LEGO Movie 2 Emmet’s Dream House + Rescue Rocket 2-in-1 review! 70831
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LEGO Movie 2 Emmet’s Dream House + Rescue Rocket 2-in-1 review! 70831

February 18, 2020

hey everyone this is Emmett’s dream
house from the lego movie – this is a two-in-one set meaning there are two
distinct different build options you can build one at a time using the official
instructions included in the set and in this one review I will be showing you
both variants this first build includes the assembly of a bunch of junk that’s
really what all this is intended to be stuff that will get salvaged to make
other things at another time of course I’ve got the laser pointer here as well
I’m assuming it still works so that’s cool these are actually barrels with
frog a green frog in each couple of them stacked up don’t know exactly what
that’s supposed to represent this kind of looks like a little radiator your
home heater unit but it might be something else this almost looks like
it’s something from Star Wars like a transport pallet transport unit this is
the actual piece that that does the work and then these are supposed to be like
racks to take along but I don’t know if that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be
it’s just what it strikes me as and I’m sure we’ll see a little bit more about
this in the movie this also has a spring-loaded shooter built into it so
you could use that that may be a portion of another vehicle or craft all this
comes together this looks like it could be a rocket looks like it also could be
a water tower or a distilling unit still there’s actually a cache of axle pins
down in here extra parts and maybe a little bit of a workbench there we’ve
got a turret here that’s what looks like to me and maybe some things were being
worked on at some point but ultimately this is just a way to store all the
extra parts that are needed to build the secondary bill that we’ll get to a
little bit later here’s the main feature of the set though and it’s Dreamhouse
itself complete with white picket fence out front the bright bright classic Lego
yellow color and a combination of classic build
techniques and inspirations and some relatively new stuff that is clever with
its use of parts to again hide a lot of parts and to use up a lot of pieces in
this build that will also be used in the secondary build as you can see this is
completely enclosed around all sides and has a fair amount of detail around the
back as well the least detail on this model is probably just around this side
here and this is where it opens up you probably saw the hinge on the other side
here you see it starting to open a little bit it opened up opens up fully
and it has a fairly well detailed interior in the area nearest the
entryway you see that Emmett now has a single decker couch to sit on no longer
the double-decker one that’s done in the light aqua color you will find three
pictures on the walls throughout the house and those are done with just
stickers there are actual coins the hair lost underneath the couch you can see
just one of them barely there with the single gold colored stud there is a
suggestion of a ceiling light up above there’s another of the pictures on a 2×3
tile and up above is the space for unikitty to sleep so there’s the third
picture this is her bedding area and you also have some piping over there which
I’m assuming is supposed to be related to the HVAC unit in this house meanwhile
on the other side is a dining room and a kitchenette with the counter over there
and stove and I don’t know if that’s supposed to be as sink in the center if
that’s actually supposed to be the stove there with four burners on it but I
really really minimized build size you have the seating area in the center
which can accommodate three individuals two of them only the seats one of them
is a full seat one of them doesn’t have a back on anything it also put a third
person at the foot of the table here you got your entertainment center over here
with the TV which does use a sticker for its face looks like they’re not getting
any reception right now just a test pattern
and there’s just a little bit of storage space you could consider this to be
attic space a little bit over there a little bit over there and keep in mind
that these two halves do come together so if you want to think about the
experience four figures living in here you have to you know think about the
fact that somebody would be sitting at the couch and looking at the TV which
would be you know a little bit off to their side but not in a completely
different part of the house so all of this comes together you’re not able to
easily remove the roof if you just want to see the entire floor plan together so
there’s no real easy way to do that but that pretty much does it for this build
it also does not lock together so you may see that gap frequently unless you
just put one additional piece right here’s to all these together one by two
shouldn’t do the trick here are Emmet and Lucy formerly known as wyldstyle and
it has an exclusive new printed tile piece the one by two says E and L
forever it’s Emma and Lucy forever it’s a little customized pillows what that’s
supposed to represent and Lucy has the two signalling batons that may be used
to signal a an aircraft of some sort or a spacecraft of some sort she gets the
dual molded hairpiece that has the goggles built in and here’s a look at
these from the back and there’s a look at the torsos on the backs of them and
also they’re alternate faces Lucy does also get dual molded legs there here is
Rex danger vest fully equipped and ready for action
