LEGO The Joker Balloon Escape – A LEGO Batman Movie Playset
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LEGO The Joker Balloon Escape – A LEGO Batman Movie Playset

August 10, 2019

Hey guys, welcome back to Ally M toys. Where today as you probably guessed we are
going to building up the LEGO Batman Joker Balloon escape play set from the upcoming
Batman LEGO movie which is coming out on Friday. So guys let’s open it up and take a look and
see what we have inside. We’ve got the instruction manual, oh it’s
a big one as well. Let’s see what we’ve got inside. We’ve got Batman he is the first one to build
up, and we’ve got the JOKER Balloon escape jet pack we’ve got there. Let’s see what else we have got in here guys. We have got the pieces we need to build up,
the LEGO set, as you can see there is a lot of them in there. I think this is going to take a while guys
to build up. So let’s open it up guys and see what we have
inside here, tip all the bag out here and make sure I don’t drop or lose any pieces. Ok guys so first we have Batman and we’ve
got his utility belt there, so let’s stick it on his leg there and we’re going to put
on his cape, oh and there it is, there’s Batman’s mask. So guys let’s go and build up the Joker. Ok so we’ve got his legs and we’ve got the
bottom part of his big coat there so let’s just get this on here, it’s a bit tricky ok
and then as you can see its flowing if you look at the bottom there. Stick his hands down there, and then we’ve
got that’s the bit that attaches to the jet pack, the balloon jet pack. What face will we give him, we’ll give him
a very happy smiley face and we better get some hair on him there’s his wacky green hair. So guys shall we go and build up the first
part of the play set, which is going to be the JOKER’s jet pack, the balloon jet pack
which he is going to hopefully try and escape BATMAN from. So let’s go ahead guys and let’s go build
that up. Ok guys so that’s the JOKER’s balloon jet
pack all built up there, so we’ll just go ahead and attach it to his back there and
you can see he has the balloon’s at the top there which he is going to use to escape,
and the flames coming from the bottom, which he is going to use to fly up and if we just
hold down he can hold onto the handlebars there. Right guys, let’s go on and build up the second
part of the set which is going to be the actual silo where the JOKER planted a bomb, oh no
guys! Well guys the JOKER is looking really pleased
with himself I think he thinks he’s gotten away with this, he’s just about to set the
timer on the bomb to blow up the silo, where’s BATMAN guys? “Oh JOKER, you didn’t think I’d let you escape,
did you?” Well guys I really hoped you enjoyed that,
I really enjoyed building it up for you & looking forward to seeing you back again. Don’t forget to Subscribe, like and comment
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