LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett buildable figure review! 75533
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LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett buildable figure review! 75533

August 26, 2019

hello everyone this is the lego starwars
buildable Boba Fett figure you know over time I have grown increasingly board of
the buildable figures line from Lego especially since they mostly just built
the same from one to the next to the next and they don’t do a particularly
good job usually with the humanoid figures that have skin shown for their
faces they do a pretty decent job four figures that have full masks on and this
one here just gets everything right does have a mask which allows it to be more
believable but it also has a bunch of prints with these very nice prints used
for the legs notice those are distinct and different
so two completely different part numbers were provided for these I appreciate
that for sure these armor add-on pieces if you will are done in just a regular
light gray and then the main body chest piece is printed up very nicely it has a
lot of very matte finished you know printing on it they do get the
couple of braids of wookie hair over there on the side but they also get in
some very shiny metallic areas which is appropriate you can just see the the
light shining off of those when it hits it right depending upon how it hits it
but that’s that’s pretty good I’m glad that this is not glossy looks about as
good as I could ask for they also got print over here on the side for the
shoulder just on this side not on the other and the head looks great not only
does this have very good printing on it but this is an actual physical dent
there’s shape there and quite significant shape at that they could
have just done that with a single paint or maybe two paint applications to get a
little bit of depth or kind of a suggestion of depth there but they
didn’t they went all out they did it right they actually have a shape there
also for the two kind of vents above his visor there a little bit of building on
the side to get the pull down extra optic device there and then on the
back he has his rocket pack with the individual booster outlets that are able
to angle forward and back jet and rocket pack he has the single rocket they can
actually be fired off from there that’s a flick fire missile that has a remote
firing mechanism so you can just push from here and it will flick the it’ll
hit the the stem of the missile there and let’s see if I get this to work
right no well there we go yeah that was a it was a pretty good shot
I’ll get that back in just a minute he also has one of his wrist rockets here
that’s on display I don’t think I’ve seen this particular piece before in
just plain black doesn’t mean it hasn’t been made in black before but I just
don’t remember seeing it it’s it was enjoyable to to find that in in the kit
well while building into put it on there it’s nice to actually attach the thing I
think you don’t need to add on the the thin Technic lift arm there if you don’t
want to but it makes for a pretty decent effect and of course he has the the
partial Cape that’s around there and they actually include two of those in
the set so I can show you what that looks like just by itself and it goes
over the shoulder and the neck so that’s why there are two holes here so in all
this is a pretty good-looking figure and of course it has all the usual
articulation that any of these figures do I’m not going to go through all of
that because it’s always just the same but there is a good range of motion in
in all of the joints here this side pouch bit that’s added on to either side
can be moved around you can add a little bit of suggestion of movement and action
with that and the head is on a ball-joint stupid the head isn’t able to
turn up just a little bit farther than that while he’s in his his flight mode
so you could you know make him look like he’s looking forward just a little bit
better it’s it will come back a bit but I would like just a little bit more
range there it is blocked by the base of the the jetpack
kind of skeleton for that assembly there but in all this is a pretty well-done
figure it’s I think more displayable than most a lot of the design choices
that were made here and production choices that were made here I think are
exceptional for the line you know just relative to what they’ve done to date
the weapon is supposed to represent Boba’s iconic ee3 and I’m not not
entirely convinced that this was the right choice for the site to I guess the
the diameter of the bar there is fine but not sure about the ends they just
appear to to flare a little bit too much you know I think they should be a little
bit more more subtle but the rest of it I mean they have to use this piece that
they have the housing for a spring-loaded shooter and offering it up
in the gunmetal gray I think was the right choice there what I like most
about this weapon is the stock how they built that up so when you see that makes
a lot more sense although not as much from this side as it does from this side
but just kinda have to there we go just allow that to be seen you know it’s just
that that Technic panel piece is a really good shape take this out of his
hand actually there you go so you see what they were going for it’s a good
attempt I don’t like this blue piece there it seems completely unnecessary
definitely looks better from this side though than this but I think for the
pieces that are available it’s not bad and I do appreciate the fact that it’ll
actually shoot they have the extra bolts on the other side you don’t need to have
that attaching take that whole assembly off if you want but yeah not not a
strong point of the set still one of the better-looking and more collectible
buildable figures that they’ve done to date in my opinion I just especially
appreciates the main colors of the main armor body add-on pieces and the prints
especially so many unique prints and the helmet is perfect they always do the
best job with with heads of these when there are helmeted figures and there’s
definitely no exception here the dent is my favorite part I think
strangely enough and I think what’s weakest is is the blaster though it’s
not bad you know the pack is is also not bad doesn’t look so good quite up-close
but from a distance I think it’s it’s pretty appropriate with the colors and
the amounts of them but that’s above that for you hope you enjoyed the review
I’ll talk to you in soon you