he has dual molded legs here and the lighter color the lighter blue color
that you see on those legs as well as used on the arms is dark as your this
time around contrasts against the dark blue and the helmet has the solid or
opaque line green colored visor in the same visors we’ve had before just in a
new color for 2019 print on both of the arms print on the rocket pack back
here and you can adjust the angles of these thrusters around as you like
who says have a couple of lightning bolts coming out of him to represent
energy blasts he does have a face under there as a matter of fact there are two
faces so this is one of them he’s looking confused or possibly
disappointed there there’s the other one where he’s just being his normal super
confident self and this also lets you see more of the print on the back of the
torso now for use helmet off they do include a
hairpiece for him in the set which is convenient one thing about the helmet is
that you are not able to raise that visor so you could just leave it off if
you want to show it being retracted that’s a another option there doesn’t
line up completely with the face but it does show you the expression
nevertheless and there is some print across the top of that helmet as well
unikitty is built here in her sleeping version there are two versions of her in
this set and they give you instructions while they give you parts for both and
they give you instructions for this one with this version of the house build
there’s another version that I’ll show you momentarily that goes with the other
version of the house bill but of course you can choose how to put those together
they don’t have to be done at the exact same time or with the exact same order
no print around the back of this and the last official builds with this version
or a tape deck which is built on a spring-loaded shooter base and then a
mitts trusty plant both of these can be considered guardians of galaxies
references or the plant can be a little bit of a wall-e reference I guess here
are the parts left over in this version of the build and yeah there are a lot of
them and some of them are pretty interesting all of these are just spares
you know just extras except for obviously the alternate version of
unikitty v2 printed parts there and also one of these brackets is used for the
other version of her and they include the all-important brick separator piece
and the new for 2019 teal color well the color isn’t new but this is the first
time that this has been done in this revived classic of
color now if you want to see the build for this set you can find that over on
my build channel I’ve linked to it from this video especially in the end screen
it’s also on the pinned comment and that one video has both versions of the build
in it and finally here is that second build the rescue rocket now this is a
completely different build there is no simple and quick way to convert between
the original house and this but it does once again use up all the pieces and
this does include all the pieces from all of the junk that you built with the
other version so everything gets integrated together here you get big
engines on the back you actually get small adjustable flaps that look like
they could be from the Milano I can guardians of galaxies just a little bit
kind of what what it feels like to me and it is once again a completely
enclosed house this time around though you get the bay window on the front you
had a couple of lasers here this is supposed to represent they go up and
down but they also have a pair of spring-loaded shooters next to them so
you can use the spring-loaded shooters to represent the fire that would come
from these they almost look like they’re from Star Wars ship or something but I
mean this they’re just lasers of some sort and this one is not hinged in the
middle to open up instead you open up the top but before you open up the top
completely there’s a there’s a half opening a partial section that will pop
up and that goes like so you can also get it from the other side yeah both of
those open up so there you’re seeing attic a little bit differently once
again with a little bit of piping going through there this time to probably move
some propellant around previously just used for HVAC ducting and the
the two frogs have gotten up in there there’s some of the coinage from
underneath the couch once again kind of hidden away but that’s not none of this
is intended to be usable space by figures I guess you could put a couple
up there but to get into the place you lift the entire roof off it’s only
attached with a couple of studs at the front and then a couple of jumpers at
the back partial studs and here you can see more of just how this is a total
rebuild with this time kind of a a cupboard of sorts with a drop-down desk
I don’t know I guess it’s just used as storage here yeah it’s kind of tiny
house style with the sideways door there and you have just a little bit of a
kitchen and here instead of a couch you have a control space with a couple of
consoles there still get to use the tape deck to see it side by side there’s
what’s left of the seating with the light aqua colored pieces the other
parts are down inside they’re hidden away a little bit and that’s just that
the exception of a little remote firing mechanisms to get to these spring-loaded
shooters because you do notice that they are not able or you’re not able to see
the tails of them so you’re not able to manually hit those they’ve got a little
remote buttons from the back you just push on either of these little flowers
