LEGO Marvel Iron Man vs Thanos Mighty Micros review! 76072
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LEGO Marvel Iron Man vs Thanos Mighty Micros review! 76072

August 12, 2019

Yeah, how’s it going okay? Marvel superheroes Lego? This is the mighty micros iron man versus Thanos set It’s very exciting obviously. We’ve got the Avengers infinity war movie coming out in may may the forth or fifth? around then so at the start of spring and We’re gonna. It well start of summer so this This set will be great to look at for the movie you see here we’ve got tennis riding in a car that looks like the Infinity Gauntlet with all the stones intact and There he’s casting a spell on some of my mentors there I’m man in a little sort of rocket car thing so let’s get into this set it’s very exciting stuff I’m looking forward to doing it We have another one of these Just Let’s just wait this camera read it you see someone says we did previously There’s a will codeblocks track car ice cream van and black cab So you can check out the videos followed up with some descriptions in the link links in the description down below and We’ll show you some of the other sets about coming up as well, so we’ve got the Lego Batman penguin arctic roller We’ve got a drag to sit here from LEGO City with a tractor trailer and the dragster a couple of minifigs Rocker blocks City Airport, we’re doing that one quite soon Loco blocks double decker bus the the black cab set was really quite popular on our channel So this seems like a good one that you guys hopefully are going to enjoy so if you want to see this one make sure you hit that subscribe button down below and You’ll get notified when that comes up. We also got a race motorbike There’s a similar Lego set going currently for about 15 pounds, but this run was 5 pounds So there’s quite a big difference third of the price That’s the box with the track car we picked up a Lego City police chase set their Bank robber I’ve also got Lego juniors easy build kit another police chase sets or similar idea But obviously bigger you’ve got a core police truck and a motorbike with a guy stealing an emerald another mighty micro set their Wolverine and Magneto and Then a few more up here a fire truck The red track race then we’re going to pick up the yellow on at some point when we spot it as our galactic Starcraft and the Galactic spaceship very similar to certain Star Wars characters looks like possibly Greedo and Luke Skywalker I Said we’ll do all of those in some follow up videos if you’re interested make sure you hit that subscribe button and we’ll get into those They’re hitting on a clear space Akashi push these cool right so hopefully if you’re doing this on the live feed how you doing tonight It’s Friday night here. I’m going to try and push on through a few of these boxes tonight So hopefully we’ll get a bunch of these done and don’t forget. We’re doing a competition It’s currently running at the minute where we’re asking a question across ten videos if you get the turn answers Send them in to our to our Messaging system not sure where we’re going to use Gmail or on YouTube We’ve seen the houses in and we’ll pick them out of a hat and whoever wins is going to get a walker box Set we looked at doing a helicopter, but there’s been interested in doing some other stats too, so let me know Alright, okay, so this is famous instructions, and I’m and instructions, so I’m gonna push on with I’m out first I don’t know if they have two separate bags, and what’s this we have Wow Okay poster fit so many other sets are available you can see Hulk vs Red Hulk a couple of car dune buggy things and your pulse in in is it low know they’re cool bit weird I’m a patriot and I’m man, and then we got the cap and Is that? Who’s really stretchy arms the Captain Marvel and? Falcon perhaps cool, okay. Let’s get on with this build so iron man You looks like the two-piece the two models are muddling together. They got Iron Man and 10 losses chests in those bags Okay, so Start with a minifig Tony Stark’s face oh my gosh mug little cheesy grin there hit and Just put the mascot Torso and legs right your legs yeah Here we go Hello comment. We should build a city Yeah, we’d love to we’re gonna. Hopefully get some buildings at some point to go over all these cars We’ve got one road piece. You can see here. We pick this up from Wilkos To pound 50 which is a pretty good deal? I don’t know how much the leg the ones actually go for a minute I will check that out But I can imagine it’s going to be cheaper you can see there the LEGO pieces fit straight on the wheel commands they’re comparable so that’s cool and Okay, let’s go straight to the little vehicle now Red tube or two on this little base thing it’s odd piece with the twin axles very cute Okay So how’s everyone doing tonight is some people watching the live feed? Hopefully we’re all doing good. It’s the weekend School’s out works out hopefully most of you Yeah, hopefully We have to keep some of you watching us tonight Don’t forget to share this with your friends as well if you are into the channel You know some other people that are into Lego or just toys in general be sure to share it with your friends and let them know that we are regularly uploading content and We’ll try to make it as fun as possible if there’s a toy that you want to see obviously let us know as well Christmas running up soon we would like to be able to help people out make their decisions what they’re after for Christmas See here we go right Some unusual pieces here, you can see there’s this Back piece kind of making the looks like a motorbike frames what handlebars on here But I think that’s actually gonna go backwards looking at the box Okay say connections dropping out there. We’ll try to keep going. Hopefully you’re not going to miss anything and maybe upset these clip on to the back a Little jet boosters Here we go And two more of those Quite a lot of small pieces in this the only only tiny models you get a lot of parts There’s a lot of detail got on there must have been a bit of pain the design cut it an amount of Bricks into a such a small area Right here we go. That’s how for jetpacks on the back there Steering wheel Where are you steering wheel me well, I’m guessing we have two of those. I goes inside And a couple of crystal wedges on the front Getting close to being done He’s a nice simple boots these these would make a good stocking filler. Actually these were under five pounds in ASDA at the moment nice and cheap So we pick these up a while ago They are still widely available team in the shops recently Wheels Used together quickly So do you have any of these mighty micros? We have the Wolverine and Magneto want to do in another video. It’s quite exciting There might be a smaller wheel up in there So it looks like I’ve got to size wheel rims Wheel out how do you get it come back to that later, okay? Just to show you what’s