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  1. This represents Boba from Return of the Jedi, not Empire Strikes Back. Primary clothing color is supposed to be gray (not faded slate blue), forearm armor should be dark red not green, jetpack is supposed to be colorful blue, yellow-orange, and white. RoTJ version on the right:

  2. I hate starwars constraction jet I own most of them just for the parts. here's another one that I will buy just for the new shell colors. But I just want a proper constraction theme again.

  3. i must say while boba is one of my favourite characters and i had the intention of buying this immediately, i dont really like the proportions, now that i see the figure in real life for the first time
    he looks to heavy somehow, like hes wearing heavy armor
    it doesnt fit the character somehow
    comparing the scout trooper which i loved because they NAILED his proportions with the pouches and all
    i think some characters just dont fit this basic buildable figures style :/

    still a very good review, as always, you are my favourite lego-youtuber (Y)

  4. I’m going to get this boba is my favorite I got the jango to turn it to boba but I didn’t do it also you should compare jango to boba

  5. In my opinion this could be one of the best buildable figures from Star Wars LEGO has made to date. I guess it might have been even more popular if they included the Sarlaac pit with this set as well. I think if LEGO is going to release more buildable figures, I would like to see Yoda, Darth Maul, Captain Rex, C-3PO, R2-D2 and Palpatine…

  6. I wish they did these like the old technic figures. The technic Jango was an awesome build and was entirely composed of pieces, not sculpts and prints.

  7. May pick this one up. I usually skip them. Like you said the human ones never look right. I feel the two i got are the best ones. Grevious and K2SO. The system works so well for them. Grevious towers on top of my DVD bookshelf with all four arms extended. K2 just stands straight in no real pose.

  8. Shin pockets are impractical for someone, like boba, who are trained in martial arts, because whatever is being carried in them is going to be damaged when they kick or strike with the shin. Just in general. Lego did a nice job with boba fett

  9. The carbine and scope are good design. I really like this figure. He’s going to be set up right next to my Grievous and Vader ones.

  10. A better effort here than the Jango Fett buildable figure. Jango looked like a stick man in armor, where as Boba feels a bit more filled out. Part of that is the cape, but in general this is still the better figure.

  11. Lego used the the wrong Mandalore skull on the shoulder, the horns attached is from "Empire"…horns should be separate on the "Jedi" armor.

  12. Can you do Chewbacca? I animate these buildable figures, but I don't want to spend that much money on something that can't be animated that well. The design of his head makes it look like that he can't even nod yes or no.

  13. I want to see more prequelfigures as ccbs. A jedi with traditional robes in beige from the movies with clothpieces (I know we got an obi but he was a hybrid from the to different clone wars shows)

  14. Fantastic review as always. Quite interesting about the 2nd cape piece. Wonder if it's a fluke that you got an extra or it's a widespread occurrence.

  15. I just got it yesterday and I'm really happy with it! Great scale of figure, perfect printing on pieces, outstanding head-piece! I do like Star Wars and a lot of characters and vehicles. Now Boba Fett's figure stands by 75060 Slave I UCS. I feel they are completing each other. However, I do not like the price of sets. I wanted to wait to come down more but I had to get it. Unfotunatelly, I live in Germany and here price is 29,99€ and thankfully I bought the figure for 24,99€ which is 20% off.

    Oh, and there's only one cape included in the set. In the instructions manual also is written down one cape.

  16. I got him today, he's a pretty good figure. It's pretty weird that mine didn't come with a second cape tho.

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