I’m gonna unmute it and shut up hold on
we’re gonna start over there’s something really familiar about
these guys they don’t play fair this is the point where scheme your with
Lex Luthor now the greatest criminal mastermind so we’re just letting any fool with a
costume into the hall now well we let you in heatwave these hurt feelings are not all right we’re gonna pause it on that
perfect all right so there you go at all ten switched over to bricks to life what
a weirdo anyway so pretty good stuff I think really really fun trailer if you
haven’t yet make sure you tap that like button and there’s a really good shot of
rain and zoom now here’s a couple things I got a press release yesterday and in
the press release it says that there are some pre-order bonuses for those of you
in the United States GameStop you get the Harley Quinn
collectible steelbook at Target you get a joker bag tag and a Harley Quinn bag
tag and at Walmart you get the TV series character pack which I think everybody
gets I think that’s this if you get the deluxe edition you just get it so I’m
getting the deluxe edition I already have it on pre-order at Best Buy but I’m
gonna cancel it and go to a game stop I’ll pay full price for it there because
I get a discount it what do you call it at best buy for gamer unlocked so pretty
cool stuff I’m pretty excited I had a list of different characters that I was
hoping to see this is my document hold on I’m gonna bring my word doc onto the
screen this is my word document that I’ve been typing in for a while so this
is I’m just gonna share my secrets here this is how I operate
so my number one most wanted character was death storm I didn’t necessarily
want this version of death storm I wanted the version from blackest night
but oh well I want a nekron I wanted oh she master eclipse Oh anti-monitor
Trigon some of the other characters that I had listed I was working on this
before III of zoom in all I’m sorry this should be better I hope there you go
sorry about that so Vandal Savage prometheus mirror
master which we’ve already seen Circe black mask siren and Catman are also
some characters that I had in mind and then this list right here Savitt are
dr. alchemy zoom Prometheus Merlin Deadshot Vandal Savage captain cold
heatwave and Chronos those are characters that I thought were gonna be
possibly in the DC TV characters pack because I thought I was gonna be all bad
guys but I’m so excited that arrow and the flash are part of that and maybe not
the flash but definitely arrow and this right here has nothing to do with it I
just had this Microsoft Word document open for a while so I mean these are
some of the characters I was I I’ll probably still do a top 10 list I
just haven’t gotten around to it yet these are the top 10 characters that
have never been in a game that I want to see so these are just character the
reason I say why no flash is because we already have a flash in the game so what
about the Batman who laughs yeah man I want that whole thing to be a character
pack or a level pack the whole entire Dark Knight’s metal so anyway long story
short guys I think this is a fun little stream usually I do videos like this and
I don’t stream it but I think it was more fun to do it together where we all
went through the character list and figured it all out so I hope you guys
enjoyed being a part of this again I thought it was really cool and fun if
you haven’t yet I’d appreciate you tapping that like button and bricks to
life let’s let’s bring the chat right into here hold on I’m gonna I’m gonna
feature you guys don’t say anything stupid so on our way out the door I
don’t think I can really zoom in on any of this sorry but um bricks life wants
to what celebrity do you think they’ll put in the game this year that’s a good
question I don’t know who you know who’d be kind of funny if they put in the dude
from some of the guys from what’s that show The Big Bang Theory like the one
that always wears like the the Rings Kamel would be interesting if they put
them in as an actual character Sheldon that would be kind of funny if they put
Sheldon in the game that would be pretty cool otherwise I don’t know that’s a
good question but yeah so here we go guys there you go we’re finishing it off
with everybody in here and I hope everybody enjoyed the stream and you
enjoyed the video and lots of new characters we’ll see

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  1. Yes it is Malcom but the comic version maybe they will add John Barrowmans version in the TV Villans Pack and here's ideas for the pack
    Zoom,Reign,Arrow(season 6 design),The Flash(Season 4 design),Supergirl,Superman(CW),The Dark Archer,Vandal Savage,Savitar,and The Thinker

  2. Doesn't darkseids daughter have a name that starts with G. Maybe thats her between grodd and granny.

    Nvm you guys said it already 😂

  3. The guy in black with the quiver on his back is definitely Merlyn or Malcolm Merlyn for the fans of Arrow. Ra's Al Ghul has a goatee and he doesn't typically wear black. Also, Arthur said that there's gonna be a pack for DC TV Heroes with Arrow and Flash, meaning that the pre-order dlc with Zoom and Reign is a separate pack with just TV villains.

  4. There's a clip from Superman: The Animated Series where Mr. Mxyzptlk explains how to pronouce his name and you can look it up, but I thought I'd give you the pronunciation here: "Mix-yez-spit-lick."

  5. We know darkseid, I’m not sure if Harley Quinn was on the list, and it would be hard to believe that brainiac is not a character in the game. Black manta you already know he is going to be here

  6. ok the girl next to gorilla grodd and granny goodness is Grail..she is the daughter of Darkseid and im guessing the design is new earth after research I did.

  7. THANK YOU! My laptop won't turn on so it's almost impossible for me to see the characters with my phone since the screen is so small. I would not have been able to tell who the characters on the grid were. This video helped so much!

  8. In the trailer when the villains are all sitting around the table there's a part where they turn to the side and show Black Adam at the table. I assume this means he'll play a role in the story.

  9. I hope there will be more DLCs than just TV Series characters:we could get Wonder Woman 2017 DLC,Teen Titans Go! to the Movies DLC (come on,I know you want it either to play as Teen Morons,or to kick their butt as Fake-Deadpool (I'd like both),maybe LEGO Batman Movie DLC and whatever else DLCs.

  10. Are you not gonna mention poison ivy and Wonder Woman’s ultrnet costumes go to 20:25 and pause it you can see the other costumes

  11. He called Clock King Polka-Dot Man and Killer Frost Liverwire REEEE
    Also I think they made Killer Frost too blue.

  12. 10:23 It's Grail from Darkseid War
    10:49 is Toyman
    11:08 is Polkadot Man
    And the one next to Detective Chimp is Dex-Star

  13. What are the speedsters like in this game. Also i hope they make a lego arrowverse game with added characters like batman, cyborg etc.

  14. I hope there will be Enchantress with her Rebirth look. Maybe they can make June Moone change into the witch: like Bruce Banner becomes Hulk in LEGO Marvel, Enchantress appears behind June and takes control of her body. It would be awesome

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