going on so you’ve got deep dish and shallow wheel rims So the only man car comes with four the deeper dish wheels Nice chunky tires Cool And that’s that he comes with a little spanner as well Wrench Spanner in the works Got a fiddly There we go invincible Iron Man now riding in his cool car I Do wonder why you’d need a car when you’ve got jetpack shoes But there you go, maybe he’s trying to conserve some energy Very cool So if you’re watching in the feet let us know you know do you like the Avengers movies or any superhero movies who’s your favorite? superhero We’ve got Today’s Friday and tonight is the night that Justice League. It’s the cinemas So hopefully we’re going to get to do a full review of that quite soon I think we’re going to go see it in the next week or so Right, so we’re on to our fan off field now With cheeky chappie, that’s going to give the Avengers to run around Yeah Very intimidating yeah, okay on to the car Are you excited about the Avengers movie, I know I am so We’ve seen all of them so far. I think there’s like almost 20 movies coming out I think there’s going to be 22 by the time. They’re finished Avengers 4 In just over a year’s time Which is quite impressive the most to link all of those movies together All those subplots and alive Things they put out you know in another movie years ago. They’re tying up the ends now so It is really impressive what they’ve managed to achieve Some gold wedges Very bling Well if you’re a super villain you might as well be a little extravagant huh I Wonder who the greatest comic book super villain Would be if they ranked him sure there are plenty of websites and magazines that I’ve tried to rank them before and I Think unless it’s gotta be out there isn’t he? Steering wheel going in Yeah, we’ve got some sort of circular Deeley that we’re building This is different Hopefully were standing focus for you there. You can see what’s going on That’s it Four of those Hemi circles I suppose you call that I’m sure people in the comics will correct me if I get that wrong Potentially done something Not quite right there, it’s kind of jacked up at the back Kind of a hot rod vibe going on to it all right There you go now seeing straight, this wasn’t quite push done There’s our circle shape on the rear flipping over the page some sort of mechanical arm on this side So this isn’t a symmetrical Car you can see it’s got a thing on one side there. I think that’s gonna be the farmer very Infinity Gauntlet And now we’ve got Four of these pieces Nice use of color with different shades of Beige and brown to give the illusion of gold as opposed Up Here we go We’ve got some different shape stats here, we’ve got some flat studs. They’re gonna be the Infinity stones And we’ve got some regular studs that I’m guessing gonna be used somewhere else, so I won’t pop those on Just yet then we get muddled So actually five stones here in the movies there are six However the names of all of them we’ve got the mine staring the time stone reality stone is it There’s some question as to where they all currently lie in the movies as well obviously. We’ve got one in visions forehead You mind stone I think days And there’s one in the collectors collection, or is it has it been blown up we don’t know could be anywhere right now I’ll just go and pop these wheels back out again out from the tires Here we go that’s one that worked pretty well if you Do the same mistake I did this set long stud here It’s quite good at pushing them through So those are the narrower rims, I’m gonna pop those chained to the narrow retires before I get muddled again. Where’s the other one God? There we go So I think we’re about sort of 7:30 here in the UK We’ll try and put some videos out at different times of the day just so that No, no, we’ve got quite a big following in the US and Italy randomly so good to hear that we’ve got viewers from all over the world enjoying the show enjoying the channel So I’ll try and put some videos out that suit you guys better as well There we’ll spread things out a bit, we’ve got a few kinder egg videos that we’re going to be doing also We’ll muddle those in with these Lego ones So we’ve got Lego Hot Wheels Lego a Hello Kitty. They go kinder egg Hot Wheels kinder egg Hello Kitty and a Whole bunch of other things oh, and now this is a nice little touch. You’ve got the actual Infinity Gauntlet for an Oscar where Talked about on his little meet there Your piece underneath that he holds on to there we go now he’s looking cool Yes ready to take over the universe There’s not be much of fairness in the movies so far He took up a large part of the guardians of the galaxy The first movie he’s made a few cameos here and there in the Avengers films But there we go that’s his car, built some nice little touches on there We’ve seem to have quite a lot of studs left over. I’m not entirely sure what they’re all for They came with a kit. I’m assuming they go somewhere I don’t think I missed anything ah Okay Okay That’s neat trick so what you can do is with IML. They sell the paper a trove and they’re fiddling around So you can see you can put them on? The base of his feet or it hands to make the repulsor blasts So you can have him fly around or you can have him shoot from his hands that sort of light effect They see in all the movies very cute, okay So you do get quite a lot of spare bits. That’s nice whose hair. We got here, okay? So another little thing you have is Tony Stark obviously years on board he has Is it a wig? He has a nice hairdo there we go Look at the swagger very cool So I suspect you know at some point Robert Downey jr. Is gonna pack in the role of Tony Stark and They’ll get someone else in I’m sure to play Iron Man Okay, so a question of the day for our Will codeblocks giveaway competition We’ll do one about Ironman here. What year did the first Iron Man movie come out the one that really led us into the whole Marvel University set up everything it set up the Avengers there was a time with Hulk and Nick Fury early on so what year did the first Iron Man movie hit the cinemas and Hold on to that answer I went under the ever answer swimming our movies we’re gonna answer We’re gonna ask more questions as we go for all of these sets and the kinder egg ones will try and do a few today we’re not going to get through all ten questions and Once we’ve got all our questions answered. We’ll do a follow-up video where we collect our answers and let me do another little build while we talk about it and Then we’ll announce a winner so hopefully you’ve got the answers so far. If not check back on the other videos there was one for the Wilko blocks track car and there was one for the world codeblocks helicopter check out those videos Like subscribe share do all the usual stuff all the good things, and we’ll see you next time. Thank you very much for watching bye, bye

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