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LEGO Powrót do Przyszłości

August 25, 2019

OCT 21 2015 2:53 PM Starring: Directed by LKR 2011 It’s so late?! Yes? Doc, it’s me, Marty! You have to come here immediately. I made an important discovery. Ok, I need to get ready a bit. Hurry up! You slacker! What is it mean?! You’ve had to be in sector 2! Get out form there! And I don’t want to see you in here again! We’ve been delegated to patrol in this district. Keep your eyes open. Yes sir. Fire! We’ve lost our main defence point. We won’t hold this district. Can we run away? You damn cowards! I will… Thanks… I wanted to do this a long time ago. I don’t know about you, but I’m clearing off. Get in! Run for your life! You knocked out our commander. He was really deserved. Yes. He was. And don’t complain, because if not me, you would be pushing up the daisies By the way, a few people in Brotherhood want to desert and run away from City. I joined them for my own safety. What?! If Kane get wind of… He won’t find out. Conspiracy is secret. Kane will order to fight to the end, and I don’t want to become a cannon fodder! Damn, blockade! Will you stop the car? Of course! Prepare your papers… Are you f***ing crazy? What will we do now? What a psychopath! Is this what you mean? Not completely… O crap! Run away! Stop, right now! Alright… I dunno what to do further. Wait… When we pushed that man on crossing… It seems that I saw a Jeep parked between buildings. We can get the courthouse around from behind so that no one can see us and take this car. Come on man. For sure you had hallucinations… So, do you have any better ideas? Indeed, the car is here. I will try to launch it. Can you hurry up?! Turn! Where are we? This tunnel leads directly to base. If I’m not mistaken, we’ll drive correctly to HQ. It’s good. In this case I will have time to meet Doc. Dr. Brown is a real nutcase. You hang around with him, you’re gonna end up in big trouble. When we get there, I’ll gather people and go away from there. Straight to Hawaii. Maybe you want to join? I will consider it. Secret command Center. (It’s still not here) See ya. You know where to find me. Everyone go to the top floor. We need to strengthen defence near entrance. It’s Kane’s order. Sweet dreams… It’s me. Doc? It’s me. Marty! Doorbell Marty, you made it! It’s good to see you, Doc. This is my latest experiment! It’s the… All your questions will be answered. We have no time!
Record! I’m Dr. Brown. I am standing under the secret command center. It’s a Wednesday, 21st October 2015, 4:03 PM. Behind me, stands probably one of the greatest technological achievement Time travel becomes possible now. Thanks to internal flux capacitor. Portable nuclear reactor delivers an 1.21 gigawatts impulse to the flux capacitor which in combination with achieving suitable velocity, makes time travel possible! Moment, wait… Did you build a time machine… out of a Delorean?! Why not do it with some style? Get in. I’ll tell you how it works. Firstly, turn on the time circuits. Present time is marked in green. Destination time is red. In console you have to type destination time. For example – you want to see Battle of Grunwald. Or what will be for 30 years. …or for 1000! Or important day for science – 8 August 2007. What happened then? Then, I invented time travels. I remember that day very well. When I was hanging the clock in bathroom, I fell and smashed my head on washbasin. And then I had revelation. I had a vision of flux capacitor! I’ve dedicated 8 years of my life to this invention. And whole my family assets… A lot had changed here. Sometime all around was a boondocks. And the owner of this terrain was making a film right here Pretty good. Is this car ride on normal fuel? Unfortunately it needs a little more power… Plutonium! Did you steal it? You don’t just walk into a store and buy plutonium! Of course! I stole it! I removed the warhead from a bomb which I promised to build for Kane. If the bomb would by detonated, destruction would be disastrous. I’m allergic on blood… So Doctor played a joke with our cause… That makes it completely different. It seems that we need to visit him… I will go 25 years into the future. I’ve always dreamed of seeing the future, looking beyond my years. Seeing the progress of mankind! Look me up when you get there. Indeed! I have to take supply of plutonium. Otherwise I won’t get back! Holy crap! They found me! Hurry up! Run! We cope it! They are chasing us! Faster or they’ll crush us! We lost that chase at last. Oh no! Look! Look where you’re driving! They crashed the clocktower! It’s precious monument! They are still on our tail! Let’s see if you can do 90 mph! PART 2

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  1. Dziękuję wszystkim za pomoc! Trylobite TheGlukkon712 kkz665 mkstudio sirMOCbuilder komornik2610 ZombieFly! Kaffka Agent86Productions

  2. Teraz dopiero piszę komentarz bo robiłem pewnien filmik gdzie informację o twoim dziele zawarłem 🙂 A wracając do tematu: Stary, dosłownie z zapartym tchem oglądałem twoja animację, ja nawet nie próbuję wyobrażać sobie ile cie to pracy kosztowało.. ja wciąż przecieram oczy ze zdumienia 😀 GENIALNE to jest i mam nadzieję że wstawisz jakiś filmik pokazujący jak to robiłeś od kuchni 🙂 A co do głosów- no cóż, nie ukrywam że mogłeś sie trochę bardziej wczuć no ale problem ten jest nieistotny w porównaniu do całokształtu 😀 Cieszę sie bardzo że mogłem w tym wystąpić 🙂

  3. Dziękuję za miłą współpracę mam nadzieję że nie wyszedłem tragicznie :D. Film mi się naprawdę spodobał i nie dlatego, że brałem w nim udział tylko naprawdę jest fajny :D. Twoje poprzedniego prace nie za bardzo mi się podobały ale sam wiesz dlaczego. Teraz widzę dużą poprawę. Bardzo podoba mi się animacja, efekty są naprawdę super ciekawi mnie jak ty niektóre rzeczy zrobiłeś ale to na priv pogadamy. No cóż super film 🙂

  4. Pierwszy raz wczułem się w fabułę brickfilmu tak jak w zwykły film. swietne i cieszę się że mogłem podkładać głos do niego 🙂

  5. How long did it take you to make this and it's Derek hefner I asked questions to you in Lego titanic

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