at the ends of mechanisms and go all the way through the entire entire thing and
it just pushes those out actually uses some of the light aqua pieces as part of
that mechanism of course you can always open these shutters and such these are
actually double double thick windows in this case with the glass simulated glass
inside of those as well and these don’t really articulate you can move these up
and down a little bit but that’s not really the intent the only things that
really move out here are these flaps you know just their angles also
them a little bit and I believe that is it for this build
there’s the alternate version of unique II who’s technically warrior kitty yes
you set up here and this is fully awake and ready to well go to war I guess got
a spear on the side I’m not sure exactly how she’s holding that or if that’s just
intended to be kind of attached to her but that’s how you put those pieces
together officially and as far as leftover pieces from this set it’s
exactly this or this version of a set it’s exactly the same as before except
now you don’t use that version of unikitty face and I’m just grabbing this
part which almost looks like the old piece of resistance but this was
previously used for her laying down version in terms of value this set is
right in the normal range when you look at the price to part ratio as far as how
I feel about its price to volume of stuff ratio it’s not not fantastic not
as good as as it looks on an objective level you know the house itself is
fairly small but it is pretty solid and we actually go through the process of
building this it feels like you have gotten that many pieces worth of
experience out of this and then having the ability to do it completely
differently I think is is very nice and I appreciate the fact that both of these
are fully enclosed is this just the greatest thing ever made no it totally
is is not I think the fact that the main house let me go ahead and grab it the
main house is is enclosed where most small houses from Lego these days are
not should not be celebrated too much that should be the norm
you know most Lego houses should be able to close up like that you can always do
this and get the fully open playable version of it like that but a lot of
people want to see things that look complete so this this really should be
considered just normal and I don’t personally give this any
any massive points for for innovation here for for having included a house
that is that is complete I did get two of these sets so I could build these two
together here and rested in the side-by-side comparison between the two
definitely you get a larger looking thing from the outside with the
secondary build width of it is similar but when you turn them around this way
that’s where you start to see you I guess it doesn’t look as difference to
me as it does or as it as it did as I was putting it together this feels like
it has more bulk certainly it has a lot more pieces that went into it didn’t
feel like it was any slower to build oh you know you do put a lot of the time on
this build over here and Jen just creating all the junk and in this case
you just included in the house like I said they are very very different builds
though you’ll you’ll notice that a lot of things are changed between them a lot
of things that you might expect to be the same really really hard so if you’re
considering transforming between the two I personally recommend that you just
take the whole thing apart except for the junk a couple pieces of the junk are
used in their original form from here but I mean most of it is is a new
experience and I think that’s perfectly fine I think the inclusion of to build
options is great as for the figures I like this Rex
I wish the visor was able to come up though wyldstyle Lucy yeah that’s good
two versions to virt well two options for unikitty are good Emmet is fine I
like the little printed piece I always like the printed pieces really like this
it’s so small it’s so simple but it’s cool hope that later we’ll do more
things like that just regular everyday objects in the future oh yeah the
inclusion of a extra actual hairpiece for a helmeted figure always good I’d
love for that to become a standard inclusion just across all sets that have
helmeted figures that’s just the greatest thing ever
right there that’s the reason the real reason you should buy this for the teen
birth center no of course not it’s just that just a novelty but a cool thing and
that’s all well not to folks who might find that interesting
overall I personally find this to be a good set not a fantastic great
innovative earth-shattering genre-defining set but just just good
it’s fun and you know if you just one house there you go you actually have a
house that is you know naughty not a poor a complete building if you actually
have something that has all the pieces included you don’t have to customize it
to finish it off and it’s not the size of a modular building you know I usually
add most of the complete structures we get nowadays our modular buildings so
overall I am satisfied with this thing and I really couldn’t have asked for
much more from those are my thoughts though feel free to share your own in
the comments down below again please check out the build for the builds for
both versions of this and remember you can only build one of these with parts
from one set this is showing you two sets here yeah
check out the build channel and you’ll be able to find more of my builds as
they are published four sets that are going to be reviewed thank you for
watching I’ll talk to you soon

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